Boozed tunes: My list of best drinking tunes

Chug A Lug: Roger Miller

Two More Bottles of Wine: Emmylou Harris

Have A Drink on Me: AC/DC

White Lightin': George Jones

I Drink Alone: George Thorogood

Friends in Low Places: Garth Brooks

This is a cover since Youtube does not have any of Garths original recordings. Cheap bastard.

Watermelon Crawl: Tracy Byrd

Drink a Little Drink, Smoke A Little Smoke: Eric Church

Sunday Morning Coming Down: Johnny Cash

Gin and Juice: Snoop Dogg



Boozed tunes: My list of best drinking tunes
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  • Titanic1912

    I like four of those!

    I Drink Alone-George Thorogood
    Friends in Low Places-Garth Brooks
    Watermelon Crawl-Tracy Byrd
    Smoke a Little Smoke-Eric Church

    It’s too bad my mom was watermelon queen before Watermelon Crawl was released. She could’ve taught everyone how to dip down, spin around and do si do.

    Smoke a Little Smoke was my first Eric Church song.

    I can tell it’s George Thorogood with that electric acoustic F-hole guitar he plays.

    I know Garth Brooks because he’s on the radio a lot on the old country stations.

  • FunkyMonkee
    • A underrated country singer

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    • He did a bunch of songs about racecars and stuff in the mid 60s

    • I'm sure. I just never bought any of them.
      Here's another one for you.

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