My Favorite Clothing Styles To Wear

I asked a question about your favorite style to wear (girls) and your favorite style to see girls wear (guys).

Well this is my take on the clothing styles I wear in order of most to least favorite (but I like them all).

(Of course once we get the edit feature, I ONLY make typos in the title ;-;)

1. Dorky

This is my personal favorite, my go-to #1, whether it be my Slytherin shirt or a Cat w/ a cone on his head saying "I'm a unicorn". I love showing off my dorky side,and I love proving people wrong when they question my fandom of something (say Mortal Kombat or video games in general). The shirt below is the exact shirt I have and on the back it has more Slytherin related stuff. I mean, I'd feel like a Oedipus dork and I'd love it. (If you don't understand why I put Oedipus in place of a cuss word, you're not dorky enough for me :P ;) )

Mt Favorite Clothing Styles To Wear.


Whether this means "basic white bitch" (i.e. leggings+hoody) or if it means sweats and a hoody that hasn't been taken off in 3 days. It's super comfortable and I'm not afraid to be seen without any effort into my looks.

3. Gothic/Punk/Grunge

I fucking love this style, on guys, on girls, on myself. Whether it simply be all black or a LOT more to it, it's hot as hell in my opinion.

4. Classy/"girly girl"/preppy

I love getting dolled up, even if it's for no reason. I'm gonna throw some heels on, adorn my lips with my favorite sparkly lip-gloss and I'm gonna rock the look, if it's simply out of the house or even if I'm still at home. It can give me a major confidence boost! I mean look at the dress below! It's gorgeous and I'd feel like a Queen.

5. Sexy

I don't have any confidence but when I dress up in something that shows off my curves, butt or lack-of boobs, then I'll feel great. Sexy as in it makes me feel that way, not slutty!

Lastly at #6, innocent/child-like or simply adorable.

I'm a child at heart, but I'm a major bitch often. So when I dress like a little girl but you hear me cuss worse than a sailor at someone, the reactions I get are funny. Especially when my friends call me adorable but then they tell me I scare them. Fuck yea, I better scare them. ^,^

Post a picture of your favorite outfit to wear. (It doesn't have to be you but that'd be nice! :) )

My favorite outfit to wear would be my Nirvana shirt w/ black leggings or my Slytherin shirt w/ my light blue jeggings.


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  • Gothich looks fine and weird at the same time.


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What Guys Said 2

  • 2 and 3 are the best, but I also like 1 and 5, cool Take by the way :)

  • From those pics I think 1 + 3 are best - Dorky and Punk/Goth/Grunge

    • I agree with this guy here. Blend them together and it's going to be something magnificent

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  • Classy or preppy would be my choice

  • you don t like hippie?