Did you ever have to take off your shoes and socks for drama?

Hi guys. I have drama lessons at school. We are practicing a modern play which is about the emotions and vulnerability of young adults. Our drama teacher insists that everyone has to take off both their shoes and socks for class. We will also have bare feet during our rehearsals. I'm kind of shy about having bare feet, so it feels a little strange.
Has anyone ever been required to do this? And were you told why it is necessary?
yes, during drama class
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yes, but for rehearsals only
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yes, both during class and rehearsals
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no. I have taken drama classes but this was never required
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no. I have never taken a drama class
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So, I was given the following reasons by my teacher: The play is about the emotions of teenagers and young adults and how we are all so vulnerable beneath the surface. This is supposed to be symbolized by everyone having bare feet. She also said that it was important in order to move more freely and to become more confident on the stage, because being barefoot during practice would help us to overcome our fears in the long run.
Did you ever have to take off your shoes and socks for drama?
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