Feel like my friend looks down on me? How to get her to stop?

Whenever we talk about girls we find attractive she always criticises my choices as boring whereas she sees hers as superior because they aren't classically perceived as attractive. She also claims I am shallow because I wouldn't have given this girl she liked a chance. However, it seems like she would have done the exact same thing with any girl I found attractive but she doesn't see the hypocrisy. She also just makes sweeping sexist statements about men in this context which is really annoying. She also claims that I would believe anything someone says if they have big boobs which isn't true either.
Also, when we talk about my singledom she doesn't listen when I tell her I don't have that many female friends and claims I must be really picky, only going for pretty girls. However, of the few girls I do know, they are attractive but for personality or other reasons I don't want to date them.

She never listens to me, assumes she knows me better than I know myself and then makes me feel bad about it. I'm fed up of it and I just want her to stop. Please help?
Feel like my friend looks down on me? How to get her to stop?
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