8 Fashion Styles That Should Become Obsolete...Fast

Disclaimer: I know a lot of people wear these styles so just to let you know, I don't judge people for how they dress. This is not meant to offend anyone. I respect your style but that doesn't mean I like how certain styles look. Here I'll just mention some styles that I personally don't like.

There are many clothing styles that in my opinion are atrocious. Some are new and some have been around for a while. I'm not saying you shouldn't wear these but to me they should have never became popular.

1.) Dresses

I hope that they stop being worn. To me they don't look good, also there are so many hazards that dresses have. It's 2016, it's not the 1950s. Dresses should have became obsolete in the 1960s.

2.) Skirts

Some people might consider them an upgrade to dresses but to me they are just as bad as dresses. So just like dresses, they should have became obsolete in the 1960s.

3.) Sagging

Seriously, nobody likes looking another man's underwear. I've noticed that even "visual" women and gay men don't like seeing another man's underwear. Not only is it inappropriate, it's also a sign of poor hygiene. It's rude walking into restaurants while sagging, you will cause people to lose their appetite. You all know how sagging originated.

4.) Baggy pants and jncos

I've seen these a lot, although thankfully they are losing popularity. They are so uncomfortable and they tend to always get stepped on. They look hazardous, too bad they didn't become obsolete in 1990s.

5.) Whatever this is...

It's become a uniform for the misandrists. Which makes it threatening. This fashion is new but it should become obsolete already.

6.) I'm assuming they are skinny shorts

No offense but they don't look good on men. Skinny jeans look good on anyone but these shorts look hilarious.

7.) I'm not sure what this hairstyle is called but it looks like a haircut got botched, or as if the hairdresser decided to not complete the hairstyle.

8.) Stretched earlobes

I remember a guy walked into a restaurant with piercings like this and the person across from me almost threw up by looking at this piercing. No offense but hopefully this trend becomes obsolete. They look hazardous as well.

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  • yeah I agree with # 8 there is no point in doing that and they look stuiped , this coming from someone who generally likes piercings

    • Exactly, there is nothing wrong with piercings but stretched earlobes are overdoing it.

    • they usually don't look good , I like extra ear piercings generally and tragus/cartilage piercings but stretched ear lobes wouldn't work for me

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  • Omfg I disagree with you completely I like every single one of those fashions!

  • I agree with the basically all of these.
    Except the dresses and skirts.

    The ear lobe thing, I almost throw up every time I see one

  • What? Dresses and skirts? I love ❤️❤️ Dresses and skirts.


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