I told my best guy friend I liked him?

I have a boyfriend, that I have been seeing for some time. However, he isn't the greatest. I have this guy friend who is kind and seems to be a lot better for me as a person - I felt like since I kept developing feelings for my friend (I'll call him Mike) I had to tell him, although I never intended on keeping the friendship alive as I felt my feelings may ruin it. I told him, despite being in a failing relationship (with my boyfirend). He told me he liked me as well. The problem is it seems like he's a bit distant. I feel like I may have pushed him away by telling him. I never wanted to tell him originally, but I sort of briefly ended the friendship (because I felt this way) so I thought it wouldn't hurt telling him why (we discussed this and why I ended the friendship and we agree to still speak). Now I cannot stop thinking about him. I feel like he is avoiding me is confusing because we were always in regular contact. I also wonder if I may be overthinking because I am vulnerable. We did discuss that I wasn't wanting more, and there was no pressure from him as of my situation and I wasn't the kind of person to do that (start another relationship whist being in one).

I just need someone to give me some idea of what may be going on in his head, I have been friends with him since Highschool.
I told my best guy friend I liked him?
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