Why Bella Swan is not as weak as most people think she is

Why Bella Swan is not as weak as most people think she is

I think anyone who ever been in love knows that it takes a whole lot of strength and courage to love and trust someone completely. It takes strength to throw yourself in a relationship and entrust a person with the power of possibly hurting you. Sometimes holding back in contrary believe is weakness in fact, you’re just afraid of getting hurt therefore you hold back. Whereas for Bella she choose to be hopelessly in love with him despite knowing Edward could hurt her in the most painful way possible. But she chose to take that step of faith and give the relationship a go especially since she had a trauma on teen marriages. I realised that loving someone hopelessly became a sign of weakness to most woman these days. However the fact if someone can so easily walk away from a relationship just like that makes me question the depth of the relationship. It wasn't like she just lie in bed all say and became a zombie. She still lead her life, study and go to school despite the emptiness in her heart. Although she choose some really dare-devillish experiences just so she can a glimpse of Edward's shadow I think its something anyone would do if they are desperate enough. At least she have the courage to do something she normally don't do out of desperation where most people would hide at home just hoping to get a glimpse of the person they love as if they are waiting for something to drop from the sky.

Bella is a girl whose kind of lost and its not that she chooses to be lost in life. I don't think anyone would choose to be lost. Sometimes we just do, we are born not knowing what we want. Some find out their dreams and some lived a long time not knowing what they want and I relate to that feelings she had at one point of my life. Edward is kind of her future and what she could see in her future. He is her future and for her to lose that makes it feel like a dead end in her life, its like standing at a crossroad.

When you truly love someone and the person left you its normal to slide into depression. If you don’t slide into depression it makes me wonder how much you actually love that person. It takes strength to sacrifice yourself and put yourself in near death situations just to save those you love. Bella may be superficially weak but if you actually go beyond what you see what she does or what she say, you might actually find a strong female character. Sometimes being a strong female don’t mean you have to be kicking ass or anything, it could be being strong in choices you make.

The choice to leave the family she loves I think that its really difficult choice to make. Some may argue that she’s selfish, some may argue that its a stupid choice for a guy. However decisions that you make determine your life and you choose to live in that life. I wouldn’t blame her if she make any choices. I would have blamed her if she complain about her choices afterwards. She knows what she wants and thats Edward and she fights for him. If she would have made the choice to be 'unselfish' choose her father and lead her life always having a part of her that's missing and empty, always secretly regret the choices she make just so she can show how 'selfless' is she. I don't find that truly selfless. I find that simply selfish because all you care is whether you make the 'right decision' because it look right rather than what your heart tells you to do. That right decision will in turn become the 'wrong decision' in the long run.

If she had love her family more than Edward she wouldn't even hesitated and would choose her parents and would be happy with her decision and would bear no sort of regret and grudge. I find that people blames her too much for the life choice that she chose - that she could be in fact be happier with Edward. How about her father ? I believe her father would rather know his daughter is happy somewhere out there rather than his daughter never truly felt happy after losing a man she love. I guess people fail to see the bigger picture in this situation.


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  • You make an nice points, but how about the fact that Bella Swan kinda in love with an "bad boy" even though Edward Cullen was not so bad for an vampire, of course, and there is also the fact that Bella Swan was needing an strong man to protect her throughout most of the story, or in this case an vampire and an werewolf, who are even stronger males. In the end relationship is not an power struggle, and it's realistic for Bella Swan and Stephenie Meyer to want an strong male, but in the end there is not doubt that the strongest female characters in twilight are the female vampires, for better and worse. :)


    • Yes I agree... I never said Bella s the strongest. I just said she's not as weak as people perceive she to be :) In my personal opinion, Rosalie and Esme are some of the strongest heroines I've seen. They may not be kick ass but they always become stronger through their experiences.

    • Oh... and regarding the point Bella is in love with a bad guy. Honestly Love is illogical, there is no reason to love. If there is a reason to love someone then maybe its not really love. Edward can be a horrible person, a mass murderer but if she is in love then she is. It just happen.

      And throughout he movie, Bella made her point clear she don't want any of them to protect her and I guess they just weren't listening either. It's just like how I tell my husband I really don't need someone to pick me up from the bus stop every night but he just does. There is a difference if Bella is a doe-eyed thing whose vying for protection all the time or she just so happen to have people in her life who chooses to protect her.

    • Rosalie and Esme are both vampires is it's safe to assume that they can kick ass as well, even though they are not as strong and experienced in battles as some other vampires. I had used the term bad boy for a reason, it's based on the idea that many girls wanting an bad boys, and I don't really see Bella's love for Edward as illogical, after all he is an good looking and strong guy, and looks like Bella was not caring so much about the dangers of dating vampire, either because she felt that Edward worth the risk, or because Bella is attracted to dangers as well, after all she don't care very much about dying. Anyway Bella was lucky that so many people was protecting her, I don't see her surviving for so long without that, even though Edward is to blame for that to, as Bella was asking him from the very first movie to turn her into vampire, so she would not age, but as a vampire she is also much stronger then as an human.



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  • I suffered through two movies to entertain my sister. This girl attempted suicide because her boyfriend dumped her... she's mentally and emotionally weak lol

    • You're weak to even entertain your sister when you are suffering through two movies. Weak enough to not reject watching. Weak enough to not even experience the feeling of pain till you feel like attempting suicide. I have seen very strong people at their stormiest days wanting to die because the feeling of pain in their heart is too much to bear. Maybe your think its lame to die if your boyfriend dump you. But mind you... its the love of her life. Until you have experience love... hold your tongue.

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    • do you hear yourself?

    • By the way she didn't attempt suicide it was a misunderstanding.

  • You sound like your 12, maybe you shouldn't take movies so seriously let alone one with sparkling vampires in it.

    • I'm not a fan of twilight. I'm just annoyed by the one dimensional judgement people make on a character.

    • I am not a fan of the books or the movie. I just find it really misunderstood to hear many people just debunking this fictional character the way she is without analysing the reasons and actions behind what she do. There is a difference behind seeing reason behind an action and seeing the action itself.

  • You know this is a fantasy universe, right?

    • Yes I know.

    • I am not a fan of the books or the movie. I just find it really misunderstood to hear many people just debunking this fictional character the way she is without analysing the reasons and actions behind what she do. There is a difference behind seeing reason behind an action and seeing the action itself.

  • Can't stand her, she has that dopey look on her face in every movie

  • I think these days, all female characters have to be badass warriors or something, otherwise they're considered weak. If a girl cries over a guy, she's considered a bad role-model, not independent enough, not tough enough. It's like it's become unacceptable for a girl to be anything else than emotionless, in-your-face, badass heroine - but, while there is nothing wrong with those types of people - not every girl can, or wants, to be like that. It's normal for sensitive people to be depressed after they lost the person they loved. It's normal to have a hard time after break-up. It doesn't mean you're not strong - there's no strength in detaching from emotions or in suppressing them or in pretending they're not there. And there is no weakness in going in with all of your heart. I agree with you, a person doesn't need to kick ass to be strong or brave. Strength is in the choices you make - as you beautifully said.


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  • I didn't bother to read all of this but boy did I feel suicidal when I read the first 100 pages of the book... No thanks!

    • No one need your comment

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