15 Best Tattoo Sleeves on Alt Musicians

There are two things people in the scene can agree on: Blood On The Dance Floor is a terrible band, and our musicians have great tattoos. Here, in no particular order, are 15 of the best tattoo sleeves on alt musicians.

15.) Josh Dun - Twenty One Pilots

14.) Mike Hranica - The Devil Wears Prada

13.) Mitch Lucker (RIP) - Suicide Silence

12.) Ryan Key - Yellowcard

11.) Andy Biersack - Black Veil Brides

10.) Matty Mullins - Memphis May Fire

9.) Austin Carlile - Of Mice and Men

8.) Kellin Quinn - Sleeping With Sirens

7.) Kellen McGregor - Memphis May Fire

6.) Travis Barker

5.) Tony Perry

4.) Jeremy McKinnon - A Day To Remember

3.) Frank Lero - My Chemical Romance

2.) Zack Merrick - All Time Low

1.) Andy Hurley - Fall Out Boy

Hope you enjoyed. If you want to add anyone, feel free to!

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  • I love tattoos and want one when I move out of the house. My mom and dad have no idea. To them the only tattoos people should have are ones that are meaningful. I want some meaningful tattoos but I also want tattoos that are nerdy and artistic. Honestly I will probably see a cool piece of art and want it. I may or may not put a lot of thought in to it.


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  • I love tattoo's and I am probably going to get some anytime soon. I love artwork on anyone, it can make people way more interesting.

    Unless you have a bad tattoo... then I guess that's too bad.

    • I'm planning on getting one when I move out

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    • Ohhh cool! I will probably get a few on my arms. I just need to figure out what I want that means something to me so I don't regret it later LOL.

    • Haha I already know what I want mine to be

  • Some great body art there - Enjoyable take

  • Add M. Shadows to that

  • I am not really a fan of sleeves


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