How to dress for the spoon body shape-the ultimate guide (part one)

How to dress for the spoon body shape-the ultimate guide (part one)

A woman who has a spoon body type, also called figure 8 or violin, has larger hips than bust and a defined waist. She has a small or average bust, shoulders the same width or smaller than her hips. Her hips have a 'shelf' appearance, which means they end abruptly at the waist, creating hip dips sometimes. She is prone to gaining weight in the abdomen and has a tendency towards love handles.She may gain weight on her upper thighs and upper arms, but her lower legs and arms are very shapely.


Bright, detailed, patterned tops that draw the eye upwards, in order to balance your upper half with your lower half. Tops that emphasize the waist while they cover any tummy bulges. Avoid tube tops.

1. Tops with empire waists

2. Off the shoulder and boat-neck tops

3. Wide V or U necks

4. Tops with rouching or embellishments around the bust

5. Tops that skim your midsection without adding volume

6. Strapless tops or with flutter or princess sleeves

7. Shirts with draped fabric with a low, banded waist

8. Peplum tops

9. Crop tops (with wide high or mid rise skirts)


In the same logic as with the tops

1. With structured shoulders

2. With a wide collar

3. Fit and flare

4. Nipped in waist

5. Cropped jackets

How to dress for the spoon body shape-the ultimate guide (part 2)


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  • Interesting. This seems more accurate to my body shape then the pear shape is.

    With that structured shoulder look (number 1) that jacket looks awesome! Though I think I can never pull of such a style 😕


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  • Okay so that girl with the pink bikini is the PERFECT example of what curvy really means.

    • Both two photos at the top have the same body shape. I guess the one with the pink bikini has a normal weight on the lower side, while the second one is in the higher side of a normal weight. My body looks more like in the second photo, but if I loose more weight and tone more, I'll look like this.

  • I always called it hourglass, didn't realize it was also called spoon.

    • An hourglass has the same bust and hips measurements and a considerably smaller waist. Spoon is more similar to pear, both are bottom heavy

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  • What's the difference between spoon and rectangle? 'Cause I'm a rectangle... I think and I never have any idea how to dress in a way that makes me not look 5 lol

    • A rectangle has similar bust, waist and hips measurements. The waist measurement is less than 9 inches smaller than the hips and bust measurement. Body fat is distributed predominantly in the abdomen, buttocks, chest, and face.

    • Yeah... I got that. But how do you dress it?

    • I don't know that much about rectangles. check this link, she explains things well

  • judging from this mytake, im totally spoon shaped lmao i dress a lot like the examples :D

  • love peplum tops paired with a pencil skirt

  • I thought spoon was bigger on top and smaller on bottom.

  • What's the difference between pear and spoon shaped? They seem like basically the same thing

    • Both shapes are bottom heavy. The main difference is that a spoon body shape has pronounced high hips that end abruptly in the waist and tends to gain weight in the abdomen while maintaining a small waist. Other differences: A spoon body shape can have a big bust, shoulders proportionate with the hips. While a pear has slender arms, a spoon has big upper and small lower arms and the same goes with her feet.

    • Oh, ok thanks 😊 I think I'm spoon shaped then

  • I think I'm a spoon