Howard Stern or Joe Rogan?

These guys both have fairly interesting radio podcast whatever’s and I like em. They are both kinda funny and talk about real nasty shit which it dig.
So I wanna know which do you prefer?

so interviews involving my icon

You don’t have to watch if you dont have time 😂
  • Howard Stern or Joe Rogan?Howard stern
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  • Howard Stern or Joe Rogan?Joe Rogan
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  • Another person I think pun would enjoy
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  • Something completely unrelated to the question
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  • No idea/ don’t care/ whoever’s dick is bigger
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  • I was listening and calling into Howard back in 92-95. He was actually entertaining, an asshole, but entertaining. Now he's going through the motions to pay alimony.
    I like Joe, he is crazy smart, knows BJJ, and likes weed. I dont always agree with his views, but then ot would get boring, be like liatening to yourself


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