Reasons Why I Hate Reading Books

Reasons Why I Hate Reading Books

I am a 22 year old man and i still hate reading to its core. I never touch a single book the moment i graduated and i don't think i will ever going read another book. here are my reasons why.

1) I've been force to read ever since childhood. One of the idea i can let is slide is schoolwork. If the teacher or professor tells me to read a specific chapter or section, i will do it ,otherwise, my grades are going to plummet. Outside of school, My family and relative have been forcing me to read constantly. been force to read after eating dinner, force to read after playing video games, even force to read after reading my assignment book. Ever since then, I feel like i am going crazy and and want to burn every single book i see. It doesn't matter i enjoy it or hate, all that matters in the end i have to read a book.

How i actually feel
How i actually feel

2)I get headaches or get exhausted from reading. During high school, i begin to have headaches after i did some reading. after that, i sometimes get exhausted for some reason. i assume i am very bored out of my mind but either way, its not something i enjoy feeling everyday.

Reasons Why I Hate Reading Books

3)There isn't really action in a action book. I read some action books for the sake school homework. i find them interesting at first, but then i lost faith in every action book. Every action genre book I've read, its just one hit one kill or usually one movement. compare to action movies, i can get more action than a book can offer me.

4)Reading isn't entertaining to me. As i mention before, i am fine reading only because of work. reading for entertainment? it is not true when i do it. i prefer watching movies and play games because it is entertainment to me. i am a visual watcher. reading a book does not give me any visual.

Reasons Why I Hate Reading Books

These are my reasons why i hate reading and why i do not ever wanting to read another book again. if there's anything you think somewhere is confusing, feel free to ask me and also, don't get confuse of the idea of a person who hates reading and assuming that person is slow at reading or dyslexic, i am fine reading at normal speed, i just prefer burning books, thats all.

Reasons Why I Hate Reading Books
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  • JesseEllyson
    I'd have to say, your detestation of reading shows in your writing. Those who read often tend to be more educted, at least in language usage, then those who do not read often. Your poor grammar illustrates my point.

    As for not finding action in action novels, that could be the result of poor imagination. It's possible that you were simply unlucky enough to have chosen a string of badly written books but the odds favor at least one of these books you read being good. I've read thousands of books over the years and the percentage of books that were genuinely bad is small. It's been my experience that books are far better than movies, offering much more depth and a great deal more action.

    Most people I know who hate reading are simply not very smart. There are exceptions, of course. The woman I love hates reading also buy she has actually written a book of her own. She's pretty intelligent! But i find that most people who don't read just don't have the attention span to get through a novel.

    I have discovered a writer named Carlton Melick III who writes something called bizzaro fiction. His books are totally insane, absolutely engaging, and only about a hundred times a hundred fifty pages each. They might be right up your alley. I tend to read epic novels spanning hundreds of pages but this guy has become a favorite writer of mine.
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    • rebornnora

      i see. you what you are saying that people should love books or else they are uneducated. i guess watching documentary video and actual education video on youtube isn't worth it. i don't want to be cocky but i draw, paint, or even make photoshop images and i never find that i "lack of imagination"

    • And yet, still, your grammar is atrocious. People who don't read don't need to tell anyone that they don't read. We see it clearly in your writing.

    • rebornnora

      And yet, i still don't see your point in all of this. you are just telling me that my grammer sucks, nothing related towards why i should like reading.

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  • FrenchyRomain
    No actions in books? you don't read the right ones, Assassin's Creed, World Of Warcraft, Metro 2033, The Witcher... if you lack the brain power to see it, then it's not the book's fault.
    They forced you to read, yeah that's the point of school : learning
    Headaches? So you can pass an entire day on a screen playin games or watching videos, but immobile words on a page is too hard for you?
    The more i read your MyTake the more i realize the book isn't the problem, the one holding it is
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    • rebornnora

      Please prove me wrong that there a 5 min action in a book similar to the movies, not just one hit. You shouldn't missed the point i said "idea i can let is slide is schoolwork." school did force me to read but i do it for the grade, outside of school, it was my family that force me to do it. yes, i prefer playing video games than reading because it doesn't give me headaches. and? who said the book is the problem? i simply said i hate reading.

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  • xHoneyxBeex
    I'm sorry you feel this way. Like all hobbies, reading isn't for everyone I guess. I love books though. When I find something that truly captures my attention, it's like a movie reel in my head. I can envision the characters, the plot, and see the scene as I'm reading it.

    If it's a book I really like, I can keep reading for hours and never get bored. Reading for me is like an escape. It's about exploring different worlds, increasing my knowledge, and exposing myself to new things which I love. :)
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  • StingRayxoxo
    Aww, I’m sorry. I hope someday that changes and you find something you love.

    A Book Lover
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    • Nik1hil

      That's Gotta Sting!.. 🤣😂👍

    • rebornnora

      @Nik1hil like how?

    • Nik1hil

      Look at OP's Username..

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  • Massageman
    There are four primary types of learners: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. Each learning type responds best to a different method of teaching. You are most likely NOT reading/writing and you admit that you are visually focused. I am a very visual learner, but that never stopped me from doing class reading plus reading on my own. I was reading my grandpa's Popular Science mags when I was 8 or 9. Perhaps if the information had been presented to you in a different manner, life would have been easier. Score a point for homeschooling, where the parents/teachers can tailor the input to the learner. Check out - that might hep. As far as headaches, have you had an eye exam recently? Staring at little phone screens all day takes it's toll. I had driving glasses, computer glasses (20" focus) and reading glasses (10" focus). And instead of burning your books, take a charitable deduction and donate them to a local non-profit's library for someone who IS a reading/writing learner to enjoy. Thank you.
  • evm987
    Coming into this take as booklover myself, it was interesting to see your reasoning. Honestly, I get it. If it weren't for the fact that I find reading good entertainment, I would hate how much it is pushed on children/teens. But personally, I find that the images my brain produces when I read are better than any movie could ever produce.
  • Hurlyburly
    Thats pretty sad, I loved to read ever since I learned to (around the age of 4). But yea, my parents also didn't made the mistake to try to force me into liking it. Instead I've always seen them reading in their freetime during my childhood and I also loved bedtime stories.
    For me, a movie can never be even nearly as exciting as a good written book.

    But yea, I hated most of the books I had to read for school, most of them were boring as fk.
  • CherryRoseChampange
    That sucks to hear since I'm a writer. I adore reading but only particular books. I'm a fiction gal. I hate that no fiction shit most of time. I'm too much of a inner kid for it.

    I do have to ask you though have you ever tried "Audiobooks?" They usually work for non readers. It's like having a story being told to you.
  • coachTanthony
    I read 2 books a week and I love it. I love it because I don't read them the way normal people do. I use MENTORBOX. MentorBox is the new way for people to be able to read great best sellers without all the page turning. Check it out! It's great!

    by the way I only pay 7 bucks a month and do it all online.
  • sassygirl13
    Even my bro who hates books managed to find some that he is interested in when we were younger. Outer space and cars history is something he was into somehow. Now he only reads online so no need to really read a book but maybe a novel or other good reads
  • Leafpool2
    Then find a book that sounds actually good to you. Not that was shoved on you. But just that you see that might be good.
    School books always suck. Especially "classic" literature. Like sorry English teachers the world over. Ernest Hemingway just isn't good
  • WitchsLove
    I guess you dont have a very big imagination. Books are interesting because they allow you to create the scenarios and get immersed in them.
  • BrianMerritt
    Maybe some people's brains just don't like the type of task that reading is.
    But I disagree about action books, some action books can be crazy thrilling. I prefer action books, and there are some great ones that I've read in one sitting. Maybe look for recommendations.
  • SydneyTW
    Some people can imagine scenarios really well in their mind and that entertains them while reading a book. Not everyone likes to read and they shouldn't feel bad about it. It's just another hobby. Not everyone likes pottery or writing.
  • IIWiccaII
    Same to me as well. The reason why I don't enjoy reading is because I need a physical view of what's going on or I won't get what is happening, HOWEVER I will read horror books but ONLY horror books.
    I'm a visual person.
  • CubsterShura
    That's sad, I read a lot, a lot of books. Mostly fiction but some non-fiction as well. I'm not sure if you just haven't found something that you love but, for me I love science and I love a good classic novel so when I read them I do it like an addict.

    If it is the reading part that you have, then I understand. Others told me before that they don't have the patience to sit down and keep reading. Did you ever think of audio books or just movies?
  • goaded
    I've read hundreds of books, maybe you just haven't found the one that captures your imagination.

    There's usually vastly more depth to a book than a film, films have to leave out a lot of detail.
  • up_64
    Been reading novels since I was 5. I dont say that as a bragging point but more to give some context. The amount of reading I've done has given me a vocabulary and ease when doing things like essays i wouldn't have had if I hadn't. Since my mum didn't let me near computers reading was what I went to for entertainment. And i do't regret it for a second. I'd rather have vocabulary than be pro level in bowling on the wii1
  • White_Widow
    It's kind of funny, you don't like reading, but you managed to write a mytake and get to xper 5 already so you do read for fun, just not in actual books. I get though.
  • Knighted2170
    I never cared for reading assigned books. Very few of the authors I read as assignments I found interesting.
    Later though, I tend to read everything that even remotely interests me.
  • art84
    I never liked reading books as a kid. As I got older I found that reading was more fun if the book was interesting to read. I started reading Stephen King's IT and it was a really good book. Even started reading Jurassic Park and it really goes into much greater ideal than the movie did and is entertaining. I have a nephew who hates reading and he is forced to read and doesn't like it. Mainly doing school work and reading for his reading log is chore for him.
  • Paris13
    Order Online Then, "Julie's Web," It's my New Play that is Published Out there.
    Dialogue, Some, hun, Narrative, But no Headache, Maybe a Heartbreak. xxoo
  • Doctor_Strix
    You see books as a chore. When instead, a book is an escape. It’s the exact same as video game, or a movie. The thing with those escapes is that they don’t challenge your imagination.

    Reading books challenge you to invest your mind to paint and build the world that you are reading. Walk down the halls with Julius Caesar, step into the arena and watch gladiators fight, sail with the crew to catch a monster whale, travel amongst the stars and fight with the rebel forces. To build a game, and write a movie. You need imagination. It is the gateway to seeing the world bigger than it truly is. Einstein couldn’t see a black hole, or how gravity worked. He had to imagine it. And set the scene to a scientific discovery.
  • Ellie-V
    Ummm... okay? 😂
    You don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything so... good for you
  • Joves
    Books sure are boring, you need to be able to stand for that to read them. Many people are. Many people like to be bored.
  • ATuairiscean
    Yeah books can be a love/hate thing, I love them - Only thing headaches/tired after reading, have you had your eyes tested straining to read could bring those symptoms
  • Toldol2
    I never heard about books beeing the cause of such problems in someone's life. Your problems are somewhere else. Leave the books alone.
  • Logorithim
    I feel sorry for you- headaches from reading? Nothing exciting to read?

    @LegateLanius- help this guy out!
  • emmily2396
    I don't get ehy people put reading on a pedestrial. If you read a book from what you learn something it's great, but if it's just a story then I'd rather watch a movie.
  • zagor
    I would much rather read than watch a video. I've been taking some training courses for my career and the ones that involve video are infuriating - write it down and I'll finish in 1/4 the time it takes to watch someone blabbing in a video.
  • Halucinator
    I’ve a cousin who hates reading too. I’ve been a reader since the start. I used to force him to read books, comics, anything but all he used to do was to check the pictures in the books then close them without reading a word
  • ImSoSquishy
    i like to read books at night, it makes me fall asleep after a few pages lols
  • Miristheiss
    Every one is different.

    I personally love reading.
  • Silverstar113
    I supposed you will not be able to enjoy anything if you were forced to do it.
  • OnlyYouKnowThat
    For someone who hats reading you sure like to write a lot.
    • rebornnora

      Thats not a lot compare to English essays. my take is way shorter compare to other takes

  • Hidden_P
    Just going to ask. What did you do instead?

    Tv? Games? Playing outside?
    • rebornnora

      Anything that besides reading books. so yes, i watch some television and video games. i also go outside to hang out with my friends as well.

  • SkipStop
    We think alike. I never enjoyed reading books.
    I don't understand how people think they make you smarter. Watching a show about a book is way more entertaining and educational in my opinion. You get to see and hear the action. Reading it doesn't influence me to find out what's next. Okay, maybe I just haven't found any books that I can enjoy. I mean, I read erotic stories online. Other than that, nothing.
    My worst memory related to reading is Shakespeare. The worst writer to ever write books. They make no sense at all. I failed English because of him 🖕
  • Nik1hil
    @Sososinaxoxo I don't think this guy ever read an erotica, or he wouldn't be saying this!.
  • John_Bouff
    You got mentally raped son. For the same reason I refuse to do calculus, eat eggs or do the dishes. I just chuck the goddamn dishes out after using them 3 times and buy new ones
  • Edanurus
    It sounds like the fact you was forced to read so much is why you don't enjoy it. Which is understandable.
  • monkeynutts
    Crazy. I can't relate to anything you wrote, other than reading tires my eyes too, but in supposed to read glasses.
  • WhoDatGuy
    Maybe if you read something you wanted to read instead of something you were forced to then you might like it
  • andreasderjuengere
    It could be that your dislike isn't so much the reading or the books, but the memories and experiences associated with it. When you refuse books, you do not make full use sources of information or; if one wants; entertainment. Some things like complex thoughts, imaginative or emotional situations can not really be transmitted in a visual or verbal modus and certainly also not in a short burst of text, like i. e. this twitter-president believes to. Somehow I find it unwise to lobotomize my range of options.
  • Mosie93
    What’s wrong with reading a book? It’s better and way more intellectually stimulating than being stuck to a phone or tablet
  • ZeussLightningBolt
    I kind of feel the same way.
    There's just no point
  • Lance1965
    I love reading books. I would rather read a book than watch a movie.
  • Gottabsavagee
    We have something in common:

    We are both 22 years olds and we both hate books.

    In my opinion books are boring I could never read a book completely. I remember there was a book that had 300 pages and I never read it like I read first 50 pages then I got bored and forgot about it. When I remembered reading it again, I forgot all the info so I had to start over and same thing happened so I gave up.

    In my entire life I only read books that I had to read for school in order to pass, and it was a hell lol
  • Unit1
    I am with you on this one.

    Why read a book when you can get all the information (depending on subject, complexity and lengths required to learn) in 5-10 times faster than reading a book?

    I have literally been learning on the internet and video courses for 20 minutes to an hour instead of beating a 100 to 300 page book.

    Time was saved, nonsense was weeded out and I got all the information I need.

    Even worse are the teachers, who try to teach us for 90 minutes long and nobody understands anything. Hit up youtube and search for the theme for an online course and in 20 minutes you have understood everything!

    20 MINUTES! Not 90 Minutes!

    This is why I almost *never* read any books (perhaps only 1 or 2 technical ones). Most of them are also boring to sleep.
  • AbhinavRishi
    truly speaking i am very slow in reading so it takes a lot of time for me to complete a novel and i can't afford to waste that much of time.
  • LeoElias
    Going through college forces you to like reading. At least for me.
  • crazydewd
    I hate reading fiction. My mind constantly wanders! Non fiction books about things I'm actually interested in are the only thing I can tolerate.
  • Woolflikesheep
    Have you ever tried to read books about games? I mean book about your favorite game or about how game was created
  • JackJPershing
    I completely understand. Part of the problem, too, is that authors include lots of extraneous information. As much as I love reading, it seems clear that reading a well-written Cliff Notes version of a classic will likely leave you knowing more about the book than reading it will because you get an analysis of characters, etc. that you might not pick up on while trudging through a 600 page novel.

    Another answer speaks to the ease with which a subject might be explained on a website as opposed to how it is presented by a teacher or professor. Technology has rendered a lot of book use obsolete.
  • DakotaNorth
    I've said it before: school took all the pleasure out of reading books.