Does he like me or does he like my other friend?

In our friend group, there are 15 of us & EVERYONE thinks he's gonna get with this one girl because in our Discord group calls, he only ever talks to her & when he's drunk, he gravitates towards her & they flirt all the time. He becomes incredibly touchy-feely with her like grabbing her waist, etc. It's also incredibly obvious that the girl is attracted to him too bc she'll seek him out even though she denies liking him. But the circumstance around my feelings is complicated & I can't like my crush because whenever that particular girl has known about my feelings for a boy in the past, she'd flirt with them, grind on them, have sex, etc. even though she would tell me she doesn't have any feelings whenever I approached her to tell her I'll back off for her. So, I'm already beginning to see a pattern of why I don't want to get involved in this boy bc of the girl & I's unsteady friendship.

I’ve almost accepted that they both want each other bc of their constant flirting, touching, & chemistry & that EVERYONE in the group thinks that there’s something going on there. But some wishful part of me wants to clarify his intentions when he does some things with me:

- Called me beautiful when I broke down in tears about my insecurities
- Does this pat on the head where it's sort of this pat but also a squeeze & only with me
- Calls me the nicest person in a group setting but perfect whenever it’s 1-on-1
- I’ve met his extended family cause of school projects; apparently, I get a special hug from his parents bc he doesn't often invite people over unless they're close to him
- A few days ago, I called him a good friend which he replied to as "a friend? What if I want to be more than friends?" After a pause, he finally said, "a best friend!"

RIP. When this comes down to it, does he do this cause he wants to be best friends? Whenever the girl isn’t there, I become like the back-up for him to flirt...

What does it sound like to you guys? Wishful thinking? Yeah...
Does he like me or does he like my other friend?
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