Is my uncle delusional?

He still has hopes his 30 year-old daughter (and only child) can change for the better. This is what my cousin did:
- She had a long-term affair with her lover for many years
- She has no remorse for cheating on her husband
- The guy is filing divorce after recently finding out their twin sons aren't his children
- She used to be a bully in HS and till this day has no remorse for it either
- A couple friends stopped talking to her because their bfs cheated with her
- She owes money to a couple people; has manipulated and scammed others
- She even once stole her father's money, etc

My uncle lost his wife (my aunt) after childbirth. He tried raising her, tried doing the best he could and she's still a manipulative, rotten person. Yet, he really thinks she can change for the better. She stole from him too. Is he delusional?
28 d
He knows what she did in the marriage but he still doesn't like the soon to be ex-husband referring to her in bad names. He still can't stand anyone insulting his daughter, even if it's true. He still thinks she's going through a phase and can change. He even is currently blaming himself too.
Is my uncle delusional?
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