I Really Feel Bad For Men Because Women Are So FAKE


I'm a woman, yes. I know plenty of women and I'm writing this my take from experience, as in I've seen everything that I'm writing about.

Hear me out:

Most women are fake. And I feel terrible for men because women can be sooo deceiving.

1. Women wear loads of make-up nowadays.

I Really Feel Bad For Men Because Women Are So FAKE
I Really Feel Bad For Men Because Women Are So FAKE

Like tons. To the point where they look completely different..there's just so many techniques nowadays, it's ridiculous. Sure, they do it for themselves and guys shouldn't be so shallow, but in my opinion, this is just unfair because everyone knows and agrees that physical attraction IS IMPORTANT in any and every relationship. If you disagree, you're full of crap.

Imagine being deceived like this by men- signing up for a Philly cheesesteak and ending up with turkey.

I mean make-up should ENHANCE you, not transform you. I know girls who go all out everyday..

2. Women wear everything from push up bras to extra padded bras to tummy shapers...you name it.

I Really Feel Bad For Men Because Women Are So FAKE

I Really Feel Bad For Men Because Women Are So FAKE

Okay, it's obvious if a girl has naturally large boobs, but for men who prefer medium sized/perky/etc, I feel bad for you because look...there are bras that literally add two-three cup sizes to your bust...uh, I thought I I ordered cheese fries..not onion rings.


And let's not forget the magic of make up, even on boobs..

I Really Feel Bad For Men Because Women Are So FAKE

I Really Feel Bad For Men Because Women Are So FAKE

3. The infamous ass pads:

I Really Feel Bad For Men Because Women Are So FAKE
I Really Feel Bad For Men Because Women Are So FAKE

Bro...her ass though, you should see it..

It's le natural..right.?

4. The extensions:

Man, she has beautiful, full hair.. Exactly what you fell in love with, right? Wrong. Only when you go home to realize that she's taking her extensions out, piece by piece..

Yikes. "It's okay babe, you're beautiful on the inside."

Like imagine your dude wearing a fake beard and ripping it off before bed. Pretty.

I Really Feel Bad For Men Because Women Are So FAKE
I Really Feel Bad For Men Because Women Are So FAKE

Ladies and gents, the list can go on, but I'm tired and you probably get my point.

Women are deceiving. I feel bad for men...next time you see a nice ass/rack, think twice and think hard.


I Really Feel Bad For Men Because Women Are So FAKE
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  • Dingsbums
    "If you disagree, you're full of crap"
    Nice argument. Short, offensive, dirty... No makeup can make that look better
    2. Well i don't mind
    3. No one wears that lol
    4. Those extensions look really great on her
    You should just make sure that u go swimming with your crush before u ask her out^^
    "Women are deceiving. I feel bad for men... next time you see a nice ass/rack, think twice and think hard."
    Do u want to make us paranoid lol that's like walking around in the city expecting a terrorist attack every second someone walks past u
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Most Helpful Girl

  • LittleSally
    I also feel bad for men...
    But those reasons have nothing to do with it.
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    • mikemx55

      What are your reasons? :o
      I'm curious now (I have my guesses though)

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  • zombiebabe
    lmao good take!!!
    i don't do any of these lol so i guess am safe ;)
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  • Sara413
    Really? You know lots of women who put THAT much effort into every day life? I'm calling bullshit on that... I literally do not know a single woman who does herself up that extensively every single day lol and most of the women I know, even when they do get all dolled up they still look like themselves, just smoother and more defined...

    The pics you posted of the crazy make up transformations are women who make a living off of doing beauty tutorials or professional make up. Very very veeeeery few women actually do their make up like that and those that do, do it on occasion.

    How about instead of the woman on woman hate, you just focus on being the best YOU that you can be? What is the purpose of pissing and moaning about what some other women do? Get over it.

    Oh and before you make the assumption, I don't wear any make up most days and when I do its very little. My boyfriend of over a year and a half had seen me in "full face" make up 3 times and my "full face" doesn't involve contouring and all that other crazy transformative stuff. I barely even know how to do proper eye make up and have one technique I use every time... so basically, I'm not make up fanatic.
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    • SilenRose

      Well said. The only women I know who would do this are those who work in the entertainment industry (bars, clubs, strip clubs).

    • mikemx55

      It doesn't have to be everyday, but they definitely do it, in the only moments where they want to attract men, and on those moments, they tend to do it everytime. So if in all the only moments that he sees her, she is like that, he doesn't know these other side.

      They=the ones who do it

    • Djaaaaaay

      Great way to put all that , total truth...👍😃

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  • justbanANNAz
    u do realise that a woman without makeup can be more fake than a woman with makeup right? let that sink in.

    u feel bad for men? good for u. a smart man knows how to discern a physically fake from a natural woman anyway, just as he should know how to differentiate between a fake and genuine personality.
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    • Mayamoon02


    • Preach it !!

    • Vsgsgs

      That's a lie. A lot of Guys would like to think a Girl looks good without make up but we'll never know until she's comfortable enough. Also the pad stuff are hidden soo...

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  • ginny_weasley
    I am just speculating but it sounds like you're bitter because some guy you like got stolen by a girl you think is fake. I especially love the line, "if you disagree, you're full of crap." So if I think being fake is a woman's choice, that's fine I won't care am I full of crap?
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    • TikiTook

      Agreed. What's it to her?

    • @TikiTook exactly.

    • Anonymous

      I said if you agree that appearance doesn't matter in a relationship, you're full of crap
      Which I still adhere too

      And false, I'm actually married

      *yawn at another offended female*

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  • BubbleBoy69
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    • all those guys would have had makeup on too. If uve met celebs in real life u can see for yourself. Men put on makeup too now, just more subtly and its very common for them to wear clothes to appear bigger/ slimmer etc. Of course still 10% of the amount women hide

    • @vnmc1231231111 Lol on the the average man does not use makeups and celebs where makeup when they go to award shows/tv shows not so frequently like women when out in public.

    • yeah that is true and that actually makes it worse for us since we are not supposed to use makeup but compared with the guys who do while women put them on, still look like shit and get told they are hot
      so yeah, handsome man is more valuable

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  • Stacyzee
    This is why I only wear light make up and sometimes extensions. I never go overboard and I totally get what you mean , there's not a lot of natural beauties out there just women who fake and sculpt themselves to look like what they never were.

    I don't feel bad for men however , as a woman it's pretty obvious who is fake and who isn't.
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    • Salohcin22

      but that's as a woman. The guys usually can't tell, unless it's obvious, and that's where the disapproving comments comes in.

  • lucasnabizada
    Women wear a lot of makeup... NO SHIT... Women as a generality don't color their boobs or put plates on their asses lmao... That's some woman, and honestly the real problem is if you actually fall for it, because you can't lie on the merchandise for long... But this is not typical of WOMAN as a whole... Both men and Women want to impress, that's why guys spend a bunch of times in gyms, that's our trend... Women wear stuff etc... It's nothing shocking, tell me if you agree
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    • Anonymous

      I agree, but the gym is natural and ass pads/injections are sooo common nowadays.

    • Agreed surgery is a whole other thing... But again, you see it it's not like a girl can hide the fact that she's fake... I can smell fake from a mile away... Only guys who don't mind that are actually putting up with that... It doesn't mean that women who have injections and ass pads are considered more attractive... Even thought I do support it is not that common, or not as much as you may think... Gym is normal, but again it's kind of "our" makeup as guys when you think about it... Just like a girl wearing makeup is normal to me, of course guy's aren't gonna have the same instruments of beauty as girls, but they're still there, we try to dissociate ourselves from others and please girls by having pecs, muscles, a good stature etc... We go beyond trying to stay in shape today

  • madhatters4
    there are fake people of both sexes.

    i think, at least in my opinion, it's fairly easy to spot a girl who has done a lot to hide their actual looks behind makeup, extensions, etc. like i've never met a girl thought she was beautiful and then realized she looked totally different.
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  • giggleswilmington
    Wow! The possibilities... Im going to start contouring my abs!
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    • Anonymous


  • optimaxim
    It doesn't stop at looks -- women lie about everything !!
    It starts with lying to themselves.
    They then end up confused and not knowing what they want.
    Then we're supposed to guess.
    We get it wrong, we're hated.
    We get it right, we're hated for knowing them
    better than they know themselves.
    We give them what they want which is not what they need
    -- the games gets worse.
    We give them what they need, they get conflicted and abreactional.
    Women are a pain or they're like an albatross around your neck.
    They say that we're the difficult and problematic ones; we know we're not,
    but how do you explain that to an idiot
    without her finding out that you think/know she's an idiot?
    Men work at relationships, women don't.
    Women think that working at relationships means doing more housework
    or doing it better, and sending more Christmas cards to people
    who don't care about us, and roping us men in to lick the envelopes
    to make sure that we're working at the relationship too
    (I got this last bit from Phychologies Magazine
    -- what a life-toxic publications -- there's only one psychology
    -- not a unique psychology for every 'Bitch-Delusion') !!
    Cosmopolitan Magazine used to be good
    (e. g. check out your vagina with a mirror) -- is it still as good?
    -- or have they dumbed down for matters of circulation?
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    • LaVilaine

      Take it easy, grandpa.

    • optimaxim

      @LaVilaine Are you saying that these problems don't occur with the younger generation?

    • LaVilaine

      Certainly less common, now that women have lives outside of catering to their husbands' every whim and taking care of a million babies.

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  • BuchitaBuchys
    If men accepted my small titties, I wouldn't need a padded bra lol

    Oh well, no shame in the deceiving men game. They got themselves into this by mostly liking busty women.
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    • singlebee

      Then why don't you be natural? Just because men look at busty women (which is a generalization) doesn't mean you got to change yourself..

    • singlebee

      And by the way when you will have sex with that guy you are deceiving he will know that your boobs were fake anyways LOLOL

    • @singlebee by then it'll be too late.

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  • JohnDoe3000
    I can easily see it when a girl wears a lot of make up or wears a push up bra, guys who complain about being deceived are a disadvantaged minority, just like guys without social skills. It sucks for them but that's just the nature of the dating game: not everyone gets to be with their top choice, otherwise natural selection would cease. It works the other way around as well: some girls never learn how to recognize assholes and liars.

    There's also simply a game theoretical aspect to it: once enough women start wearing make up, etc... most other women will feel like they have to go along just to be considered of average attractiveness. The same thing is happening with guys these days feeling pressured to go to the gym simply because they fear they couldn't even get women of average attractiveness if they're not ripped. In the end you have a majority of people "deceiving" each other while they actually don't want to do that.
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    • LaVilaine

      Right? Like how dumb do you have to be to think that a woman has sparkly gold eyelids or purple lips naturally?

    • @LaVilaine

      Yup, or smokey eyes, etc... You can basically learn to see what she probably looks like underneath, and just use common sense to deduce she's probably not going to be above average looking underneath if she felt the need to plaster her face under 10 layers of make up. With boob size I just don't assume anything special unless they're obviously really flat or really huge because even without push up bras there's already so much variation in how big they look depending on the clothes she's wearing and you sort of know average boobs aren't that big (and don't have to be to enjoy them). I don't understand why this is so difficult to understand or learn for some guys...

    • LaVilaine

      People are on average attractive because of genetic selection favouring facial symmetry. There are very few people who are legitimately ugly, and that's because there are very few people with genetic defects.

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  • Rissyanne
    Sorry I dont feel that bad for men. They want women to look a certain way. And they are just deceptive... they will tell you anything to get you into bed.
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    • SilenRose

      I was going to say the same thing.

    • anonman32

      if you think like that then there is no point in being honest then? i mean, you think its a lie anyway if a man is ever honest if you think like that. also men would lie less if women would not be offended by the truth.

    • Rissyanne

      @anonman32 So it is our fault you lie? Thats nuts. So If we would just go ahead and sleep with a guy... instead of telling them no. Then they would not have to lie to us correct?

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  • lumos
    Lol. I don't do any of these things except wear makeup, and then that's only some concealer and mascara.
    I have never personally known any woman who would wear/use these things every day.
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    • mikemx55

      I have lol, but yeah, she was anan outlier

    • lumos

      @mikemx55 right. The average woman doesn't do all these things. Too much time, effort and money. I. e. it's a bit dramatic to say "WOMEN ARE FAKE!!" when literally only a minority of women use all those things regularly.

    • What does mascara do and what does concealer do?

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  • Djaaaaaay
    Fake men like fake women , bottom line!!! Girls / women who inhance thier possibilities are great. But to completely transform... Do I need to go further?
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    • mikemx55

      But.. But.. They sometimes have no idea of what fake is! It can be so deceiving... :(

    • Djaaaaaay

      @mikemx55 like you said , it all depends of what types of places you frequent. A decent woman /girl would never go to those extreme anyway.

    • Djaaaaaay

      Those type of women are the spider in the web , stay out of her web!!!

  • ThatJarHead
    Don't mind me I'm just hear to watch the chaos ensue. You kinda just called out a LOT of women so I'm just here to read the butt hurt comments. :P
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    • Mayamoon02

      She hasn't called us out.
      The men who enjoy being with us are completely aware. Theyve seen it all off and still want it every night so...
      This girl just can't apply makeup, is bitter as hell and thinks she's entitled to judge other women.

    • @Mayamoon02 As I said I'm here to watch the ensuing chaos.

    • Mayamoon02

      Only for herself.
      We have love whilst feeling desired. She don't like the truth that men like a bit of fakery sometimes.

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  • LaVilaine
    Because women are products that are being sold, right?

    Get over yourself, dude.
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    • But that's a girl.

    • LaVilaine

      @BubbleBoy69 I highly doubt that.

    • Anonymous

      I'm a girl lmao

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  • Heera
    People judge you if you were born ugly, people judge you if you try to make the best of yourself.

    Personally I feel bad for the girls trying so hard to be appreciated, I don't think they're fake, just insecure.
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    • Anonymous

      There's a difference between being fake and naturally enhancing.

    • Heera

      it is for us, maybe not for them. As long as they like what they choose to put on themselves that's ok, no need to hate your gender for that or to act like a special snowflake

    • Anonymous

      If the shoe fits sweetie

      Not hating, stating facts.

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  • Azgeda
    Am I the only one who don't really mind the before make-up version?
    Well aside from woman numero uno , did... did she shave her eyebrows off and then paint them back on?
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    • Yeah, women do that all of the time. It's crazy.

      Nothing wrong with your regular eyebrows

    • ElissaDido

      @DaddyRollingStone women don't do that all the time lool only rare women do it like the goth women so they can draw them back in a new dark extravagant shape. Otherwise women are wayyy into thick eyebrows nowdays to just shave them off.

  • YourFutureEx
    The only problem I find is that :-

    "We don't do make-up for men. We do it for ourselves. For the sake of our own self-confidence"

    *After reading this take*

    "It is because men are so shallow. They have huge expectation. They don't respect natural body, they adore fake girls. Because men like such "deceptive" steps to be taken by girls. It's an age of competition, so women do it what the guys prefer. At least women only lie about their body. Men lie about their intentions. And even guys who prefer fake don't even know it because they can't really tell when something is fake, even when it is so obvious. Men like fake. MEN ARE VISUAL PIGS!!!"
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    • Heera

      they might be wearing those shits for breasts and butts for men but make up is definitely a hobby. We know most men hate make up, but is really pleasurable to put it on :) Sometimes I do my make up even if I'm not leaving the house just to try something new. Please stop making generalizations.

    • @Heera What generalization did you find in my opinion? o_o

    • Heera

      sorry sometimes I forgot to mention I'm usually talking as in general, not necessarily that you did a generalization, but people on this post tend to

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