Kawaii (cute) Japanese Street Fashion Part 2 of 3

The Fairy Kei fashion

Fairy kei is an awesome pastel rainbow explosion full of sugary cuteness. This fashion is also a Harujuku street fashion that appeared in the late 1980's, and early 1990's that gets its inspiration from the pop culture of that time. This style consists of many pastel layers, toys, cartoon characters, adorable accessories, over the top make-up, and more. Now it may sound childish, but if you wear batman, superman, and looney toon memorabilia from t-shirts to pj's or even like any of those things, then you have no room to judge. The Fairy kei fashion like many others isn't gender specific, so guys can enjoy it too.

Kawaii (cute) Japanese Street Fashion Part 2 of 3 (maybe 4)~

Don't let race, societal norms, age, or gender hinder the choice in fashion you choose to wear. Fun fashion is for everyone one.

Part 1: https://www.girlsaskguys.com/fashion-style/a23869-kawaii-cute-japanese-street-fashion-part-1-of-3-maybe-4


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  • Born from Japan's emphasis and unhealthy infatuation with minors and children, no doubt.

    • You couldn't be more wrong.

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    • Anima/manga artists aren't government officials. They don't control the law.

      If one was to try to avoid animes with sexualized kids, one would have to stop watching anime. Pretty much. As per my example, No Game No Life is a great anime, overall. One of the best, recently, in my opinion. The storyline is amazing, and it's uniquely done. And the animation is beautiful. And even though the little sister is shown in uncouth ways, her relationship with her brother is pretty hilarious. And it's not like they're real. I can look past it. I'm just mentioning how common it is.

      And no. Creepy shit is everywhere. But especially in Japan.

      And the girl's outfit, I most certainly have seen kids dressed like that. And it's all bright and fluffy and disgusting and child-like. -.-; And the top picture look like grandmother's clothing. Anyway. I don't like it. There. I take back my comment; I don't know if it was born from Japan's emphasis and unhealthy infatuation with underaged kids. But. It could be.

    • Nothing's wrong with bright and fluffy, mate. Not everyone like's depressing looks. xD

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  • Strangely enough, I really think this is interesting. I especially like the last outfit the guy is wearing. It's harder than you would think to only buy pastel, I appreciate the dedication.


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  • Annnnnnd I'm done. Lol. Seriously though this is cute. I knew about Decora but wasn't aware of Fairy Kei.

    • Fairy kei in my mind is like the awesome mesh between Decora and Sweet Lolita. I'm going to do a myTake about the Lolita fashion, but it won't be apart of my 3 part kawaii J-fashion series since it's a fashion I'm into/getting into so I'd like to go into more depth about it, and provide more information about it to get rid of all the misconceptions that come with the fashion.

    • Cool! Lolita is my favorite
      If I had the money then i'd definitely dress up in the clothes

    • You just have to budget for it.

  • I think its suited for younger people but I do see the cuteness of it all :)

    • There's actually a lot of people in their 20's, and 30's who wear it because unlike younger people they have the jobs that can afford such things. There's plenty of teens who wear it, but they usually have part time jobs. xD

  • Lol it's my daily wear 😍 i should be taking pictures though..