10 Most Powerful Avengers: My Power Ranking

I'll probably be doing this for the Justice League as well, and possibly the X-Men. Now this is just my opinion and others might feel differently. I'm also taking feats only from the comics, so the movie or cartoon versions don't count. If you have a different list or think some characters should be here, feel free to comment below :)

10 Most Powerful Avengers: My Power Ranking

10. Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)

Not to be confused with DC's Captain Marvel (who is now called Shazam!). Carol Danvers is currently Captain Marvel in the comics but she's also gone by the names Ms. Marvel and Binary.

10 Most Powerful Avengers: My Power Ranking

She's got

• Super strength (enough to lift nearly 50 tons)

• Super speed (mach 3 speed)

• Superhuman agility and stamina

• Flight

• Invulnerability (isn't hurt by bullets or phased out by explosions)

• Energy absorption

• Energy projection (roughly equal to Iron Man's repulsor blasts)

• Regeneration

• Danger sense (similar to Spider-Man's Spider-Sense)

• Minor Molecular Control

• Cosmic Awareness.

I'm excited for her appearance in Avengers: Infinity War and also her upcoming solo film. Brie Larson is a good actress and I think she'll be great :D

9. Hulk

Most of you already know about his abilities. If this was a list about the strongest character, he would probably be #1. It's about the most powerful characters though, and the laws of physics unfortunately do apply to him (unlike some of the other characters here).

One of the best showings of his strength came from the World War Hulk storyline. He was pretty pissed off at Tony Stark, Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic), Doctor Strange, and many other characters for banishing him to outer space. When he came back, not only did he decide to take revenge but also brought his army of aliens with him to start a war. This is the angriest he's ever been in the continuity.

He managed to fight a fully powered Sentry to a standstill until he reverted back to his Banner form and Sentry reverted back to being Robert Reynolds. Banner later sees his first friend Rick Jones get killed and then transforms into the Hulk again, stomping the floor in order to create a crack right across North America.

10 Most Powerful Avengers: My Power Ranking10 Most Powerful Avengers: My Power Ranking

This version is usually referred to as World Breaker Hulk because he apparently wasn't even trying hard. It's been speculated that if he stomped harder, he could have busted the entire planet in half. Tony Stark came up with a plan to defeat him with a gamma bomb, but only because Hulk let him.

I've been disappointed with his portrayal in the movies so far. I still can't get over the fact that he was defeated by Hulkbuster.

I also haven't forgotten the take about him that I promised :)

8. Captain Universe

Captain Universe is a character that doesn't have a physical form and always uses a body as a host. Hulk and Spider-Man have been hosts for it before. Captain Universe's powers vary from host to host but some of the powers include

• Energy manipulation

• Molecular manipulation

• Enhanced senses and "Uni-Vision"

• Increases the host's powers and physical capabilities, and grants protection against extreme conditions.

Spider-Man with this power was able to rearrange matter on a molecular level and once punched Grey Hulk out of the Earth's orbit. This is the most powerful version of Spider-Man and is known as Cosmic Spider-Man.

10 Most Powerful Avengers: My Power Ranking

The host in the picture above is Tamara Devoux though. She's the most common host and the only one who can control the power well enough.

7. Blue Marvel

His powers include

• Antimatter Manipulation (including Concussion Beams, Stun Bolts, and Energy Constructs)

• Antimatter Stabilization

• Superhuman strength (often compared to that of powerhouses like Hulk and Sentry)

• Superhuman speed, stamina, reflexes, and senses

• Flight

• Energy Manipulation

• Molecular Manipulation.

10 Most Powerful Avengers: My Power Ranking

6. Quasar

This is the name given to many different characters but it usually refers to Wendell Vaughn. All of these characters get their powers from Quantum Bands which allow them to control pretty much all forms of energy. They can use it to generate energy constructs of any shape including force fields, giant weapons and a suit of protective armor. Other powers include

• Flight

• Teleportation

• Quantum-Link Communications

• Altered metabolism

• Mental protection.

10 Most Powerful Avengers: My Power Ranking

So now we're going to start moving away from characters who would just make the list and get into the territory of stupidly powerful characters; characters who are so ridiculously overpowered that it makes you wonder why are they are in existence.

5. Kevin Connor (Star Brand)

There have been many characters that have been called Star Brand, but only one has been part of the Avengers. Star Brand represents what is basically the next stage of human evolution. He is pretty much a protector of humanity as it evolves into it's next stage of evolution. His best showings were during a fight with the Beyonders, a race of extra-dimensional entities powerful enough to collect planets, alongside Thor and Hyperion.

According to Marvel's handbook, he has unlimited power. There's absolutely no limit to how much energy he can put out at any given time. Right towards the end of Time Runs Out and before the start of Secret Wars, Star Brand sacrifices his life by letting out all of his energy at one time in an effort to defeat the Beyonders, preventing the multi-versal collapse.

10 Most Powerful Avengers: My Power Ranking

4. Sentry

He's often considered by many to be a rip-off of Superman, but he's got more powers than Superman. Martian Manhunter would be a closer comparison (although I personally think Manhunter would beat him). His powers include

• Superhuman Strength (enough to fight Gods)

• Superhuman Speed (it's been stated that he once bent time and space by blitzing Thor)

• Superhuman Senses (could apparently hear a butterfly in Africa while he was in New York)

• Phasing/Intagibility

• Telepathy

• Resurrection

• Shapeshifting

• Matter Manipulation

• Telekinesis

10 Most Powerful Avengers: My Power Ranking

During the Civil War when a lot of characters were presumed dead, Spider-Man and a group of SHIELD agents ranked Sentry as the most powerful of all Earth's heroes, with the Hulk ranked as second and Black Bolt ranked as third. He's also the one they picked to defeat Hulk in World War Hulk because they believed he was the only one who could.

3. Doctor Strange

I'm excited for the movie that's coming out, especially because I love Benedict Cumberbatch <3

As a sorcerer supreme of the Marvel universe, there are very few things he can't do. By employing various magical artifacts, he's capable of the following feats:

• Energy Projection

• Astral Projection (letting his spirit leave his body and travel to another dimension)

• Energy Manipulation

• Cosmic Awareness

• Manipulating portals to other dimensions

• Manipulating those dimensions itself

• Pyrokinesis (ability to control or manipulate fire)

• Flight

• Making Force Fields

• Enhanced healing factor

• Hypnosis

• Casting illusions in people's minds (He can make them see, hear, feel, and think what he wants.)

• Invisibility

• Immortality

• Necromancy (resurrecting dead people)

• Phasing though solid matter

• Telekinesis

• Telepathy

• Teleportation

• Time Travel

10 Most Powerful Avengers: My Power Ranking

This probably has people wondering who could possibly be more powerful than him. There's close to nothing that he can't do.

2. Scarlet Witch

She can do pretty much everything that Doctor Strange can do (see #3), but she also has the ability to warp reality. This makes her one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe. We don't know whether Doctor Strange does have the ability to warp reality, but he's never used it.

10 Most Powerful Avengers: My Power Ranking

She pretty much warped reality in it's entirety during the House of M event, where she switched things in a way where her family (including her father Magneto and her brother Quicksilver) were the head of all mutant society with humans being under mutants in this new world. This was a whole new universe.

10 Most Powerful Avengers: My Power Ranking

It doesn't end there. Not only was this reality changed, but we find out later on that when Scarlet Witch had warped reality to set everything back and stripped all the mutants of their powers, it was a multi-versal effect. All the mutants in other realities had lost their powers there too because of the actions of this Scarlet Witch.

It's a shame that she's nowhere as powerful in the movies :(

1. Squirrel Girl! Lol jk 😛... It's Thor

Thor takes the top spot for a number of reasons. One of them is that he's consistently been the most powerful. Doctor Strange isn't as powerful as he once was, Scarlet Witch's powers have gone up and down, and Sentry hasn't been around long enough. Whenever the Avengers are involved in a major fight, there's a huge sigh of relief when he shows up. Another reason is that he's the most well-rounded powerhouse. He's strong enough to lift millions of tons, once stood in the center of the sun with no scratches, and has a thousand years of fighting experience. His hammer Mjolnir lets him control the weather, project lightning, and fly at 3 times the speed of light (although his combat speed is said to be slow). He also has an array of magical abilities.

Let me start by mentioning that he originally had the ability to time travel. He later lost it because his father Odin took it away from him. Odin had access to a really powerful magic known as Odin Force which allowed him to

• Create a galaxy and then destroy it

• Cut out the heart of a star, which was used to forge and empower Thor's legendary hammer Mjolnir

• Resurrect Thor and Brunnhilde

• Transform the cursed Nibelling rings into the gigantic Oversword of Asgard

• Trap Surtur within his own body, becoming a living prison for the fire Elemental

• Save the life of Eric Masterson by merging his life force with that of Thor's

After Odin's death, Thor became the rightful owner of the Odin Force, which came to be known as Thor Force. So he could do everything that Odin did and also got back the ability to time travel. His feats with Odin/Thor Force include

• Breaking Captain America's virtually indestructible shield and later fixing it himself

• Curing a man of his terminal cancer

• Restoring the floating city of Asgard on Earth, along with the lost lives of all the Asgardians

• Literally stopping time itself

He originally didn't know how to use it that well, but he later gained more experience and ended up surpassing Odin himself. Even later, he got access to the power of the Norse Runes. This version is called Rune King Thor. Here are his abilities

• Omniscience (he knows literally everything that's happening in the universe)

• Wiping people away from existence

• Telepathically communicate with anyone in the Universe

• Teleport anyone to anywhere in the universe

• Create new universes

• Teleport people to other universes that he created

• Easily rip Loki's head off his body but keep him alive afterwards (It's what he's holding in the pic below 😛)

10 Most Powerful Avengers: My Power Ranking

He probably has many more abilities that are unknown.

Honorable Mentions


Here are her powers

• Superhuman strength (can lift up to 20 tons)

• Mind Control

• Telekinesis

• Telepathy

• Teleportation

She has other powers too but she's not skilled at using them. They include manipulating cosmic energy to grant herself virtual immortality and invulnerability, reshaping the molecules of other people or objects, and releasing heat, light and other energies from her eyes and hands.

10 Most Powerful Avengers: My Power Ranking


Not to be confused with DC's Hercules. He's usually the physically strongest character in the Marvel universe. This isn't always the case though, since there have been times where Hulk has gotten stronger than him. He's also got superhuman durability and stamina at levels which cannot be measured. He's also one of the few characters who's said to be immortal.

10 Most Powerful Avengers: My Power Ranking


Another character who's often considered to be a Superman rip-off but in this case, I actually agree. His backstory is very similar (although much more sad) and so are his abilities. I still think Superman is a lot more powerful though.

• Super Strength (Slowed down a hurtling planet single handed in his own world, but can only lift 70-90 tons on Earth.)

• Super Speed and Reflexes (can react at the speed of nanoseconds)

• Nigh-Invulnerability (pretty much indestructible)

• Flight (faster than light speed)

• Atomic Vision

• Enhanced Senses (X-Ray vision and superhuman hearing)

10 Most Powerful Avengers: My Power Ranking


I've heard a lot of people say that the MCU version seems to be more powerful than his comic book counterpart, but I feel like they got his power level just right. He only seems overpowered since the rest of the characters have been nerfed down a lot (especially Thor, Scarlet Witch, Hulk and Ultron). In the comics, Vision is not JARVIS and doesn't get his power from the mind gem. He also wasn't created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner but by Ultron himself. Even Ultron wasn't created by Iron Man in the comics, but by Ant-Man.

10 Most Powerful Avengers: My Power Ranking

So this is hands down the longest take that I've written. I probably have a lot of typos that I didn't correct, so you can ignore them. I'll be writing one about the Justice League too and possibly the X-Men :D


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  • But the fact is that SQUIRREL GIRL is the most powerful


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What Guys Said 26

  • How did Captain Marvel come to be? What accident/radioactive rock/ wateverplotexcuse gave her the powers she has?

    And Captain Universe.

    And Blue Marvel.

    "He is pretty much a protector of humanity as it evolves into it's next stage of evolution."

    • Lol Carol Danvers got her powers from the very first Captain Marvel and took up his mantle. They didn't explain much about how he got his powers except that he was an alien. Their changing her origin in the movies though. She might get her powers from an infinity gem, kinda like Vision.

      Captain Universe has existed since the start of the Universe. He/she/it has many different origins but it was created by Eternity in one version. It always looks for hosts.

      Blue Marvel got his powers from a scientific experiment to harness anti-matter.

      Star Brand is complicated lol. There have been many characters by that name but only one has been a part of the Avengers. The best way I can explain it is that there was a mutation which affected a part of the Earth's population.

  • Fantastic. Of course. I love that Scarlet Witch is in there, and I'm glad for the honorable mentioned to The Vision.

    One question. You said this about Hulk:
    "If this was a list about the strongest character, he would probably be #1."

    And then this about Thor:
    "He's strong enough to lift millions of tons..."

    So, does that mean Hulk can lift *millions* of tons?

    • Well he can lift 100 tons when calm but his strength increases when he gets angry. But the thing about him is that he's almost never calm. He usually reverts back to his banner form when that happens. So his base strength isn't millions of tons but his upper limit is.

  • I was pretty disappointed with no antman in the movie. And how easily they killed ultron. Should have made a series instead of a movie. Marvel characters can be incredibly overpowered usually as a sort of joke.

    • Yeah I was disappointed with the movie too. I also expected a lot more from Ultron

    • The guy from blacklist (I don't know his name so I just call him reddington) was a perfect choice for Ultron. I don't think anyone else could have accurately represented Ultron.

  • Loved reading this. Thank you for all the effort you put into it.

    I'd love to see a Captain Marvel (Marvel) vs Captain Marvel (DC) face-off. Captain Marvel from DC, aka Shazam, is one of the few who can match Superman.

    • I'd like to see that too. Although I do think DC's Captain Marvel would win.

  • Can you give me any pointers on how to beat the pants off Wolverine? I mean, I don't want to kill him or anything, I just want to see if I can make that vein on his forehead stand out for the rest of ever...

  • Isn't the Hulk all about power though? Like he keeps getting more powerful or something and ends up the only survivor in the Universe at the end of time floating in nothingness?

    • Well yes. But all of his abilites are limited to his physical attributes. He does keep getting stronger but the laws of physics still apply to him.

      And yeah that happened in Hulk: The End but that's set in an alternate universe. Bruce Banner is currently dead in the comics.

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    • Well he currently lost all his powers

    • lol ok, comics are like that I suppose. Anyway fun take.

  • You must be a huge fan of comic book super heroes. I noticed most of the overpowered superheroes are rip-offs of Superman. But when they are ridiculously overpowered like that how interesting can they really be?

    I mean they practically have no weaknesses anywhere. I'm sure Marvel came up with their own version of "Kryptonite" that can be used to beat them or something.

    They all seem cliché, and almost all of the most overpowered abilities are used over and over copy and pasted onto those characters. I wonder if the supervillains that they ever fought ever even posed a threat or challenge at all to them if they are really that powerful.

    Thanks for reminding me about Dr. Strange! I will watch the new movie when it comes out.

    • Yeah they really do need to come up with ideas for superheroes. Though technically, all superheroes were indirectly inspired by Superman. He was the very first one and none of the others would exist if it wasn't for him.

  • I always felt that if comics Thor really, REALLY wanted to, he could have killed or at least taken Hulk out any equation a long time ago.

    They always show him fighting mostly physically against Hulk, and while it's always damn fun to watch, I think if Thor really had a truly evil streak in him he could've easily banished Hulk into some dimension where he could never return or hell, just fling him out into space. It's not like Hulk can fly.

    Thor has always had a SCARY amount of options at his disposal, with or without the Odinforce.

  • I actually haven't heard of a few of these myself! But interesting to know nonetheless.

    Yes Thor is definitely the most powerful one. There were times in my reading where the avengers would be stuck and hoping Thor would come save the day.

    I definitely heard of carol Danvers in my reading. I have the essential miss marvel tpb. She's known to me more for what rogue did to her.

  • Oh man, some of these Avengers are totally unknown to me, but I know Thor, Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch (one of the rare and extremely powerful female superheroes who could actually beat Superman).

  • Sounds about right. Thor has always been the most powerful in the Avengers. He's a god for f*cks sakes. Vision is immensely powerful as well. I liked your list.

  • I admit I'm unfamiliar with like 5 of these characters. I'm more familiar with the super powerful slightly obscure DC characters than I am with the Marvel equivalent. It's crazy how many comic book heroes that Superman has inspired in all comic book universes. That legacy is so insane.

    Captain Universe reminds me of Spectre a little bit with the host system minus the whole spirit of vengeance thing. Well based on your description anyway.

    I'm guessing Franklin Richards was never a member of the Avengers because he's a crazy powerful character that I'm more familiar with in Marvel. Maybe he will be a part of your X-Men take ;)

    • Yeah there have been a lot lol.

      And yeah Captain Universe is kinda similar but he's nowhere as powerful as Spectre. They're like in 2 entirely different leagues.

      And yup. Franklin is going to be in the X-Men take. It wouldn't be complete without him :P

    • FRANKLIN!!! OMG! No he was never an Avenger. He's part of the Fantastic Four family AKA the son of Reed and Susan. He's WAAAYYYY beyond pretty much anyone in Marvel, except perhaps the One Above All and Squirel Girl of course ;). But yeah one of my favorite characters.

  • This is a great series of takes - I am learning so much about the comics world.

  • Obligatory batman is superior post.

    Batman is better

    Because he's the goddamn batman

  • Seems they nerfed Scarlet Witch quite hard in the movies.

  • Cool list you should do one about justice leauge 👌🏼

  • Cool myTake. When The Hulk is 9th and Vision doesn't get more than an honorable mention, you realize how many obscure, overpowered heroes the Avengers had on their roster. :)

  • Another fantastic Take, very informative, but still, people were hoping to see Squirrel Girl in action ;)

  • I still say Squirrel Girl. She has beaten some of the most powerful foes in Marvel. lol.

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  • I've never heard of Blue Marvel and Kevin Connor, but they both look like a very interesting characters.
    You are so good in this series of superhero myTakes, you should also do some of the Image Comics superheroes, like the Spawn, Supreme and Witchblade, or some Dark Horse Comics superheroes, like Hellboy, or even Eclipse Comics superheroes, like The Rocketeer.
    I know that Marvel and DC are the most popular, but you should give a chance to some less known, but still very cool characters.






    You can call the new myTake: The List of Best Non-Marvel & Non-DC Comic Book Superheroes :P

    • Lol I would but I don't have enough knowledge to write about them :P I might start writing once I read more, or I'd read it if someone else writes them :)

    • Another great idea, I would also add He-Man, She-Ra and other Masters of the Universe characters :D

    • @Zorax Yup, Masters Of The Universe are cool as well 👍

  • Vision looks so effin cool. Sersi's art is cool. Doctor Strange, Kevin Connor, Blue Marvel, and Scarlet Witch look cool too. I just wish her outfit was cooler and less hot pink, more bad ass. Like Sersi's. And Doctor Strange's outfit it weird too. But Blue Marvel has a pretty bad ass costume.

    Great MyTake :)

    • I see you're really into outfits :P

      Scarlet Witch's is actually red but looks pink in this pic

    • lol, I'm a visual person. But the powers are cool too. I can't wait to see Doctor Strange.

  • Doctor Strange is so cool, he is one of the few superheroes who would be able to defeat Superman, hmm, I can't wait for the movie ✌️

  • Lol, gosh, this is embarrassing, I thought Captain Marvel was male, why don't they call her just Miss Marvel? 😜

  • Vision, Hyperion, Star Brand and Sersi? Who are those guys, LoL, but I know all the others :P

    • Have you seen Avengers: Age of Ultron? Vision was in it

    • Show All
    • Yeah Ultron was disappointing. Even the movie was meh overall

    • Oh, too bad :(

  • I love this and this makes me feel so happy <3

    My favorite is also Thor but I'm married to Croatian America 😻❤️

  • I've never heard of most of these super heroes! this is rad!

  • Deadpool and Squirrel Girl are the most powerful out there.

  • Fine article, I think I'm gonna love the new Doctor Strange movie.

  • uGood post


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