Metallica's Master of Puppets & ... And Justice For All Albums

Wassup headbangers XD I bring you now another Metalli-take, this time dedicated to the albums Master of Puppets & ...And Justice For All.

Metallica's Master of Puppets & ... And Justice For All AlbumsMetallica's Master of Puppets & ... And Justice For All Albums

The reason why I went ahead and created this one instead of an AC/DC one (if you didn't already read my last take) is because I wanted to create it as a part of the first "Cliff Burton Day", which is his birthday that has now turned into a holiday.

Also, the reason why I put these two albums together in one take is because of how both of these were created around the time of Burton's death, as well as a time of change in sound. Sooooo let's get on with it!

Master of Puppets.

Known by some as the last thrash era Metallica album. Of course its also the last that includes our beloved bassist. Its the first that does not have any contribution from Dave Mustaine. This was also a first to be released on a major label, Electra Records (released March 3rd 1986). Their previous album, Ride The Lightning, is what grabbed Electra's attention.

James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich were the main guys with songwriting. They really wanted to make a bigger impression on their fans and critics. They started off practicing in a garage, getting ideas there then bringing Kirk Hammett and Cliff Burton to go over stuff and practice more. One of their ways was simply with starting off with a guitar riff, then building it up and reassigning some parts till they got a song they were fully satisfied with.

In order to improve even more, Lars took drum lessons, and Kirk worked with Joe Satriani to learn better ways of recording. Lars even attempted to have Rush's Geddy Lee to help produce the album, but that part didn't happen because of busy schedules. They still stayed with Flemming Rasmussen for producing. It took much longer for 'Tallica to put together Master of Puppets because they grew a big sense of perfectionism, since they really wanted to impress other headbangers.

The tracking list for this album is:

1. Battery

2. Master of Puppets

3. The Thing That Should Not Be

4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

5. Disposable Heroes

6. Leper Messiah

7. Orion

8. Damage, Inc.

"Orion" is another instrumental, like how the albums before had "Call of Ktulu" and "Anesthesia---Pulling Teeth". Another one where the bass parts have their tendencies to stand out, and shows off Cliff's understanding of harmony and classical ways.

The album artwork has a pretty specific meaning, about manipulation. The songs range from such things like manipulation, war, Ktulu mythos, battery (the crime), and more. Similar to Ride, they have a track included with an acoustic intro.

At this point in time, Metallica still didn't have any music videos made. But instead, they promoted their album by going on an American tour to support Ozzy Osbourne. Although sadly, the European part of the tour got cancelled because of the sudden death of Cliff (I talk more about it in another take I have, "The Mighty Cliff Burton").

Though they felt at first they couldn't even continue on with the music, they brought in Jason Newsted.

Metallica's Master of Puppets & ... And Justice For All Albums

...And Justice For All.

By the time 1988 came by, Metallica was growing more used to this Jason Newsted guy.

Metallica's Master of Puppets & ... And Justice For All Albums

And with the memory of Cliff Burton staying in their hearts, they continued on and created ...And Justice For All.

They definitely took a different direction with this one compared to the last. First off its too easy to notice the fact that James suddenly started sounding more like a gruff Viking than just a pissed off teenager. Hell, he eventually started looking like a Viking!

Metallica's Master of Puppets & ... And Justice For All Albums

Metallica also did slow things down just a tad little bit. Not way too much though.

Now with this album, many people say that the band took a progressive metal turn, and that, well, there "was no justice for Jason" because of sucky production. That I can agree with. The production has more of a bone-dry sound. The drums do more clicking than pounding, and obviously you really can't hear the bass much.

Tracking list for this one:

1. Blackened

2. ...And Justice For All

3. Eye of The Beholder

4. One

5. The Shortest Straw

6. Harvester of Sorrow

7. The Frayed Ends of Sanity

8. To Live Is To Die

9. Dyers Eve

"To Live Is To Die" was made in memory of Cliff. It includes just a small amount of lyrics, which were originally a poem Cliff made: "When a man lies he murders some part of the world. These are the pale deaths which men miscall their lives. All this I cannot bear to witness any longer. Cannot the kingdom of salvation take me home?" Bass lines were also originally Cliff's, but redone by Jason.

Released on August 25th, 1988, the album's main concept is (obviously) about injustice, along with war and censorship. "Dyers Eve" is pretty much a lyrical story about James's terrible childhood with his parents. The injustice part already shows on the album art, with Lady Justice bound by ropes, tipping scales, and her chest being exposed.

Around the start of production, they brought in Mike Clink (who's produced for Guns n Roses) since Rasmussen wasn't available at the time. However a short time later they brought Rasmussen back in. But before their original producer came back, the band made 2 cover songs, "Breadfan" (originally by Budgie) and "The Prince" (from Diamond Head). These songs eventually were used as B-sides for a "Harvester of Sorrow" single. The singles are rare now, but these songs are more easily found on the cover album Garage Inc.

In live concerts after the album was created, they realized how problematic it was to be playing such long songs. They realized it would bore the fans more than anything. So they instead started doing a "Justice Medley" where they put together what they feel are the best parts of all the songs into one thing. The only full songs that were used during the Damaged Justice Tour was "Harvester of Sorrow" and "Blackened". Really the last time "Eye of The Beholder" was ever played live was 1989. This era of time they also created their first music video, "One".

In the live shows they made it a bigger thing, where their props usually looked more like they were at the steps of a courthouse, and at the end of the show a huge Lady Justice statue crumbles away.

Metallica's Master of Puppets & ... And Justice For All Albums

There was once where the statue crumbled, and Lady Justice's head just about fell on top of Lars. And not so surprisingly, there are people out there who wish that head did fall on him. Yeah, would've had to pay for hospital bills after that.

The Justice album was the first Metallica CD I ever bought. I was 14 years old at the time. I was at a Walmart just looking for something different. I was going through a punk phase, and I didn't have that many albums, most were punk stuff. Billy Idol, Joan Jett, and my one Monster Magnet CD. I saw the section dedicated to Metallica, and checked the stuff out. My mom was there with me (like usual) and she said "oh wait!" she picked up ...And Justice For All. She said how she wore out her copy of it when she was in her early 20s. Really she still has the CD case for it but we don't know where her copy of the CD is. But hers is an Electra -era original, unlike mine that was released through Blackened Records. Anyway, she told me more about the album, and said "I'm definitely not telling you what to get, I'm just letting you know how good this one is" I just thought "hell with it then" and put it in the cart. She grinned.

This album, I believe, is what pulled me out of my punk phase (not that I hate punk now!). I was amazed. Production is weird, but still loved it. And to be honest, I somehow thought Kirk Hammett was a chick when I first saw him. At the time I didn't remember what he looked like much later on with a mustache. So anyway, yeah, definitely a great album.

Master of puppets was an album I bought a couple years ago, along with AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" album. This was at the time when Best Buy still had like 2 aisles of CDs to choose from. Me and my parents were going out to different thrift shops and whatever else that day. I put in Master of Puppets into the car's CD player, and probably by the time "Disposable Heroes" came on I said "woah, this album's so metal its given me lead poisoning!" That album also made my love for thrash begin to grow too.

So yes, two kick ass albums from an awesome band. Long live Metallica, and long live Cliff Burton! \m/

Stay Metal my fellow headbangers!\m/

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  • Master of Puppets got 0 radio airplay except for college radio. I discovered Metallica hearing Orion. I bought Master of Pupoets on cassette for my Sony Walkman. Loved it and became a Metallica fan.

    When Justice came out in August 1988, I was less than thrilled. Blackened and Frayed Ends if Sanity were my favorites. One was overrated but had an MTV video. Justice, the song, grew on me.

    I saw Metallica with opening act Queensryche on 15 March 1989. Little did I realize that a certain gorgeous blonde who I wanted to marry and who broke my heart 26 years ago also went to that concert... because of me. I bought 4 tix to sell to friends. My one friend changed his mind and sold to her. I later met her over a year later when she was talking to him and he introduced me. By August, we were a couple and I was madly in love and now my life is over.

    • awh damn. well to be honest you're not the only one who once had a love that had to do with metallica really. but yeah master of puppets is still sometimes hard to find on radio. its rarely played on Sirius XM and even less on FM in my area. probably why it took me being 14 to find out about their thrash era

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    • On of my fav parts of that album is something of an interlude in Trapped Under Ice:

      From my soul.

      From my soul.

      1:45 to 2:27

    • love trapped under ice XD really the ride the lightning album is awesome. Trapped Under Ice I would love to learn on guitar, however I'm still trying to get used to playing in thrash style, so its a little intimidating. first time I tried to learn thrash era metallica on guitar (the song Jump In The Fire) no joke it gave me carpal tunnel, even though there are songs even crazier than that they made

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  • Great mytake and nice summary. This album is pretty cool.

  • Master Of Puppets, while getting virtually NO airplay except for "College radio" of the time, still managed to be a top 40 selling album. Sadly, the Album-Oriented-Recording (AOR) Rock Format was rather stodgy back then in the 1980s and would only rotate certain new artists they felt were sure sellers into their playlists of 1960s and 1970s favorites.

    There were some "Modern Rock" or "New Wave" stations back then too, but they were all in a wanna-be British phase, to the point where it seemed to be an unwritten law that each of said stations had to have at least two British announcers on their payrolls, perhaps an Australian would do in a pinch, and those stations would not touch edgy American metal music either.

    • man I've been told many times that its like I lived in an older era. but I think the radio or the 80s would have made me feel out of place lol although where I'm at there's no good music stations on FM though. I mean the only one we've got here occasionally plays a good song here and there, but I have the tendency to listen only if I'm in my dad's truck or if I'm trying to win concert tickets lol

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    • Go to live365. com. I used to go there all the time and learned a great deal about genres and bands. Signing up is free and you will like see dozens of streaming metal radio stations from all over the world.

    • @abc3643 awesome thanks for letting me know about it!

  • Great take thanks for sharing and I agree they are both great albums. But I still listen to Ride the lightening more.

    • no problem man, always glad to share XD yeah ride the lightning kicks ass

    • How about Megadeth. Albums like “So far so good so what” or peace sells.

    • oh megadeth's awesome too. sometimes people can be surprised when they know I love both metallica and megadeth lol. but yeah the peace sells album I love. planning on getting a copy soon. "so far, so good, so what" I've actually just started hearing stuff from that album recently, and love it too


  • Nostalgia, never seen then live yet.

  • great mytake!!


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  • Might download it for free later


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