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So during the pandemic, what have you been streaming online?


So since I did the guy movies thing. I wanted to see if I could pick up some recommendations on binging a few series online. This is the list of stuff I binged over the last year. I hope I didn't do this already. Here is my list. What's yours?!?!

1. Castlevania

Just a freaking masterpiece. The voice actor for Dracula is outstanding. Great saga, interesting episodes, and fantastic animation.

So during the pandemic, what have you been streaming online?

2. Wandavision

Another masterpiece. Kevin Feige's ability to take the MCU into different genres to explore complex surprisingly human stories is amazing.

So during the pandemic, what have you been streaming online?

3. Watchmen

All I can is "wow"! I was such a fan of the comic and the movie. This series surpasses all. For anyone interested in African-American history, the masterful way the writers/director tie this story together is beyond compare.

So during the pandemic, what have you been streaming online?

4. Westworld

I can't get over how they took this concept in a totally different direction. The first season is beyond compelling and sets the stage for a grand saga that is really, really good. Evan Rachel Wood's performance is outstanding, then she hands it off to Tessa Thompson in Season 3.

So during the pandemic, what have you been streaming online?

5. Russian Doll

I have loved Natasha Lyonne for a while now. Russian Doll was a vehicle where you can see all of her talents. The series is an oddball saga where she can be funny, dramatic, witty, etc. It is a good show. And the first season was really fun. Thoroughly weird!

So during the pandemic, what have you been streaming online?

6. Travelers

Surprisingly good. This took me by surprise. The concept is that you can send back someone's consciousness to the past to inhabit the bodies of folks just before they die. And an organization in the future is doing what it can to change the past to ensure the survival of the human race. It was really interesting.

So during the pandemic, what have you been streaming online?

7. The Boys

Haha! Pure fun. Here is the premise. What if Superman was a homicidal maniac?!?!

So during the pandemic, what have you been streaming online?

8. The Good Place

Probably my favorite comedy over the last few years. It is a saga, of course. Ted Danson, Kristen Bell, and William Harper Jackson are hilarious. The writing is so awesome.

So during the pandemic, what have you been streaming online?

9. This Is Us

Here is a series, I did not think I would like. But it is wonderfully written. It was funny, compelling and very different from what I thought it was going to be.

So during the pandemic, what have you been streaming online?

10. Dr. Who

'I had to add this one. The episodes with actors like Peter Capaldi, Matt Smith, and David Tennant are just too good. Some brilliant writing, great acting and awesome stories. And one of the best incarnations of the Master ever with Ms. Michelle Gomez.

So during the pandemic, what have you been streaming online?
So during the pandemic, what have you been streaming online?

11. Humans

I didn't think I would like this series. But it grew on me. It hits its stride in Season 2. And culminates in a surprising ending. This was very well done.

So during the pandemic, what have you been streaming online?
So during the pandemic, what have you been streaming online?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Princess_Kate
    Started catching up on shows, mostly netflix but Disney.
    1. Started bindge watching Gotham
    2. Watched the witcher
    3. Mandalorian
    4. The fosters
    5. Legion
    6. Wandavision
    7. Started Sons of anarchy
    8. Rewatched the O. C & One treehill
    9. Finally finished Teen wolf
    10. Dollars
    11. The last parade
    12. Bridgestone
    13 the crown
    14. Riverdale
    15. The office (uk)
    16. Shamless (uk)
    17. Riverdale
    18. Queens family
    19 lost in space
    20. The haunting if hill house
    21 Wartior nun
    22. Derry girls
    23. Umbrella Academy
    24. Peaky Blinders
    25. Community
    26. Tiger king
    27. Stranger things again.
    28. Hellstorm
    29. Family Guy

    Lupin in netflix looks good.
    Is this still revelant?
    • I forgot about Umbrella Academy. I loved the show. But was Warrior Nun any good? I saw it and I wanted to watch, but thought it might be disappointing.

    • Warrior nun was OK. Needs better writing I think.

    • It's been a long year lol

Most Helpful Guy

  • Juxtapose
    So during the pandemic, what have you been streaming online?I love Castlevania xDSo during the pandemic, what have you been streaming online?
    Is this still revelant?
    • Dude, that series is so good. And man. . . Lenore did Hector so wrong!!! Haha!! That was a trip!

    • Juxtapose

      I'm still watching it with a friend but I heard about Hector's fate ahaha xD

      Not that bad if you're into femdom. You go from a shitty cell to relative free roaming while getting a hot vampire dominatrix.

      Lenore cares for Hector but *absolutely* does not think of him as an equal.

    • I dunno if she cares about him. Dude that was soooooooo wrong. . .

      You have to see the scene. I mean it is terrifying.

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  • JackSmy
    Dr. Who? REALLY? Like the FIRST ONE, EVER, on here to mention that!!
    Do you just know the modern "Reboot" series, or the OLD, from a few years, before you were born?
    Favorite Doctor?
    Favorite Companion?
    Private chat, so you won't be thought to be a NERD, on GAG!! LOL?
    • My favorite modern Doctor is Matt Smith. I am an old Tom Baker fan of course.

      Companions? Well, probably Clara.

      You forgot the who is my favorite Master?

    • JackSmy

      @RolandCuthbert So cool to find someone that likes the series! It's been on longer than I have been ALIVE!!! But do you know the Originals? Tom Baker, Jon Pertwee, William Hartnell, Peter Davidson! Back when it was a SUPER low-budget Sci-Fi serial on British television?
      As for the Master, one of the Old ones, Roger Delgado, or Anthony Ainley.
      Favorite Villain/enemy? Mine is the Daleks, and close second, Cybermen!

    • I loved Jon Pertwee also. William Hartnell was okay. Yeah, those old special effects were horrible. But there was something refreshing about the series. It was so different from everything else that was on.

      Robert Delgado was definitely my favorite Master from the old days. But back then I liked when the Centarians were the bad guys. They had so much more personality.

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  • Sonorous
    Mainly YouTube tbh. But the shows and movies I've seen have been:

    Soul (2020)
    Black Box (2020)
    The Expanse (Season 5)
    The Boys (Season 2)
    Watchmen (Season 1)
    • I keep being told to watch the Expanse. I can never bring myself to do it.

      Is it good?

    • Sonorous

      Oh yeah, the first 3 seasons are the best in my opinion. But that's only because they show the most special effects

    • Okay. I will try to find some time.

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  • WhiteSteve
    I’m not really a huge TV guy these days (not tweed jacket/suede elbow patches-ing anyone, I just spend down time on other useless shit. Like GAG lmfao. Now that I’m reading that back... maybe I should see what’s on😂), but I did catch a couple things.

    Cobra Kai has been phenomenal. There were 99 ways they could have fucked this idea up, but they found the 100th way that’s a winner. A continuation of one the greatest stories of our childhood, but with so much more depth and nuance to the characters we know and love (and in some cases, hated), and some good new characters and storylines. The stuff with the teenagers can be a little over the top (but still entertaining), but the story of Daniel vs Johnny Lawrence vs Sensei Kreese is outstanding. always knew as a kid that I was Team Johnny, I just couldn’t justify it til now😂 He’s leaving out a few things of course, but you still feel bad for him and understand why shit went how it did.

    Only other one I really have is Letterkenny. This is simply the funniest show I’ve seen in years. It’s particularly up my alley with the fighting and the hockey, but I think it has a lot of good, witty banter that anyone can appreciate. It was kind of like Game Of Thrones for me in that it took a full season before I could understand the non-American English without subtitles, lmao, but that’s likely a “me” problem. Maybe not as bad as GoT, but it took a couple episodes to get used to the dialect and the rapid fire delivery. It was my unknown gem for a couple years, but it’s finally blown up in America, and I haven’t been this right about something ahead of its mainstream popularity since Eminem, haha. Only thing is I’m now kind of annoyed that everyone knows it, despite hyping it to anyone who will listen, haha, but that’s just me being territorial. of course, The Chirp King, Shoresy (played by the main hick guy, so you never see that character’s face)... this guy is just the GOAT
    • I love Cobra Kai!!! I totally forgot about that one. And yes, the nuance they have brought is awesome. Life is way more complex than we pretend. And they go a great job of trying to tell the story of their adulthood in a more mature fashion.

      I might try to watch LetterKenny sometime. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • WhiteSteve

      Hell yeah, Cobra Kai is outstanding. I was dying when that “Stingray” dude joined in the kids’ brawl even though he was supposed to be school security lmfao. I think he blew up from the Richard Jewell movie so he’s out of the show now, bummer.

      Highly recommend Letterkenny. Very easy to watch, 7-episode seasons, half-hour each, and only 6 episodes are storyline, the 7th is usually a stand-alone holiday episode. Manages to be smart and low-brow at the same time, haha. S1E3 is kind of a dud, I think they were still figuring out what the show was going to be, but power past it, everything else is excellent👍

  • Nothing lol I don't really do online streaming. I mostly listen to music, read, or watch old movies
  • I’m currently switching between STARGATE SG.1, Dark Matter & How To Get Away With Murder.
  • Ellie-V
    I do nothing but rewatch stuff I’ve seen a thousand times over 😂
    • Haha! Years ago, I would do the same thing. I have a lot of stuff downloaded in case I lose internet access.

  • GoldenTulip
    Castlevania is a good one! I also watched it. Great serie!.

    I say "Gotham" and "Cobra Kai"
  • goaded
    Humans is great, but Dr. Who is forever. What do you think of the latest Doctor? The character's great, and the actress is wonderful! really have to watch the rest of Watchmen, it's free here (or at least, it was):
  • Swimmerdude2013
    TVD, the originals, Van Helsing, Lucifer, NCIS, Law and order SVU
    • You know I probably should have been able to get into Van Helsing. I might try that one soon.

  • Satish2607
    I love Indian cinema and that's what I happened to watch.
    • Got any flicks to recommend? We have very few in my group.

    • Satish2607

      Which Language would they prefer

    • Oh, I am not Indian. But sub-titles would be fine. We don't have any real Indian films in queue.

  • Guanfei
    Not much.
    Watched "The Haunting of Hill House" and "The Haunting of Bly Manor". The former is pretty interesting until the end. The latter is nice only in the beginning, they rush things a bit after the middle and it becomes a bit confused.
    The Mandalorian of course, and its absolutely mind-blowing final.
    The last season of Stranger Things. The show clearly needs to stop, it's repetitive, and the 80's atmosphere that was kinda the center of the show is now just barely there. I'm not looking forward to the next season.
    And I started Evangelion again.
    • Did you ever see the Evangelion 3.0?

      I have to sit down and watch the Mandalorian.

    • Guanfei

      Not yet, but it will be done pretty soon, you can be sure.

      Mandalorian is a pretty good show, if you're not too much into the "Jedi Star Wars". It's more of a Western/bounty hunter show. A few slow episode but overall easy to like, and a rare thing, most characters in the show are interesting.

  • _no_one_
    Some anime.
    Family guy.
    Few seasons of friends.
    Rick and Morty.
    Wanda vision.
    Black mirror.
    Mr. Robot.
    Few episodes of futurama.
    Money heist.
    End of the fucking world.
    • Rick and Morty all the way! If you like Futurama, you might like Disenchantment.

      So during the pandemic, what have you been streaming online?

    • _no_one_

      I've been advised to watch that, it's in my to watch list lol, i just need time lmao

  • rapfan107
    Disenchantment, lost , community, ballers, sons of anarchy and bates motel!! Is Wanda vision good?
    • I could never get into Lost, Community or Ballers. But you and I see eye to eye on Disenchantment and Sons of Anarchy. I might try the Bates Motel. Sounds interesting.

      And Wandavision is a complete masterpiece. It is not about the action at all. So if that's what you are looking for, it will be a disappointment. It is slow moving and very thought provoking.

      They keep a lot of secrets until close to the end.

    • rapfan107

      Really so is it like a mystery show?

    • Nope. It is mystery. But truthfully it is about grief and death.

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  • drummerdude25
    Mainly just music, occasionally an online concert or event... and YouTube... I honestly don’t really watch movies or TV shows.
  • I saw the Boys and liked it. I watched " You" and Lost in Space on Netflix.
    I watched "Wayne" because it was filmed near where I grew up.
    • Never heard of "You". My ex loved "Lost in Space". So if you think it is cool, I might get to it this weekend.

    • exitseven

      It was okay. I just got Paramount plus and I am watching Star Trek Discovery as we speak.

    • exitseven

      You was on Netflix.

  • kitty71
    I haven't streamed anythinbg I dont have streaming online platforms at all at home.
  • erandal
    I loved The Good Place. Currently watching One Upon A Time.
    • Is Once Upon a Time any good? I have tried to get into it. I just don't feel like getting invested.

  • Likescookies
    im just watching various anime and playing games, if i have to say a show istreamed then beastars was a pretty great one, not what i excpected from something with anthromorphical charracters.
  • ManHater
    Wanda vision, I could have done Dr. who but stopped the moment they put that damn woman as the doctor.
    • So the hilarious thing is you watched all the episodes where they put that woman as the Master.


      I admit, the new episodes with Jodie Whitaker sucked. But it wasn't just her inability to pull off the role, they had some very badly written episodes. And the new Master sucked!!!

      Anyway, Michelle Gomez is the best incarnation of the Master hands down.

  • QuietRunner
    Altered Carbon
    Star Trek DS9 Seasons 3-7
    Star Trek Enterprise - Seasons 3-4
    Demon Slayer

  • WowwGirl
    Deep stuff man. Nice take 😃
    • Well, we can't go out to the cinema. So we have to invent ways to be entertained. :D

  • SirJohn42
    Arrow and flash since didn't have tv.
  • Ally247
    The good place and doctor who are epic
  • Jean-Marie_Céline
    Nothing, streaming is forbidden in our home.
  • michael1469
    Ancient aliens
  • Joker_
    none of the above
  • Anonymous
    Just want the points
  • Anonymous
    I am going to go anonymous for this because it is a little embarrassing.

    I have been watching Celebrity bowling from the 1970s on Tubi TV. My wife and kids laugh at me but I actually enjoy it for some odd reason. It is low budget and was broadcast live, not taped and replayed
    • Nothing is wrong with that. I watched a lot of those Homerun Derby competitions from back in the day. I just binged watched a bunch of different competitions. So addicting.

    • Anonymous

      I remember seeing those on Espn when I was younger

      The other thing I have watched is "The Best of Fridays", also on Tubi TV. There are three seasons of the television show "Fridays" from about 1980 - 82 i think

  • Anonymous
    My watching habits have not changed at all. I do not watch any more TV than I did before the hoax started.
    • What hoax? oh wait you're mentally Ill.

    • Anonymous

      @Flamesofcinder The mentally ill are those that are scared of the flu.

      Yes, Covid is real. Yes, people have died from it. But if you believe the numbers the government is putting out, and you trust the government at all, you are the one who is mentally ill.

    • Right! Ignore the doctors and listen to anonymous weirdos online. LOL!

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  • Anonymous
    Porn. Lots of porn.
  • Anonymous
    ... Pornhub