Drunk friend flirting with me - does she like me?

I have a friend whom I have always found myself attracted to. Recently, a couple of good friends have said to me "what about you and her as a couple?" which got me thinking more about it but kind of brushed it off.

One drunk night out a few weeks back, I told her what others has said to me and that it seemed like it could work. She queried a compile of things however nothing major (about how my sister doesn't like her). Anyway the rest of the night we were pretty close and affectionate. Then because I was going away I didn't see her for over a week but sent her a couple of texts but no reply.

Saw her flatmate out after I got back from my trips and mentioned that it was odd that I had not heard from anyone in that flat (especially that particular girl) and she said to me "we'll that's because you told her you liked her and made it awkward". I then kind of blew it off as a hypothetical question so assumed that that excuse filtered down to the girl in question.

Fast forward a few more days to Xmas eve, friend in question is texting me about Xmas dinner and helping her get the food, that was fine so went and helped her and she was not weird at all, even slightly flirty with me.

Next day I head round for dinner, she's had a few drinks already, starts hugging me and literally does not leave my side for the entire night. Rather than cooking dinner, she sits with me in the stair well for a couple of hours, holding my hand, sitting on my lap and sharing some pretty personal things with me. She also said to ignore anything her flatmate said because she was just being over protective over her. We talked about relationships, she mentioned how she will never admit feelings for a guy first as she doesn't have the confidence to put her heart on the line like that. Also turns out we share some of the same insecurities about relationships. Then she starts talking about how her family would love me and that I would get along with her dad, despite that fact that no previous by friends ever have. She also mentioned that she never got my texts that I sent her when I was away and when I got back.

Then we move from stairs to lounge to eat, again she sits pretty much on top of me, legs crossed with mine, start playing cards and she's holding my hand again etc.

I end up walking her home, holding hands the whole way. We didn't kiss (even thou I had every chance to) as I would have felt bad taking advantage like that plus I don't know where I want this to go so didn't want to potentially make it awkward.

She text me that night to make sure I got home.

Text her when I got up as I had to go to work early, didn't really expect a reply till later on but got to lunch so sent her a follow up one, no reply, so face booked to make sure she was getting texts, she replied with yes, just hungover so I left it at that.

Now she has been texting me today,

Question: is she into me or is this a "drunk girl" only flirtationshio?
Drunk friend flirting with me - does she like me?
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