Why would my boyfriend flirt with my girl friends in front of me!?

so I've been dating this amazing guy for a little more then a year, and we get along quite well. in private, he's very attentive and cuddly, but in public, he's always running around talking to other girls.

he never "flirts" with them or touches them, but even with my girl friends, he's always asking them questions and looking at them and engaging them in conversation and IGNORING ME.

so guys, why would you ignore your girlfriend in public? and more importantly, what should I do!? I guess my options are:

1. wander off and talk to other men.

2. butt into his conversations.

3. sit there and sulk.

Girls, how would you fix this situation?


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  • I would opt for 2. [nicely] butt into his conversations simply because this is probably a misunderstanding between your psychology and his. He probably talks more to other girls because he wants to have a conversation with several people at the same time and he can talk to you anytime, especially since you do have time for each other. Not a lot of people do, in which case, then I would be worrying, but you're fine. Also, you may be just sitting and watching him as he talks to other people; I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you popped in and said something--after all you're more than welcome to. He probably wants your attention.

    You don't ever get awkward around him and his friends, meaning you don't say anything, do you? I experienced a similar situation: I have a good friend and I liked her a lot and I knew she liked me because she was always staring at me, and her friends would occasionally come up to me and leave her by herself to chat with me, just friendly, and I guess she got jealous, which she didn't need to -- it was only friendly conversation, but she never really talked to me when it was just me and her. But when her friends came to talk to me, she would always follow and say nothing, just sit there. Sometimes she would say something, but it was weird because she was never trying to talk to me directly, just get my attention from her friends, so it was weird.

    Also on a smaller note, he probably likes it when you butt into his conversations; it's just something guys like.


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  • "so guys, why would you ignore your girlfriend in public?"

    I would'nt say ignore, rather I would say my girlfriend has the ability to put me at ease in any public situation so that I can concentrate on my tasks, she is never a burden nor a needy person because she knows that her happiness is her own responsibility, not mine, not her parents', not her friends' ...etc. The most important thing is, we trust each other completely.

  • I'm not sure why some guys do this, but I can help with what NOT to do.

    Don't sulk.

    Don't butt in.

    Don't wander off and talk to men just to make him jealous.

    Have a good time on your own terms, and show him that you're an independent, confident woman! Also, among the options you listed, I never saw "talking to him about it".

    Try that! You never know.

    Oops, I'm not a girl, but hopefully this helps a bit.

  • Yo, I m proud to say that I will be your expert in this situation. I m a guy and when I dated this one girl, I did exactly what your boyfriend is doing: flirting with your friends. We flirt because

    1. we wanna make you jealous

    2. we wanna tell you that we are comfortable with everyone you are close with

    3. we wanna tell you that we are popular( yes, sad I know, but its the truth)

    4. we also like to play with your stupid little love games

    anyways I m sure your boyfriend still loves your and you shouldn't worry too much about it.

    • I agree with this guy. I do this all the time to any boyfriend I ever have. It's just to show off in front of your significant other, while still looking really awesome in front of your friends. It's not necessarily a guy thing, a lot of people do it.

  • r you sure he's flirting and not just being friends. Make sure you don't confuse the two cause sometimes it can be and don't be territoral about ur friends either cause he probably wants you to be friends with his friends too.

  • BECAUSE he is a jerk :-) now here is the question are you wise enough to see that before it too late? think about that

  • What exactly is he asking them though?

    • About school, about what beers they like, where they've travelled... basic stuff. but he ALWAYS goes out of his way to talk to them and keeps the convos going past the point of being reasonable.

  • He wants to have a threesome, pick the gal pal you like most!


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  • First off I would observe how he is with other men. Sometimes us girls can get very jealous and misconstrue things. How does he act with men? Perhaps he's just a social butterfly and figures people would know that he is taken since you are beside his side. If it really bugs you and you feel that he is flirting with other women than talk to him about it and explain it hurts your feelings. Do you ever try to engage in the conversation yourself?

  • Why do any of those? I am sure if you joined in the conversation it wouldn't be "butting" in. He probably is just a friendly person making conversation. He isn't trying to ignore you, he is trying to be social but you are sitting there sulking and excluding yourself, HE is not the one excluding you. Join in the conversation, be social with him.

  • i would never do your #3 you look desperate.=[

    what is he saying tho?

    whats there body chemistry

    does she tuch him a lot?