Kawaii (cute) Japanese Street Fashion Part 3 of 3

The Ouji (Prince) Fashion

The Ouji fashion is the male/masculine counter part to the Lolita fashion (I'll make a myTake about the Lolita fashion that isn't part of this 3 parter because I want to get into more depth with that street fashion). It's often mistaken for the Gothic Aristocrat fashion (it is an aristocratic fashion, but it's not the same fashion genre, they're two totally different thing) because the styles are a tad similar to it. The Ouji fashion consists of layers of young prince-like clothing, accessories, jewelry, and another things a proper prince should have. Like the any other fashion the Ouji fashion has various substyles like sweet (the sugary pastel stuff), gothic, classic (has a more mature look), pirate, punk, and more. Even though this is the male/masculine counter part to the Lolita fashion it is NOT gender specific so anyone could wear it. Unfortunately I can't tell you the time frame in which this style started popping up because there's not a lot of information about it and it's not as old as the Lolita fashion, but I can tell you that it has been around for a very long time. I hope the Ouji fashion will grow and expand like many other alternative fashion styles out there.

Here is a video and some photo's that'll show you what Ouji's look like. The video also features Lolita's, and I think a few Gothic Aristocrat's.

Sweet ouji

Kawaii (cute) Japanese Street Fashion Part 3 of 3

Gothic Ouji

Pirate Ouji

Classic Ouji

Don't let race, societal norms, age, or gender hinder the choice in fashion you choose to wear. Fun fashion is for everyone one.

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  • I think I have a thing for cute pastel things, I am loving this pastel prince.
    I also like the all black look.
    How is this different from the other look you mentioned.

    • It's more of an aristocratic style and fashion which is why it's called the Oujo (Prince) fashion. It's suppose to have both an elegant and cute feel to it.

    • Oh, and the other is regal but darker

    • Exactly. C:

  • Hurray! \^0^/