He doesn't want to be friends anymore!

This past summer I worked with this guy and we hung out and talked at work and all that. We had lots of fun, but I think I gave him the wrong impression. One day he asks me out and I turned him down, he has treated me like crap from then on, he said the meanest things about me and I just rejected him, its not like I took stabbed him in the back. I only think of him as a friend and that's about it!

But yesterday we spoke since August!! I asked him if we was still mad, he said he wasn't mad but he doesn't want to talk to me anymore because I rejected him. I really want to be friends with this guy, I mean he's so nice and sweet and also funny!... But he seemed so upset at me he doesn't want to have to deal with me anymore. He also told me, "he doesn't see us being friends, if we are not going out" How do I handle this?!

Guys: Why do you act like that towards a girl? Cant you just accept to be friends with her?

Girls: What do you think I should do about this, should I forget we had a friendship or what?
He doesn't want to be friends anymore!
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