My sister is evil?

I try to forgive my older sister but I can’t.

I’m 26 & my sister is 28, ever since we were young she would call me ugly & fat. At one point I lost a lot of weight & started dating but she would go after my ex’s, my first relationship was on & off for years, she did everything to break us up & even got my mom to side with her to keep me from my ex. I wasn’t allowed to talk to him or see him in my teen years & one day I found she’s been talking to him & sending him nudes, she even camped at his house on one occasion…she went after a lot of the guys I talked to & dated but then turns it around on me saying I go after everyone she dates which has been the complete opposite? My mom even yelled at me one day saying I go after all my sisters ex’s.

She turned her friends against me & I was being harassed & bullied to the point where I tried to commit suicide & was admitted into the psych ward, she when she found out she laughed & mocked me for being suicidal along with her friends.

when I first found out I was pregnant with my first child she repeatedly told me to kill myself & get an abortion even knowing I was heart broken from a previous miscarriage.

her friends had stalked & harassed me, it got to the point one day where one of her friends threatened to kill me & chased me with a knife trying to stab me… she laughed & made jokes about me being scared.

we have two different dads & the same mom. My dad was sick & dying in the hospital I was really depressed, when she noticed I was sad she would ask me why I was sad but whenever I explained it to her she would roll her eyes at me & wouldn’t let me talk about my dad… during my dads time in the hospital she told everyone she had caught me in bed with my uncle from my dads side & turned everyone against me. She even went as far as telling my full brother & mom that she found us (me & my uncle) in bed together which never happened. She lied to the cops & tried to get me thrown in jail the day my dad died…

2 mo
Now that my dad has passed she uses his death as an act to get sympathy, she always talks about him to her friends & even right in front of me, she cries & acts like she is grieving but when I was really grieving she would roll her eyes at me & wouldn’t let me talk… anytime I brought it up she would get mad at me but it’s okay for her to talk about MY dad now? I feel like my mom takes her side & im at the point where I want to cut off both of them.
My sister is evil?
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