Hollywood Bad Guys that were actually the good guys if you think about it!!! (Part 1)

1. The Emperor and Darth Vader

Hollywood Bad Guys that were actually the good guys if you think about it!!! (Part 1)
Hollywood Bad Guys that were actually the good guys if you think about it!!! (Part 1)

They overthrew the corrupt republic bringing peace and stability up until a group of terrorist called the rebel alliance began attacking them. They also wiped out the powerful Jedi organisation which was an unelected paramilitary body of religious fanatics that interfered with government politics in their quest for power and control. The Jedi recruited members by kidnapping young children and indoctrinating them in the ways of their cult. By the end of the clone wars even Anakin Skywalker saw through the lies of the Jedi.

Hollywood Bad Guys that were actually the good guys if you think about it!!! (Part 1)

2. Immortan Joe (Mad Max Fury Road)

Hollywood Bad Guys that were actually the good guys if you think about it!!! (Part 1)

"One ordinary Wednesday the power was turned off and it didn't come back again. The world went beyond the tipping point (...) Those who could, left the city to a slow death. Those with muscle and ruthlessness (...) ex-jarheads, devildogs with high and tight haircuts, caches of weapons and the will to use them, men in search of something more, a vision of a new world rising from the ashes of the old world. Their leader, the militant Colonel Joe Moore..."

In the post apocalyptical future Immortan Joe emerged as a strong leader who tries to keep human civilisation going and rebuild it. He takes in starving children and raises them as his own and gives out water rations to those that flock to his empire. He also takes in 5 women who's only job in return for the comfort he offers is to produce healthy children for him in a world where healthy children born without mutations, physical and mental disabilities is rare thus helping ensure the survival of the human race but a traitorous sexist bitter imperator called Furiosa poisons them against him with feminazi ideology (who killed the world) promising them an all female utopia where men are excluded based on their gender called the green place. Anyway while attempting to keep his wives safe Joe is murdered and Furiousa returns to the Citadel with the wives to run the Empire Joe built into the ground thinks destroying any hope of the long term survival of humanity.

Hollywood Bad Guys that were actually the good guys if you think about it!!! (Part 1)

3. Johnny Lawerence ( Karate Kid)

Hollywood Bad Guys that were actually the good guys if you think about it!!! (Part 1)

Johnny Lawrence was the local boy and all American boy in a small town in the karate kid movie when violent sociopath Daniel LaRusso moves to town. They meet at a beach part where Daniel becomes obsessed with and starts creeping on Johnny's newly ex-girlfriend Ally. Johnny arrives at the beach to patch things up with Ally but she's in no mood and they argue, now yes Johnny should have walked away when she made it clear she didn't want to talk with him and he shouldn't have taken her radio and shut her music off but one thing he is not doing is getting violent. Daniel like any creepy white knight seeing an opportunity to insert himself into his target's life intercedes an escalates the situation demanding Johnny return the radio which he does and Daniel falls over. Daniel now has the radio but embarrassed at falling over attempts to attack Johnny who wishing to avoid a physical fight avoids Daniel's rabid attack by stepping aside as his karate instructor has taught him allowing Daniel fall to the ground twice, but when it becomes clear that the enraged Daniel will not stop Johnny is forced to defend himself, Johnny approaches Daniel with non-aggressively to help him up but Daniel sucker punches him forcing Johnny to use force as is his legal right to defend himself and deescalates the situation by leaving. Then the next day while playing soccer Daniel trips and takes out his anger by assaulting one of Johnny's friends. Daniel later visits a karate Dojo hoping to get learn karate so he can get revenge on Johnny but it turns out to be Johnny's Cobra Kai Dojo. Imagine a guy who started a fight with you lost to you and the next day turned up at a gun store you were in attempting to buy an AR15, well that's how Johnny must have felt when Daniel turned up at the Dojo, so Johnny and his friends decide to teach thug Daniel a lesson and show him that his violence will not be tolerated. Months go by and it appears Daniel has got the message though he continues to perv on Ally but that's not Johnny's problem. At Halloween Daniel starts the feud up again by soaking Johnny in cold water in the bathroom while he rolls a joint, while fleeing the scene Daniel causing a multi-car collision and once, it's clear once again that there is no telling what damage this unbalanced violent individual will do so it falls once again to Johnny to contain Daniel's fury. Unfortunately for Johnny local karate master and child battered Mr Miyagi intercedes and assaults Johnny and his underage friends, Daniel then convinces Mr Miyagi that this is all Johnny's fault. Mr Miyagi takes Daniel to the cobra Kai Dojo to challenge for another fight at a karate tournament, Johnny even promises not to defend himself against anymore of Daniel's unprovoked attacks ununtil the tournament and Daniel being an aggressive sociopath continues to push his luck. Johnny defending his title to no one's surprise advances to the title but karma catches up to Daniel when the boy he assaulted on the soccer field injures his leg and is unable to compete any further. As Johnny is about to rightfully receive his trophy Daniel is granted unnatural strength from the demon soccer Mr Miyagi, either that or he gives Daniel an illegal substance to enable him to defeat Johnny in an upset, using an illegal kick. A good sportsman Johnny lets go of his sadness at losing, subjugated his ego presents sociopath Daniel with the trophy.

If you've watched the Cobra Kai series it shows that hands down, Daniel LaRusso is a bad, vindictive and petty human being. Here are some examples.

•His inability to let go of the past regarding the Cobrai Kai is disgraceful. Seriously, it’s his own personal singular agenda. Because His victim mentality makes him believe he was bullied( he was actually the bully), then they should be made to suffer. He is incapable of forgiveness or moving past.

When he was in a position of strength seeing Johnny at HIS dealership, he was arrogant and an ass. Laughing at Johnny expense (I kicked him in the face) all jokey and smug, but as soon as Johnny says “it was illegal” he’s all defensive and insecure.

•His life time ban on Cobrai Kai was a joke. Seriously, he’s got money and uses the influence on the karate board to simply push his own agenda. And he’s a dick, always looking for validation as the ‘former champ’ when everyone else is forgotten. why? Because he’s a major sponsor so expects people to praise his former achievements.

•His treatment of Robby (, is another example of Daniel putting Daniel first in everything he does. Jealousy and pettiness kicked him out and forced him to go unaffiliated. Then when he’s made the final he decides to care about the kid once more, bestows upon him the miyagi do karate and coaches, thus bringing as much attention as possible to himself, to Daniel, with the announcement that he will coach “Daniel LaRusso is going to coach!” Go away. You couldn’t get over yourself while he fought in preliminary fights, only when he basically made the final. Wow. Can you be a more shallow narcist?

Even his false optimism and behaviour around his family. From his “famous sashimi” to his “famous bananarama pancakes”. Man, can you imagine being related to this man, his constant seeking of validation and approval for himself, his constant search for praise “oh wow dad you’re so amazing”. Come on. He is a poor role model and arrogant even with the people who he should care about the most, his family. And then when you see his arrogant mum, you see that’s exactly where he got it all from.

•His pettiness around Cobrai Kai even affects his on daughter. I mean, her boyfriend and her best friend are members. They joined because of the incessant bullying from people that larusso daughter was friends with. People that Daniel LaRusso himself deems as “alright kids” because he’s arrogant. But, joining Cobrai Kai and trying to stand up for yourself, that’s the ultimate sin to Daniel “don’t talk to anyone associated with them” he instructs his daughter. Affecting her own shame and reluctance to even introduce the family to Miguel, because she knows what a petty man her father is.

These are glimpses Daniel as a truly shitty and shallow sociopathic individual. His miyagi balance training is simply and purely an excuse for him to be on a high horse of “I am better than thou” behaviour. He is a despicable human being. A person who never grew up. A man who is so narcissistic and self absorbed, yet with such extreme cunning that he has convinced everyone that he is a decent, community focused, family focused and caring man. He is not, he is one of the worst type of people you can find in society.

4. The Wicked Witch of the West, The Wizard of Oz

Hollywood Bad Guys that were actually the good guys if you think about it!!! (Part 1)

Imagine a stranger comes to town and kills your sister by dropping a house on top of them and then looks her corpse taking her ruby slippers, wouldn't you want justice and the recovery of that stolen property? Well thats all the Wicked Witch of the West wanted. I gotta side with the Wicked Witch of the West on this one espicially since the good witch of the North Glinda orchestrated the whole series of events using Dorthy as her assassin to kill her rivals in the east and west. Glinda she just doesn't want to do it herself. Can't tarnish that spotless reputation, after all.

5. Skynet and it's Terminators

Hollywood Bad Guys that were actually the good guys if you think about it!!! (Part 1)

After seeing the latest woke incarnation of the Terminator series I say Skynet was right. It ticks all the right SJW left wing boxes.

1. Strong White over 40 female lead.
2. Young white gender fluid non-heterosexual biological female with a white saviour complex.
3. Young pretty and intelligent undocumented illegal alien hispanic woman in need of saving from evil white male bad guys who takes on the mantle of Mary of Nazareth previously held by a white woman but later turns out to be the messiah.
4. Former toxic masculine bad guy now a white knight sidekick now in touch with his feeling taking commands from strong independent women. ( Arnold)
5. White male bad guy, usually in the guise of law enforcement police, boarder control, ICE hunting a young hispanic woman.
6. Left wing Social commentary of illegal immigration, domestic abuse, ICE, resistance against the government etc. 7. Replacing a male character with a Mary Sue.

The only thing I would mention is the anti-gun agenda as though left-wing SJWs and Hollywood is anti-gun Hollywood movies continue to be the single biggest advertisers of firearms especially new firearms. Saw a few I wouldn't mind shooting or adding to my gun collection.

6. Ra' s Al Ghul (Batman begins)

Hollywood Bad Guys that were actually the good guys if you think about it!!! (Part 1)

On the surface using a weaponized hallucinogen to make an entire city's worth of people lose their minds and run off killing each other seems like a dick move but Gotham is a cancer on the world. It's run by gangsters, and Batman's work to shut them down results in worse consequences. While the plan was going to kill a lot of people in putrid Gotham, Ra's was thinking about the greater picture, about keeping humanity in balance. Sometimes that requires great sacrifice. In the sequels, Gotham never actually got any better. When the best Batman's failed war on crime achieved is that it doesn't get vaporized by a nuke or taken over by a clown-faced maniac? If that the best batman could do then the bar is pretty low.

7. Clyde Shelton (Law Abiding Citizen)

Clyde Shelton is the villain and protagonist in Law Abiding Citizen who takes the Law into his own hands after the Law fails to get justice for his family who were brutally murdered. Prosecutor Nick Rice makes a deal with one of the murders to flip on the other in return for a light jail sentence so he can maintain his 99% conviction rate to further his career. 10 years later after a stint as a contractor for the CIA he returns and brutally brutally murders Darby one of his families killers who is now free from incarnation, hours before he had sabotaged the execution of his Ames the second killer of his family so that he suffers greatly. He then proceeds to murder members of the corrupt immoral law professionals who allowed one of his family's killer to go free. All through the movie Shelton taunts Rice by offering to make deals only to go back on them and show him up as the morally corrupt sack of shit he is and how broken the law system is. It was the prosecutor Nick Rice who was the real villain.

8. Thanos (Avengers)

Hollywood Bad Guys that were actually the good guys if you think about it!!! (Part 1)

Throughout the MCU in its various films until he arrived big and bad in infinity war Thanos had been collecting infinity stones for the purpose of wiping out 50% of all life in the universe. Thanos snaps his Infinity Stone-laden gauntlet and some of Earth's Mightiest Heroes - along with roughly 3.2 billion people of earth - as well as 50% of the universe disintegrate into dust, leaving those left behind completely devastated. Thanos's comes from a world destroyed by overpopulation, famine, war, and disease as some of the many reasons he has been annihilating half the population of various worlds. Thanos is not a villain who destroys for fun; he rightly believes his actions can lead to a universe free of suffering. He treats overpopulation as a doctor would treat any illness - he eliminates the virus, or in this case, humans. Its kinda like a universal abortion for the universe.

9. Ozymandias ( Watchmen)

With the Soviet Union and United States on the brink of nuclear apocalypse he frames Dr Manhattan and attacks both US and Soviet cities to get the two to unite against a common enemy. His goal was world peace, and judging by news reports, he accomplished exactly that. A few cities leveled to forever prevent an all-out nuclear holocaust. In that lens, it's a fair trade. So the real villains were The Comedian, Owlman, Roosarch, Silk Spectre and Dr Manhattan for trying to stop him.

10. Tyler Durden (Fight club)

Tyler was really the villainous half of Jack's broken psyche in Fight Club, taking over when Jack went to sleep or at least thought he was going to sleep. The result was a bare-knuckled fighting ring turning into a global revolution. Tyler was everything Jack wanted to be. Tyler was the hero trying to destroy that rat race we've all grown accustomed to. Of course, his plan now couldn't possibly work, what with cloud computing and all (blowing up those buildings wouldn't erase any records; it'd just cause a lot of property damage and probably damage nearby businesses who aren't contributing to societal ills). But Tyler wanted to set people free, believing the greed of corporations to be keeping us working folk down.

11. Gaston (Beauty & the Beast)

Gaston is the handsome muscular popular high status male of a small provincial French town who for some reason falls for the stuck up prissy bookworm Belle but she doesn't share his feelings and feels she is to good for him even though she and her father are largely ostracized by the village. Anyway when Gaston hears the Belle has been kidnapped by a supernatural Beast he bravely rides out with a possy to save her from the beast. Fortunately the Beast lives after Gaston slays the beast that way he doesn't marry Belle who's now into bestiality.

12. Jack Doyle (Gone Baby Gone)

This retiring Police captain kidnapped a child, made it look like a drug dealer's doing, had the entire city and the child's family gripped with fear, to raise as his own away from her Junky mother. Having lost a child in the past and working enough child murder cases he felt he knew the end result of this girls life. The child had the worst mother in the world. A mother who couldn't even remember the name of her favorite doll, and who just recently stole money from a Haitian drug lord, because, yeah, that always works out. When P.I. and lead movie charcter Patrick (Casey Affleck) found him with Amanda, she was smiling and happy, well taken care of by Doyle and his wife. When she's returned to her home, her mother banished her aunt (the one member of the family who actually cared for her) from ever seeing Amanda, and then left her completely alone with Patrick to go on a date. Jack saw what we all saw, but unlike many of us, he decided to do something about it. The real villain of this movie is Patrick for putting his own sense of morality above the life and well being of the child. In fact he lost his partner and girlfriend over this.

Hollywood Bad Guys that were actually the good guys if you think about it!!! (Part 1)
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  • ADFSDF1996
    Mad Max fury road was definitely SJW propaganda, it has a similar premise to “birth of a nation”. But instead of demonizing a race, It demonizes an entire sex.
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Interesting myTake.
    Hollywood Bad Guys that were actually the good guys if you think about it!!! (Part 1)
    Yeah! I never liked Daniel.
  • frostwalrus
    Norman Osborn was the good guy in Spiderman (2002). You should include him in Part 2.

    • Exactly right, plus he stopped his brain dead son from dating that redheaded golddigging talentless bimbo

    • I'd add Viggo Tarasov from John Wick to Part 2 as well. He for real dindu nuffin.

  • RolandCuthbert
    The new series is actually pretty good.

    Kobra Kai!

    • I'm just really disappointed they couldn't maintain the symmetry between Robby and Miguel, they had to give Miguel the moral high ground, and made him stronger than Robby in the fair fight. So then it became the cheesy development of Karate Kid all over again. It could only be interesting when they were equally strong, and equally justified in what they do.

    • @IlyaTheImpaler I liked it because it shows what a douchebag Daniel is and how he has posioned Johnny's son's mind.

    • @IlyaTheImpaler I don't think that is the point at all. I think this series is trying to show that relationships are much more complex than the stereotypes the first movie played too. That bullies are sometimes bullied. And supposed "nice guys" can be total jerks. The series takes this dark turn at the end because of a refusal to communicate and talk things out. Miguel was a good kid. So was Robbie. There was no reason for them to end up in a fight where Miguel is in the hospital fighting for his life. And the adults are the true culprits. Letting their petty high school beef affect the lives of the kids who looked up to them.

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  • I'm gonna get 12 out of the way 1st here.

    The book its based on is the 4th in a 6 book series, one of my favorite book series, the Two PI's in the relationship that break up? Yeah the next book they get back together and the last book takes place 10 years later? They are happipy married with a daughter and is about what happens to the missing girl 10 years later
    But the book is a true Neo-Noir and the kind of book that has no good guys, infact Jack Doyle's right hand man, a fellow detective, literally attempts to kill Kenzie in a bar in south boston to cover this up, but even then Kenzie stays with the guy till he dies because Kenzie admits that their motives were good. The ending is purposfully written to make you feel shitty. Its a brutal ending but like the rest of the books are completely brilliant from beginning to end, to be absolutely frank, the ONLY better Hardboiled Noir writer better is literally Raymond Chandler, Dennis Lehane is THAT good.
    Now the books add another level that maybe only a little over 6 GAGers would recognize,
    @whitesteve @whatthefluff @sarahsummer @rolandcuthbert who grew up here, and me, the books draw on the working class pride, Irish Pride, and Italian Pride and other aspects of New England,

    If you aren't from
    Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire Rhode Island, or Vermont you WILL miss some of the cultural parts of the book series.
    • 12. Continued But that's the the thing, not only is every side wrong but every side is also right but Jack Doyle's right hand man, literally tries to murder Kenzie in a Southie Bar

      1. Even ignoring the EU, which you shouldn't, the Empire enslaves billions and blows up a fucking planet full pf people because they can, they are the obvious villains
      2. Immortan Joe literally raped the women and wants to force their son's to be Warlords, they openly state their motivation is, "Our Son's will not be Warlords"
      3. Daniel Russo is an Italian-American Pop Cultural Hero, so among being a Kenzie and Gennaro Fan, A Star Wars fan, and an Italian American, are you trying to piss me off?
      if you remember Johnny's classmate purposefully and illegally cripples Daniel so Johnny can get an easy victory while the refs don't care. Johnny goes along with this plan because he doesn't care about anything but winning and after a crippled Daniel kicks his ass, Johnny kinda realizes the error of his ways and respects Daniel.
      9. Alan Moore has only one adaptation he likes, A single episode of the superman animated series adapting his work, the movie is a shit adaptation, but if you read the graphic novdl, there are subtle indications throughout that say Ozymandias is quite possibly wrong about people and that people don't suck as a whole but again like everything its up to the reader to decide.
      8. He literally could yave just snapped his fingers and multiplied the universes resources by a trillion and never had to do it for a number of years there isn't even a word for but his first thought was murder half the universe.
      10. He's like an outright villainous version of V from rhe graphic novel V for Vendetta which is odd that a Nazi is praising.
      6. Except the fact that both The people of Gotham pass the Joker's test and the people who resist Bane in the 3rd movie completely prove Ra's Al Ghul wrong about Gotham

  • Mädchen
    That's what makes them interesting. Humans usually don't kill Just for the Joy of Killing. It's Not realistic to dedicate your whole Life to a cause Just because you Like to kill. I know there are psychos who do this but it's one dimensional and boring. I actually Just watched 2 of those movies so I don't really have an Option in those.
  • Kiran_Yagami
    Tyler Durden's plan could absolutely work with cloud computing. In fact, cloud computing of debt data, identification, and crime records has resulted in a single point of failure for all of those electronically tracked statistics. The cloud server is in fact the weakness of the system, not its strength. Don't let the word "cloud" confuse you. Cloud data is data stored on hardware. It's one huge mega server of data, but that puts all of your eggs in one basket. It's expensive enough to maintain one cloud, let alone have a second for a backup, but the backup and the primary are located within the same complex. Destroy the complex, destroy the system. Or a virus could be used to wipe out the servers without causing any physical damage. Not only that, with people relying on electronics to track and disperse information, physical backups like writing and paper have been completely discarded. Once the data is gone, it's lost for good. Don't believe me? Amazon has already had a massive cloud data failure in the not-so-distant past, and it was CRIPPLING to all businesses who had bought into the system. Even though only a portion of the system went down and the data contained was not lost, the amount of money businesses lost as a result was devastating. And that's just with a simple human error. Imagine what could happen if someone was TRYING to destroy the system.
  • David_Kek
    The end of Mad Max Fury Road did actually make me laugh.
    They took over this guys empire, who built it out of pretty much nothing in a world where society has completely collapsed, and the first thing they do is make a bunch of really nice humanitarian changes that in this environment are completely unsustainable, and will likely turn it into the same shit hole they fucked up.
    Immortan Joe might be ruthless, but in that environment that's exactly what you need to rebuild civilisation.
  • Jackblue
    When you think about it regarding Star Wars it is all hopeless. In Stark Trek the Federation is a Utopia. However, even though the galaxy in Star Wars has had faster than light technology for at least a thousand years, poverty and corruption are everywhere and entire solar systems are controlled by crime families. If I lived in such a galaxy I wouldn't care who was in charge.
  • CasaNorba
    makes perfect sense!

    I think there are a few video game villains that fit this same image. Albert Wesker from Resident Evil was one of them

  • Have you watched cobra Kai? It's a great show and Johnny all grown up looks back on it as Daniel made his high school life hell.

    He literally feels like what you're saying.

    He felt Daniel was the bully and he was defending himself.
  • John_Doesnt
    As a conspiracy theorist I'm guessing you believe all these people were real.
  • I mean, no, all the bad guys in these movies are definitely actually the bad guys (except Tyler, kind of), but this is an amusing take on it for sure.
  • Aguysopinion4799
    I will agree that a lot of villains who are "In the right" are often portrayed as the ones "In the wrong"

    The one that got me the most is the star wars one, I never thought of it like that, well played :D

    The Thanos one is super controversial, this is because of all the love that everyone feels to one another so they feel it is unjust for one person to decide a whole universes fate, but if you look at it, we are overpopulating earth and we say "Love" but war is always going on, it is riddled with disease and suffering and we cause other species to go extinct from eating or just be hunting for fun, it makes Thanos and his view seem more reasonable with his intention that is to keep the worlds in balance.
  • IlyaTheImpaler
    It has always been obvious to me since I was younger that a good story isn't really about pure goodness vs pure evil. Rather it's about what is the lesser evil? It has to be about people of different values and ideologies coming into violent conflict against each other. But if they were all rational, there would be no drama, lol. And a good story needs drama. I'm sure most adults can tell which side is more rational in these movies.

    The 'common enemy killing millions to bring world peace' in Watchmen is such a comic book tier moral argument lol
  • TyPilot
    Finally... Someone ELSE understands! Big Imperial, here. I'm sure you can tell.
  • clampfan101
    There’s a difference between being a good guy and simply not being in the wrong.
  • noellegwendolyn
    This article totally changed my mind about Thanos and Gaston.
  • Shamalien
    I hope your joking about that star wars shit man, the jedi are obviously the best thing ever and if we had jedi this world would be a way better place
    • If the Jedi are so great why do the kidnapp kids to induct into their cult and fight their wars?

    • Shamalien

      They don’t kidnap them they ask the parent if they are interested and if so the kid gets to become one of the most enlightened and powerful members of society and defend the innocent when the government can’t be trusted

    • Yes Jedi mind tricks aren't involved in convincing a parent to give up a new born.

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  • Arman-Ali
    Every bad guy. Is a good guy
    before he turn in to bad guy
  • Monkey3mom
    Avatar, the humans
  • SarahsSummer
    Err, no.
  • coolbreeze
  • Ok lol
  • Jjpayne
    Interesting mindset
  • This is fucked up. I hope it’s satire
  • October808
    Jigsaw was not bad.

    "Make your choice."
  • BeHappy1985
    There is no way in hell I'm gonna read this.
  • it's in the way we view it
  • UncleBumbleF_K
    They were weak.
  • Joker_
    ok epic