DeviantArt Models I Know Of, and Would Recommend to Any Other Artist, Part 2

For those of you who've not yet read part 1, do so. Otherwise, let's dive right in to the stock models that you never knew deserved your attention. These models put out some of the best reuse with modification model shots out there, and are deserving of the spotlight in their own right.

While most are women, I do hope to address the dudes eventually. This take is going to focus on Camelorum Adventures characters and the stock models I am currently depicting them with.

Latter ones may focus on some others

Hannah (spiked-stock)

DeviantArt Models I Know Of, and Would Recommend to Any Other Artist, Part 2

Character portrayed: Shantal "Floodlight" Luminoso, Camelorum Adventures

Unfortunately, I don't know her real last name. But Spiked-Stock is definitely not one to be overlooked. In her spare time, Hannah runs a Wordpress account along with some friends, dubbed Girls with Comics - mostly documenting Batman paraphernalia.

She enjoys cosplaying, mostly as Harley Quinn.


Heroes gave us a Hispanic woman that makes you cry black tears and fall over dead. Agents of SHIELD gave us one that runs like Quicksilver, and then bounces back into place. This one's hands...are flashlights.

DeviantArt Models I Know Of, and Would Recommend to Any Other Artist, Part 2

Shantal got her powers from an alien attacking her and sucking on her face, just like what happened with a lot of other Camelorum girls before they got powers and found themselves having brushes with the law.

(If Camelorum were real life instead of a series of images on DeviantArt wanting to become a TV show, and I were a producer for Cops in that world, I'd LOVE to do an episode devoted to Dromedary Heights! You'd get to see arrests weirder than anything that currently happens in Florida, that's for sure!)

She speaks very broken English with a thick Mexican accent, and is thankful she wasn't deported. (Though her parents were.) She got in trouble for ignoring the laws on fireworks in Delaware, and got caught launching one the size of a large trash can. When police confronted her, she lost control and her hands blinded an officer. (They also found a katana in her Volkswagen.)

She mostly keeps to herself until the latter parts of season 2, where she finally decides to join the Camelry's clique and not be such a social recluse. She is mostly used as a flashlight, a search light, or as a flash grenade, when needed. She's a very minor character, but a fun one at times.


I actually had to change very, very little to get Hannah to look like Shantal. Most of the heavy lifting was in getting her into a Camelorum orange shirt.

Definitely give Hannah a chance some time for one of your projects.

Kristin (kisses1991)

DeviantArt Models I Know Of, and Would Recommend to Any Other Artist, Part 2

Character portrayed: Emily "Semaphore" Anya Barnes, Camelorum Adventures

I've only very recently encountered this spunky southerner online. She likes to take risks, and is quite the cosplayer when not doing stock photos. (She seems to really like portraying Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.) She doesn't have a huge library as of yet; but she is definitely worth a look.


Her hair is a BSOD. Your argument is invalid...

DeviantArt Models I Know Of, and Would Recommend to Any Other Artist, Part 2

You are seeing that correctly: Her hair is turning into a BSOD! One of the most popular Camelorum characters on DeviantArt, Emily has been depicted numerous times by numerous artists. She is one of the original lineup by series premise founder Chad "Prodigal-Gamer" Patterson. In-universe, a beam of Xomian energy radiation shot out from Xiboruty's lair, and forever transformed her into a girl with precognitive, magically color-changing hair.

In our world, the reason her hair is so many different colors is because no one single commission artist could agree what her hair looked like.

In time, the character learns that whatever is touching her scalp at the moment changes colors too. She uses this to get an Afro wig and some gloves to have control over her Xomification. She becomes a precog partial telepath whose color-changing hair can send warnings or other signals to her Camelry teammates - by transporting to them telepathically the meanings of different-color patterns her hair takes on!

Thus, this once-fugitive who tried to evade arrest is reincarnated as the superhero "Semaphore."

She doesn't initially have an easy journey on her way to being Semaphore. Her first year in Camelorum was pretty rough - especially when Rita Rigatoni sneaks up from behind and glues a rubber duck to her head in the shower! ("Very funny, Rita!!!") (Because the usual thing that happens when they drop the soap is soooo passé!" At least it wasn't a miniature carousel, like what happened to Beatrice and Luin!)

Emily was actually based on several real-world women. For starters, there's a folk singer in the south near Kentucky that goes by Emily Barnes. She even has a YouTube channel. Second, Chad used to know a waitress that once worked at the Lizzie B's Cafe in Prestonburg. He claims that this waitress inspired Emily most of all.

Third, he based her off of a nurse that used to live in the area, who spend a night or two in the local area jail. Only, the nurse that inspired Emily didn't crash into a fountain with some drunk friends and then discover an evil alien's secret lair. The real-life nurse was in for fighting with her then-boyfriend, which led to her destroying a TV in a fit of rage.

There have, bar none, been more attempts at depicting Emily by other artists than any other of Prodigal's characters, period.


Not much to say, really. Kristin looked the part in the image used above. Though, I have used other models for Emily as well. With fitness training, Kristen could probably portray Emily in a TV special too. (Assuming that would ever happen!)

Anyway, Kristen is good to get to know - either as a stock model, or just a fun hobbyist.

Mihaelia Voicu

DeviantArt Models I Know Of, and Would Recommend to Any Other Artist, Part 2

Character portrayed: Candace "Lemon Witch" Dixon Mason, Camelorum Adventures

I've only very recently stumbled across this super-hot Romanian beauty, who is probably a complete mystery to most of the US market.

Mihaelia may have a stock account on DeviantArt, but she is also a quasi-pro model on par with Lee Loo La, which I mentioned in my earlier take. Mihaelia also has a website here.


Don't mess with her friends and loved ones! Or your life won't be grape! Orange you glad she warned you? She's armed and citrus, man! So don't bug her!

DeviantArt Models I Know Of, and Would Recommend to Any Other Artist, Part 2

Candace, like Shantal, was attacked by Xiboruty and got powers. Only, Xiboruty didn't attack her randomly for the thrill of it. He did it to knock her out, out of necessity, because Lightning Hobo was chasing him and she had discovered his real evil agenda - and might say something to someone!

She woke up unable to stop turning birds and other animals into June bugs or plants - mostly citrus fruits. She would change these things back too, but it was happening involuntarily.

Worried she'd hurt her mother and brother, and now convinced Xiboruty kidnapped her father, the 19-year-old high school graduate and nutritionist wannabe ran away from home and set out on a quest to find the truth - and maybe get revenge too!

Not thinking entirely clearly though, she agreed to meet up with her old high school friend Jessie a crowded shopping mall. In the middle of one of the worst crime sprees in that mall's history!

Suffice to say, confusion abounded. One jerk mall cop leaped at her and Jessie, and began attacking them savagely. Candace intervened at one point to stop Officer Roger Sanders from breaking Jessie's nose - but lost control and turned him into a lime!

Jessie handed a pair of yellow gloves to Candace that suddenly gave her control, and she learned that wearing gloves is somehow the key to Xomified Humans being able to control their powers.

An armed robbery suddenly was taking place in a different part of the mall; but the newly-powered and newly-media-dubbed "Lemon Witch" stepped in and easily foiled the robbery.

While the town wanted to declare her a hero, Sanders was still mostly lime with only some humanity left. The talking lime all the same pressed charges on Candace, as revenge for her interference in things.

Feeling awful that she couldn't completely reverse the effects of her hand blast on him, Candace agreed to turn herself in. She knew the good she wanted to do - and needed to. But she wasn't ready.

She had heard of Stan Woudean's programs developing inside Camelorum that could help her - both with getting her life and powers back on track, and with finding her father. And with stopping Xiboruty's evil plans once and for all!

Alas, that meant the only way to save her family was to go to jail. While most jurisdictions would have been confused enough to throw the case out, Dromedary Heights' courts were ready to throw the book at her!

She decided to game the system to get herself three years plus labor - enough time for Sanders to heal, for her to master her powers, and for her to take on assignments in town that would help her find clues and solve the mystery of where her father was being held captive by Xibourty's goons.

Anyone that got in her way, was a rotten crab-apple! Literally!

Candace is loyal, headstrong, patient, affectionate, and hates bullies. But watch out: she can also be very manipulative, and loves using word games to socially engineer others! She'll play you faster than Jack Sparrow!

Trivia note: Her encounter with Roger Sanders is inspired by YouTube personality SSSniperwolf's experiences with a similar jerk cop in real life. (Video below)

Her getting in trouble for turning him into a lime is taken from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, exchanging "fruit" for "newt."

DeviantArt Models I Know Of, and Would Recommend to Any Other Artist, Part 2

Yes, but Roger only got nastier, and goes insane in one episode. Requiring Candace to have to confront the half-man, half-lime monster domestic terrorist that she helped create!


A (mostly) nude photo of Mihaela was hard to track down, but she did have one that was quasi-useful. She doesn't emanate Candace's usual smiling face and pretending-not-to-care demeanor. She's more thoughtful than cheery-optimistic-almost-cocky, like the character.

The jumpsuit had to be painted on, obviously. Adding "Rogue" streaks to her hair was a tiny bit tricky, as was duplicating her eye makeup from the model in The Sims 4. Most of the rest of that shot took care of itself; though I did make sure to give her the trademark yellow gloves that allow her to control being the Lemon Witch.

As I've said above, Mihaela is professional, like Lee. But if you have the time, needs, money, etc., she may be worth your while. Especially if you do work in eastern Europe. I wasn't anticipating Candace's real-world double to be a Romanian, but Romania does have some pretty attractive women. And Mihaela can really pull a lot of things off.

Simone Steffer

DeviantArt Models I Know Of, and Would Recommend to Any Other Artist, Part 2

Character portrayed: Carly "Maddening Rod" Rancine, Camelorum Adventures

The stock account containing a limited number of pictures of this absolutely amazing young woman from Germany is actually run by her older sister, Katrin Steffer of CorneredRing ART. Katrin's brand has a Facebook page here.

Very little is known about the Steffer sisters outside of their native homeland of Germany, and a few other parts of Europe. But suffice to say, their stock is worth keeping in mind, even if their library is quite small. It may grow in the future, so be patient.


Have you ever danced with a pig-duck on an avocado accordion?

DeviantArt Models I Know Of, and Would Recommend to Any Other Artist, Part 2

Carly Rancine goes by many names: "Glitch in the Universe," "Maddening Rod," "Giraffe-Maker," "Chaos Theory," "Conduit of Calamity," "Random Rancine," etc. She seems to leak Xomian radiation the way Cherinob leaks alpha and gamma radiation - lots of it, all the time, everywhere, affecting everything!

For some odd reason, the area around Camelorum is where her influence is the weakest. This means it's hard for her to get assignments in town unless they're very near to Camelorum itself. The further she is away from the institution; the stronger and harder to control her power gets!

She is an enigma - even to herself! Everyone is afraid of her, largely because of what random thing might happen to them if she gets upset! She is frequently pulling dandelions out of her own scalp, and has caused a few dandelion tumors to grow on others. She turned a security guard into a half-man half-fly creature. She can cause it to rain bicycle training wheels. She is also the reason that Anita Hallot and Gwen Indot have auras that blow up ferrets and commercial jets.

She was originally going to be taken in for chopping down a tree with nothing but a redacted state ID card and for causing corrections officer Julie Moolie to grow a scalp dandelion.

But it expanded to her causing cars to levitate, almost turning one into a black hole, turning a private detective into a living bobblehead, sending a giraffe through a man's stomach, sending a flamingo through another man's arm, turning another man into a Cthulhu-like abomination, transforming the SWAT team's tranquilizer darts into daffodils, etc. And she did all this before realizing she was the cause of all the scary randomness in her environment!

All records of her ever existing were erased, and she has only jumbled and jostled fragments of memories of who she was, fortunate enough to remember her name, and not much else. Her own family doesn't remember her ever being born, so why look for her? And she doesn't remember much about them either! But is she just another Xiboruty victim, or is there more to her story?

All she knows is that the guards at Camelorum keep waiting for the hole in the fabric of the universe to patch itself, and for Carly to vanish into the void - as a glitch that is suddenly repaired. Many of them question her humanity, as her power level exceeds that of any other known Camelorum inmate.

Carly only goes along with the ruse of being in Camelorum because she needs to use the facility in order to solve the mystery of her origins. She's not the least bit happy about being there. And unlike Candace - who knows she messed up - Carly doesn't believe she deserves to be in Camelorum. She goes along with it, because it's her only real option.

As time goes by, she'd get herself just enough under control to warrant joining the Camelry - a band of mercenaries recruited out of Camelorum as a sort of makeshift Avengers wannabes. She'd be transferred to a halfway house once it is built, and would remain there until the day she marries fellow former inmate Barry "Ion Boy" Navoz (Camelorum is co-ed, but mostly female-dominant.)

In time, Carly solves the mystery of her origins too. However, Stan is gonna miss being warden over her. He came to view her as the daughter he never had.

Maddening Rod has saved her world time and again from alien threats. But she's also visited other worlds, parodies of popular films and TV shows included - and made a huge mess of things in those worlds simply by being there!

She tends to be followed around by a flying, talking pig with a Cheshire grin, who has a voice like Tobey Keith and likes to annoy everyone. The Cheshire Pig is supposed to have been a clone of Alice's Cheshire Cat...except, being near Carly disrupted the process, and turned him into an unhelpful pig instead of a proper cat.

He chalks it up to "budget constraints," confusing her. (Rigging the pig statue in Sims 4 was a lot less time-consuming than trying to put a Cheshire Cat statue inside the game.)


Simone was near-perfect for portraying Carly: in a similar predicament as Candace, but not nearly as witty nor whimsical. More bitter, less manipulative. She would make a perfect audience surrogate for the story, whereas Candace as the Lemon Witch was like a Mary Poppins in training. (And we all know about Scary Mary, right?)

In spite the terrifyingly random power Carly possesses, I went simple with her makeup job. Some image touch-ups, tweaked lighting, purple aura of chaos, blue eyes, brown hair, a Cheshire Pig stand-in image, and a scalp dandelion from a Google public domain image.


There are more models on the way; but I figured I'd feature these Camelorum beauties, as I'm preparing to write the episode synopses soon, and aim to get the thing ready for pitching to a studio. (Finding a studio that would green light the premise is another matter entirely.)

So if you're ever on DeviantArt, and you'd like to use a stock model for your project, consider giving Hannah, Kristen, Mihaela, and Simone a chance. You might be glad you did. Just remember to check with them on their terms of use.


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  • That's cool. You seem really into this culture

    • I like my character galleries for my projects to feature more than just a bunch of Sims. Models put a real-life face to it, giving it almost a cinematic level of project cred.

      If that means educating myself on a specific culture just to find resources, then I'm willing to study that culture. And if they prove very useful, I make sure to pay them back in the best way I can. If not with money, then most certainly with publicity. I like to reward those who have helped me along.

      As far as projects go, networking on DA has been a lifesaver. In my area where I live, when I discuss wanting to make a TV show, most of my peers turn tail and run the other way. Makes it hard to make connections.

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