I made out with my friend/crush = awkwardness going on?


So me and this guys became friends last year, him, me and 5 other friends see each other and hangout everyday since last year.

he compliments me a lot like "you look nice today" , will sit by me, try to touch me as much as he can,will pay me a lot of attention, and laugh at everything I say ..

whenever we are together we kind of flirt, and we have moments when we just look each other in the eyes and smile for no reason ... We make a lot of eye contact... I have been wanting to kiss him but we never really had the occasion -______-

last week end we all went to visit a friend of ours at a different school, we partied Friday night and we were all drunk! I danced with him a lot (grinding) ... At some point I walked away to go get some more alcohol in the kitchen, and all of sudden I feel him hugging me from behind, I know that we kept on walking and I don't really remember how but we ended up in the room making out. people kept knocking on the door but we didn't care, we would make out again once they walked away...

it was kind of awkward in the morning but we were both trying to act like nothing happened! we partied again the same night but this time we all did our own thing, I was knocked out on the couch because I was drunk but my friend told me that he was sort of flirting and dancing with this random girl the whole night ...

my friend told me that maybe I should talk to him about it since it is awkward between us, so I texted him "I don't really want to talk about this but maybe we should talk about Friday night ..." and of course he didn't text back. he hates confronting people about anything. that is just how it is. it' s still awkward between us... he doesn't really look at me in the eyes anymore and stuff... we are both trying to go back to normal but its still fresh in our minds...

he is changing but he is not the type of guy who will make out with anybody. A lot of girls like him but he doesn't care about them. he never does anything and only made out with two girls ,one because she kissed him first, and he said he doesn't even found her attractive.. he was just drunk . I don't have details about the other one but it was this past summer, they made out and almost did it ...

i don't know what to do .. I have been waiting for this to happen for so long.. and it finally happened, and now I'm like blaaaaaahhh :// I do want to make out with him again though lol .. what should I do? I like him but I don't want to be his girlfriend ... for now.



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  • friends with benifits that's what I do it works out a friend that you can do sexual stuff with

    • okay but do you get pissed/jealous when your friend messed with other people then?

    • well yea but that's the diffrence with being with somone and friends with benifits

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