African Music is One of the Best Kinds of Music, Check it Out!

African music is the best music and always has been. There are several styles and genres within it. With big songs coming out of Nigeria as the biggest entertainment for music of Africa, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda to name a few, all of it is good, and I feel that it's now getting into the American audience. Listen to African music and enjoy. It is music that anyone can listen to, regardless if you understand it or not.


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  • As a fellow African, I LOVE African music! and I know it's gonna blow up soon ecpecially afrobeat <3

  • I’m all for the love of Africa and appreciating the mother land but I’m not a fan.

  • East Africa is where its @. Ethiopian music is lit AF
    Abush Zeleke - Semira
    Abush Zeleke X Jordan & Bek Ge'ez - Maaloo Intaloo

    • Ethiopia is not east africa its "horn of africa" which is north east africa. East africa = Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda. those songs you listed are not afrobeats though, but they are cool songs

    • @dothejohnwall97 and Burundi

    • But Uganda is more central Africa , but is politically considered an East African country

  • im too busy breaking peoples faces for cash


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