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Disney+ is live in the US! My first inital thoughts.

Disney+ is live in the US! My first inital thoughts.

Disney+ has launched in the US! At least in the Eastern and Central time zones as I'm writing this take. Just upon first glance it's a Disnerds dream come true!

The Star Wars movies, Marvel Cinematic universe movies excluding Deadpool and Spiderman, The Pixar Library, The Simpsons, Disney Channel original movies and shows, and National Geographic nature documentaries are all at your fingertips!

Most of the great Disney movies from Robin Hood, Frozen, Sleeping Beauty, The Love Bug, and Snow White are there. Including other movies such as Heavyweights, Old Yeller, Race to Witch Mountain, That Darn Cat and many other classics that Disney has produced over the years including Davy Crockett is there!

The only drawbacks I see so far is that some of the newer movies haven't been added. Shows like Pepper Ann, Star Vs the Forces of Evil, and Sofia the first are not there yet either. Of course this is only the launch, and more titles will be added as it expands to other countries next year. But so far for $6.99 a month I feel like its a great deal!

Disney+ is live in the US! My first inital thoughts.
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  • October808
    I watched 'Star Wars: Mandalorian'. Not bad. Feels Star Wars'ish at times. I'm curious to see if any characters from Clone Wars or Rebels will make an appearance. Both series' showed a ton of backstory about Mandalorian culture and history. There is hope for Disney, not in films but in TV series'.
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  • Deadpool? Deadpool isn't Disney, I mean it technically is now but that literally just happened a week ago...
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    • It's part of Marvel which is owned by Disney

    • But that happened extremely recently...

    • October808

      It's going toi be on FX along with the Spider-man movies from SONY.

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  • Im in Australia
    And its launching next week here

    Is there an app for Disney Plus?
    How do you stream it to TV like Netflix?
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  • Serenity2014
    They don’t have the Proud Family, American Dragon Jake Long, Dave the Barbarian, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers or the weekenders. -_-
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  • I've went on the Streaming site this morning. A lot of classic shows like Timon & Pumbaa, Bonkers, Talespin, Quack Pack and Darkwing Duck are on there. I haven't seen them in years. It was nice reliving my childhood.
  • Insomnia72
    Does this mean Netflix is going to end up with even more trashy left over videos?
    • Their quality has diminished over the years

    • Insomnia72

      I agree. It's terrible. But Disney doing this is probably going to make it worse... oh hell, here we go. Let's see what happens...

  • Liam_Hayden
    $70 for a year. Use on up to four devices simultaneously.
  • i am in love. i have no life, all i see is disney+
  • I'm jealous... i have to wait until 5am :(
    • Disney plus online... lied to me :( I just downloaded it and saw it shortly after that message. It does not have everything or nearly as much as I wanted or expected but it does have 20th fox stuff aka home alone and rookie of the Year I believe I saw. But over all its a great selection for the day of launch plenty to be entertained with

    • October808

      What's missing?

    • For example touchstone and 20th fox only have about 20 titles or so each and there are far more than that... In addition there are far more Disney titles but you can have a feeling they are being purposeful like the brave little toaster goes to Mars but not the first one and life size 2 but not the first one... They have quite a lot of things but there is clearly more and at some point im hoping for home improvement to be a series or at least more fox series on there and the actual muppet babies not the reboot :(
      But overall, I'm not disappointed with it, there is still quite a lot on there

  • Jesse0
    The Mandalorian is dope
  • GreatnessBack
    Finally. I'm on this with the swiftness.
  • KolaJoe
    I just wish I would have invested in it😂😭.
  • IHateBeingaMan
    im very well enjoying it so far
  • malik25
  • I’m more into DC