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Today's take is going to be something I have never noticed , it was by chance when I wondered about some actor's height and I was shocked that he wasn't that tall !

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So, I just found it out by coincidence and I was like what !!

Note: I will be using Cm and Ft , And Ft and Inches.

Here we go, Great men under 6 FT

-Al Pacino

The awesome actor that have such an intimidating presence and a great charisma is 170 Cm which is about 5.6 Ft (5.7").


- Tom Cruise

Yes, he is 170 Cm which is about 5.6 Ft (5.7"), and he is such a great actor and you can see the his ex's were taller than him and that didn't mean anything.

Tom and the Ladies
Tom and the Ladies

-Robert Downey jr.

The Iron Man, he is in fact 174 Cm , which is 5.7 Ft (5.8" and half inch) , such an awesome man

Iron Man -_-
Iron Man -_-

- Mark Wahlberg

one of toughest guys in Hollywood, with a great acting skills he is 173 Cm which is about 5.7 Ft (5.8 ")

He doesn't care if she is taller ....
He doesn't care if she is taller ....

- Jason Statham

The awesome transporter is at 178 Cm which is about 5.8 Ft (5.10"), still he is awesome

Look at them , so happy :)
Look at them , so happy :)

- Tom Hardy

The fighter , Bane stands at 175 Cm which is about 5.7 Ft (5.9") height, and he still kicks some butt

TOM !!
TOM !!

Wait this is the second Tom we have had here, there is one more to go

- Tom Holland

The new blood Spider man is 173 Cm height , which is about 5.7 Ft (5.8")


Last not the least

- Abdullah Al-Kilani

The G@G celebrity locally famous musician stands at 175 , which is about 5.7 Ft (5.9")

Okay I look 174 cuz I bend my knees
Okay I look 174 cuz I bend my knees

There you have it folks, you shouldn't be insecure about your height , specially guys since it is something that most girl ask and make you insecure about it, I really can say you should look at these people and see how much confidence can get them through this thing, this is my goal of this take, that:

you should never value a man based on his height .

Peace be Upon you all <3

Stars Under 6 Ft
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Pejtu
    short guys dating life is fucked unless he issuper handsome , famous , or got alooot of money like tons

    its hard pill to swallow but its true and i say u that because im 6,2
    i heard aloot of times from girls i talked to etc that short guys are awful
    what a waste! , he is not worth any female what a little monkey etc etc

    i do not have problem with that myself im blessed with 187 cm tall but i see that tall handsome guys =husband, boyfriend material , sex material, 1 night stand etc
    short avarage guy = boyfriend , sexbut only if he got big Dick , but not a husband
    every guy below that are little monkeys like many females said and they are disgusted by them
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    • AbdKilani

      well , let me tell you that that is not 100% right, short or tall a man worth won't come to that as I have been proven many times with guys around me

  • OfDeath
    Michael Keaton was (god rest his soul) also under 6 ft tall and was the best batman ever.

    Danny Devito was under 5 foot and still made a badass as fuck supervillain which is yet to even be attempted since!

    You also left out the biggest action stars ever Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger were both (well Stallone was if I'm not correct about Arnold) under 6 ft tall.

    I think Chris Hemsworth is over 6 foot though and the ladies probably love him more than any of the boys you or I mentioned. So that's kind of brings it back to earth...
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    • AbdKilani

      Not really
      Chris Evans is 6 Ft tall and ladies go crazy for him.

Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous
    Isn’t it okay? That must be the average height of most male populations around the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, that’s probably very average around the world. Some countries are really the exception.

    You look quite charming and are friendly looking. You’re not so short that it looks like you’re still growing up. That’s what matters.
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    • AbdKilani

      Yup, but you see that most girls here are like
      " I want someone above 6 Ft" and guys are freaking out because of that
      And thank you dear anon 😊

    • Anonymous

      We should care about the opinion of the people we actually know and like, not about the opinion of random people, particularly on the internet.
      That possibly includes me, but I think that while we may all have an ideal type, most of us don’t fall in love and marry the ideal type. That ideal type may not even exist. There’s no point in letting something that may not even affect you in real life get to you and drag you down.

    • AbdKilani

      Yes, thanks
      Exactly what is this about

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  • MermaidMotel
    Tom Cruise has always been known for being short. I feel as though his height and build makes it much easier for him to perform all of his stunts. He doesn't let it bother him and really exudes self confidence.. or, maybe it's just the millions of dollars that makes him so confident😂
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    • AbdKilani

      Nope he is confident, if he wasn't he would have never made it as an actor

    • bubbatxman

      I knew he was short when walked the red carpet with Nicole Kidman who’s taller than he is.

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  • ADFSDF1996
    Proof that short guys can do it too.
  • Bananaman177
    Stars Under 6 FtStars Under 6 FtStars Under 6 FtStars Under 6 Ft
    • AbdKilani

      A study shows that 100% of a study starts with "A study shows" is not a real study...
      This isn't funny and all those girls are just sour

    • The studies are listed at the bottom of the image.

    • AbdKilani

      can't see those

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  • deLéman
    Woah, that's unreal. Jason Statham and Tom Hardy are the most badass dudes in Hollywood; I can't believe they're way shorter than me! I know exactly what I need to do: get more swole and pickup a Cockney or London street accent!
    • AbdKilani

      Yeah mate ;)

    • deLéman

      Yer a wizard 'arry!

      Wait, no that's not the right one...🤔

    • AbdKilani

      Nope xd

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  • stf75013
    man... this guys have 8 or 9 figures bank account... they can be under 1,60M (5'2" feet) and most girls will find them ""soooo cute""

    You're not fighting at the same level. Sorry

    Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is 1,65M height (5'4") ... Do you think he gat a problem to find a "good" girlfriend.
    • AbdKilani

      Well, I don't really care about those fact, I am blessed with confidence and that is more than a great bank account.

    • stf75013

      A good bank account always helps but if you're confident enough that is even better.
      Good luck and choose the right one.

    • AbdKilani

      Thanks , I already have a good bank account and confidence, still I didn't get to date.
      Is is just not meant to be, so dating is never a criteria to a man's worth or success

  • Hidden_P
    I’m confused. You’ve gone to the trouble of converting cm to ft, but then use “?

    You do realise “ is the symbol for feet? So where is your extra measurements from?
    • AbdKilani

      " stands for inches 🙁

    • Hidden_P

      Sorry yes, inches. Still doesn’t explain my query?

    • AbdKilani

      Well, the mathematical number in ft is only ft without inches for example 5.7 ft, as you see it is five point seven feet.
      Most people I guess use the combination of feet and inches as you can't use the ft easily because it is a big unit, so let's say 5.7" which is five feet seven inches.

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  • anmari2001
    Peter dinklage beat them to itStars Under 6 Ft
  • Eryxx
    Tom Cruise is a charmer and defines that height doesn't always matters provided you look good otherwise.
    Didn't know Tom Hardy aka Bane is that short lol.. very poor choice of making him Bane.. very poor.
    • AbdKilani

      Why? Tom Hardy did great job
      Very poor that they didn't pick Scott Adkins for the role of Batman xd

    • Eryxx

      And lol what? Robert Downey Jr is 5'9" bruvv.. and you can compare the height of Spiderkid (5'7") with Tony Stark, there is a conspicuous difference in their heights, they aren't of the same height.

    • AbdKilani

      Yup. so?

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  • WillyD
    Take away these actors careers. Put Tom Cruise working at Mcdonalds and how many of these actresses does he land. 0 that's how many but women marry for love... lmao!
    • AbdKilani

      Nope man that's not the case, many times I could see guys like that and get a really beautiful woman

  • xTom98
    you're 5'7? I always thought you'd be 6'5 or above.

    Today we both learned new stuff about each other it seems like 😄
    • AbdKilani

      Hahah , I am 6.5 in my confidence
      I am not tall I know xd
      And yes, that is good , blonde Ed

    • xTom98

      Im sure you clicked on a diffrent guys picture 😂 Im not blonde and I definetly dont look like ed 😅

    • xTom98

      ask @Selina_Kyle_ all I share with him is the ability to sing and play guitar lol

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  • Kurαȷ
    "you shouldn't be insecure about your height
    how much confidence can get them through this thing"

    Except that most of the actors you have listed are famous for wearing some of the most atrocious looking high heels known to man.
    Confidence clearly isn't getting them through anything.

    Robert Downey, in particular, is famous for always having ATROCIOUS looking shoes, because he wears the tallest kind of shit lifts that he can get his hands on.Stars Under 6 FtStars Under 6 Ft
    • AbdKilani

      So? Some might behave like that, although others don't

    • Kurαȷ

      Well, I'm just saying, it is kind of a moot point to use these celebrities as motivation, since they are clearly very insecure about their own height too.

      Most celebrities under 6 feet wear elevator shoes, even relatively tall people like Brad Pitt (5"11') wear elevator shoes.

    • AbdKilani

      Really? I never knew that... Well I am here and I am standing tall (not that tall haha)

  • Goldenskies6
    Well, I’m 5’1 and I find these guys alittle bit taller than me 😶
    • AbdKilani

      Lol including me?

    • Yes, let’s see I’m 5’1. You’re 5’7 do I reach the height of your neck or chin? 😶 or your chest? cause I’m short 😑

    • AbdKilani

      Haha that's cute 😊 maybe my chest

  • Redstang88
    The only one I didn't know was Tom Hardy, thought he was taller.
    Sylvester Stallone is another that a lot of people dont know, he's like 5'9

  • SngBirdy
    Bruh, your feet/cm conversations are completely off.
    5'8" is much much shorter than 178cm.
    Same with everything else
    • AbdKilani

      Nope man, I said it is not Ft & inches , it is pure Ft

    • SngBirdy


    • AbdKilani

      I used two way to measure and made it clear

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  • mykindofwoman
    Guys, there are girls, who really really don't care about your height:)
  • ATuairiscean
    Genuinely a few surprises in there and the fact they got action roles - I had visions of the last few all being 6 foot plus
  • Aguysopinion4799
    I'm 182.88cm or otherwise known as 6ft so...
    Am I still allowed to comment on this post? :D
  • Jane1
    Frodo Baggins too!!! :D
    Stars Under 6 Ft
  • abundantlyrich
    Robert looks better than johnny depp in older age. Depp has wasted his youth on alcohol.
  • zarinofy
    If you have looks like Tom Cruise, you too can get a Nicole Kidman ( or any other woman ) lol
    • AbdKilani

      Haha maybe , I am cursed when ti comes to women xd

    • zarinofy

      Good things come to us when we stop looking. It has worked for me so far. Take it easy

    • AbdKilani

      I am taking it easy , I stopped looking
      thanks for the kind words

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  • Likes2drive
    I knew about most of these but I was surprised about Mark Wahlberg
  • CurlyHairGuy
    Wow I am like 5'7"-5'8" I guess I do got a chance lol
    • AbdKilani

      You do yeah

    • Literally everyone towers over me it is ridiculous and with younger people being ridiculously tall one time at my job a kid walked by me and towered of me I felt like a midget wtf

    • AbdKilani

      Haha I know , I feel you xd

  • mezzymezzmez
    awesome i didn't know robert downey jr and tom hardy were that height :)
  • boulshyte
    if ur name is tom I've got some news about ur future
    • AbdKilani

      Lol what is it? 🤔 Hahah @xTom98

    • xTom98

      My name is tom, whats the news? 😂

  • CT_CD
    They're rich and famous so that makes up for them being under 6 ft.
    • WillyD

      Truth! Money the great equalizer. Money and fame. It's not just money these women can use use these guys to get seen.

    • AbdKilani

      Nope, there is more
      Confidence is the key

  • Muhammad1999
    I have the same height as Jason Statham so cool lol
  • lilaqua
    can you actually include someone attractive?
  • SpiderManFan2002
    Spider-Man!!! :) <3
  • nerfetiti
    AL PACINO is a legend
  • Penelope_
    Good take!
  • IntuitiveMuffin
    Sub human monsters.
  • Ladylidyaa
    Good motivation for short boys😉
    • AbdKilani

      Lol not short 😅
      That's like average will. I don't care haha

  • Montana07
  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take
  • LegateLanius
    LMAO. You're the best.
  • ThePundertaker
    Also Warwick Davis
  • NovissimumVirorum
    @sarahhcmarie approves
    • AbdKilani

      Noooo haha I was thinking about tagging her, but... Well thanks

  • Nn0nymous
    ABD, This is nice. Tho your conversions are wrong
  • furrywolf
    Spider Man is hot
  • AliGodlike
    lol the last one
    • AbdKilani

      Hahah it was like BOOM

    • AliGodlike

      wait, what?
      tom holland is 22 ?
      he looks 16 oh my god

    • AbdKilani

      I don't know
      I thought you were talking about me haha xd

  • Anonymous
    Robert Downey Jr. 😍
  • Anonymous
    Why was Abdullah Al-Kilani photographed in a men's room?