Am I The asshole?

Alright so let me give you a bit of context here:

I’m Active Duty in the United States Army. I recently went home on leave for 10 days and I really wanted to spend my time with my family and close friends.

Well one of these close friends wanted a bit more than a day to spend time with me. Mind you I didn’t have a whole lot of time to spare and I wanted to see an old high school friend while I still could. I was put in a “it’s me or them” situation and I chose “them”. Well that pissed this girl all the way off.

Her husband, who’s one of my best friends, recently reached out to me to let me know he got a job working cyber security. I video called him to tell him congratulations and when he showed the camera to his wife, who is also one of my best friends, to say hi, she had a look on her face that could turn Medusa to stone.

I suspect she’s still pissed at me, but am I the asshole here? Am I being unreasonable for spending the little time I have with friends and family the way I want to or what?
Am I The asshole?
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