12 Greatest Movie Soundtracks Of All Time

12 Greatest Movie Soundtracks Of All Time

1) Beaches - "Wind Beneath My Wings"

Artist - Bette Midler

2) Mannequin - "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"

Artist - Starship

3) Pearl harbor - " There You'll be"

Artist - Faith Hill

4) Beauty And The Beast - "Beauty and the Beast"

Artist - Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson

5) St. Elmo's Fire -"Man in Motion"

Artist - John Parr

6) Charlie's Angels - " Independent Women"

Artist - Destiny's Child

7) Flashdance - " What A Feeling"

Artist - Sang By Irene Cara

8.) Rocky III - "Eye Of The Tiger"

Artist - Survivor

9) The Bodyguard - " I Will Always Love You"

Artist - Whitney Houston

10) 8 Mile - "Lose Yourself"

Artist - Eminem

11) Armageddon - "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"

Artist - Aerosmith

12) Titanic - “My Heart Will Go On”

Artist - Céline Dion

12 Greatest Movie Soundtracks Of All Time
12 Greatest Movie Soundtracks Of All Time
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  • MrOracle
    Not sure if the videos you posted are just supposed to be a representative song for the soundtrack, or if your list is really "the best soundtrack SINGLES." In any case, Dr. Cox, tell us how you feel about this list:


    Mine would be:

    1. Saturday Night Fever
    2. Top Gun
    3. Purple Rain
    4. The Wedding Singer
    5. Grease
    6. Star Wars
    7. Rocky
    8. Clueless
    9. Pulp Fiction
    10. Miami Vice (yes, it's a TV show and not a movie - still a soundtrack)
    11. Beverly Hills Cop
    12. Footloose
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    • MrOracle


    • You are forgetting so much shit... Back to the future... Indiana Jones... Jaws...

    • MrOracle

      @TheWombRaider Not forgetting - just had to prioritize. :) I don't disagree with any of those - they'd just be a little further down my list.

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  • Jack_L_andTurn
    I'm guessing you mean "Soundtrack singles" because otherwise you missed (as much as I hate disco) Saturday Night Fever, Purple Rain, The Wall, and a bunch of Beatles' movies, among others. And I purposely left out concert films, otherwise The Song Remains the Same and The Last Waltz would have to be included.
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  • Jjpayne
    Wow!!! That is an incredible list!!! and a fantastic idea for a mix cd!!! Nice picks!! I loved all of them!!! But two my favorites... oh, I can't choose, they are all so good!!
  • MarkRet
    Takin' A Ride (Heavy Metal) - Don Felder
    • Yeah I have that on cassette and cd still and mentioned it in my year book as my favorite song at the time

  • Benedek38
    No Pirates of the Caribbean?
    No Lord of the Rings?

    Pfft... Casual.
  • Titanic1912
    Because my username is @Titanic1912, you'd think I'm in a shell if I didn't know My Heart Will Go On. I know more than half of those songs and I own the whole soundtrack from Titanic.
  • i1T2daty
    You gotta include Lawrence of Arabia in there. And, this is cheating since it a martin Scorsese film about the Stones but, "Shine a Light"
  • Likes2drive
    Yeah those are good ones, I like the ones from
    Bruce Almighty
    Hang Over
    Heavy Metal
    Top Gun
    Ready Player One and a lot of what you mentioned
  • TheNephilim
  • Gedaria
    Yes all excellent soundtracks, One not keen on is ,,6,,... I am more into GHOST and PRETTY WOMAN. And some of the Star Trek sound tracks...
  • MelaninDoll
    I listen to all of the Movie soundtracks from Suicide squad, all of the songs straight fire!
  • BillieJean1070
    It's old but I like the soundtrack from "The Sting".
  • DrObadiahDDPhD
    In My opinion the Blues Brothers Sound track! : ^ )
  • red_knight
    Titanic really? Mortal kombat was an entire generations phase!!
    Lord of the rings!!!

    But those are my opinions anyway
  • Marinepilot
    How about "Hungry Eyes" by Eric Carmen in Dirty Dancing, It
    belongs in this discussion.
  • llorando
    No Fastest Guitar Alive, best move sound track in my opinion?
  • NYCQuestions1976
    Any movie music by John Williams ( Star Wars, Superman, Indiana Jones, Batman) is awesome.
  • TheWombRaider
    I was going through the list cause my number 1 is 8 mile.
  • Clarke498
    What? Where the fuck is Howard Shore? John Williams? Alan Silvestri?
  • Skali9119Liska
    Where did you by those sunglasses?
    They look badass
  • Crazyylauraax
    Top Gun is missing ahaha
  • sunnyday35
    I like most of them. They are really nice
  • Ninjazzed
    Anything Hans Zimmer.
  • JohnathonGreystone
    No danger zone?
  • lonelywarrior40
    Very old ones...
  • JamesDuncan
    where the fuck is 2001
  • Parkwayvwhitechapel
    no star wars revenge of the sith
  • ryancg
    I'm sorry, but you're wrong.
  • LegateLanius
  • CT_CD
  • legalboxers
    no Forrest Gump? No Shawshank? No Top Gun?