10 Ways To Add More Christmas to Your December

10 Ways To Add More Christmas to Your December

1. Christmasfy all your living spaces

Don't just limit decorations to one main room or your Christmas tree, go room to room and add little Christmas or seasonal touches to everything, like Christmas themed pillows on the couch, a small desktop tree in your bathroom, a garland across your windowsill, a Nativity scene in your office, etc.

2. Volunteer to send Christmas cheer

There are many hospital, hospice, and military organizations who link you with recipients who would love a bit of Christmas cheer in the form of hand written cards, gifts, and baked treats.

3. Make Christmas Eve Boxes

On Christmas Eve, present family and friends who are staying with you, with Christmas Eve boxes filled with Christmas pjs, slippers, and socks (which they can wear to bed to wake up in the morning of, in), sweet treats, mugs and cocoa, their favorite Christmas movies/cds, and for younger children, Christmas activity or themed books.

4. Go to a Local Freebie

There are usually tons of free adult or family friendly activities around the holidays that you can go to. Go check out the local outdoor screening of Christmas movies, Go to your cities tree lighting ceremony, check out a holiday parade, etc.

5. Make a Christmas Fort

On a cold blustery night, whether you have kids or not, gather together all the blankets, pillows, and lights that you can find, and create your own Christmas fort and snuggle in for Christmas movie or to listen to your favorite Christmas jams. Be sure to serve yourself Christmas candies and treats and hot cider, chocolate, or other adult beverages.

6. Create a Christmas Memory Album/Book

Most of us have tons of photos and keepsakes from Christmases past, but rarely do we do anything but save them in files. Pull them out and go through them, and create a book or album that can be easily shared with future generations. If paper is not your thing, you can even go online and create a free website like the ones on Wix.com, that can hold all your memories that can be sent to family and friends near and far.

7. DIY Advent Calendar

Get creative and put together your own advent calendar which will help you count down the days and build up the excitement until Christmas comes. Fill yours with anything from passages from the Night Before Christmas, to bible phrases, to candy, to little toys and trinkets. The sky is the limit.

8. Road Trip to a Festival of Lights

Take a weekend drive to see another town/cities festival of lights, Christmas trees, or the most lit streets that they have. It will be fun to see how other towns/cities do it.

9. Take a Family Portrait

It doesn't have to be complicated at all and don't worry about making it "perfect." Just go outside, find a nice background of some trees, or your house, or something more creative that fits your mood, and put your camera on a stand/tripod or have someone snap a shot of your family so you can have a memory of you all together to mark the end of the year.

10. Christmas Cookiefest

Gather all your friends/family and have them bring over their favorite cookie recipes and ingredients, and then make big batches of the doughs that you can freeze and split between you all so any time during the season, you'll have plenty of cookies to choose from without having to make them or buy them.

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  • My sister will love this Take ❤👍


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  • It's about Christmas, how can I not like this? :D


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  • This is good to know. Thanks for sharing.

  • I've had it with Christmas.
    Call me the Grinch


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  • Cute list! Thanks for sharing :)

  • The only damn thing I want for Christmas is snow 😒 WHERE IS IT? 😭

  • I dotn have time to any of that stuff and I dont have money either to do any of that stuff either.

    • Most of the stuff on the list is free or really cheap to do, and if you never have time to do anything---in an entire month---that's scary.

    • Why it is scary? Todo all of those things you have to buy so is not like they are for free. Im not so fond of Christmas anymore anyway

    • It's not a to do list that you have to complete---you could do one or two of these. Besides, if you don't care for Christmas, then just say that. The scary bit is when people say they have no time when you're talking about an entire month of your life. Again, nearly half the list is filled with items you can do for free or really cheaply. You can make advent calendars from stuff you already have around the house, a local freebie... is literally free, and taking a family portrait on your phone, costs you nothing extra. Good luck and try to enjoy the Christmas season and have a bit of fun :)

  • great