Why I only date attractive men

Why I only date attractive men

In response to a previous myTake regarding the same topic.

Now, I'm an attractive woman. Many people have said so all my life and I have received a lot of attention and even ad campaign roles.

I've dated some men below my standards and frankly they were not that great. They had terrible personalities, shallow and judgmental and bitter in life.

1) Attractive men know their worth. They're confident, smart and have great personalities. In my experience, there are plenty of good looking men who are also good people.

2) I love being a power couple. When I was dating my model ex, we were called the power couple by many.

3) Our future children would hit a genetic lottery. We will have beautiful looking children. Because frankly, looks do matter in this society. It's naive to think looks don't matter.

4) Attractive men do seem to have it all. My ex was a male model, successful, disciplined and also a very good person. We broke up for other reasons.

5) Attractive people lead happier lives. Looks aren't everything but they certainly help.

All in all, there are plenty of good looking men who are also good people. I see no reason why I should settle for any less. Most people agree that attraction matters in a relationship.

Why I only date attractive men
Why I only date attractive men
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  • Anonymous

    I don’t really get why people are hating on this because if they were honest enough with themselves, given the same opportunity, guaranteed they’d do the same.

    It’s only natural that people choose partners on the same sort of level of attractiveness as themselves (amongst other things too obviously), nothing shallow about that.

    I’ve dated a variety of men also like you, and I’m inclined to agree personally.

    (Although we do have to bare in mind that attractiveness is subjective - people will still have preferences and dislikes amongst an “attractive” group.)

    • Anonymous

      I would say though, that I wouldn’t automatically write someone off just because they’re not a 10. There is so much beauty in the heart too.

    • Chthou95

      Appearance matters more though. Looks are everything in this world. The human brain is obsessed with good looking people

  • cakelover101

    Well in my experience the very attractive guys often have zero to no personality at all, because they have never in their life needed one to get any girl, because of their hotness. And also what will you do when you’re old and wrinkly? Looks won’t do much for you’re happiness in 30 years. But I like that you’re honest about what you want, and don’t sugarcoat it.

Most Helpful Guys

  • JDavid25

    What you like is all fine and dandy.. But most of what you said is exagggerated.. 😂😂.. I don't know what it is wit G-A-G and not livin in the real world, but attractive people struggle too... Yeah some get things in life, but we ain't flying through life..

  • John_Doesnt

    Good luck, because I seriously doubt a hot guy would go for you. Unless he's a total asshole/player/president

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  • mattdzz

    I'm not sure this was a question, but the reasons you gave are pretty cheap. You're not a "power couple" because you're attractive; you're a power couple if you are able to command a room by your whit, intelligence, and generally have the ability to be successful in any realm.
    Also, I don't think you know how genetics work. Your kids (assuming you get with an attractive guy) will take on a mixture of your traits, but this doesn't mean they'll mix in an attractive way. For example, your nose may look good on your face, but not on a smaller version of his. Same with hair color, bone structure, and a general finding on passing down admirable traits (e. g. looks, intelligence, etc.) is that even if two people of above average whatever get together, their offspring will more or less revert to average (this has been research demonstrated with IQ).
    I think you're attributing quite a bit to individuals with looks when most girls (and guys for that matter) who have experienced a relationship with someone of above-average looks can tell you looks and being a good person (or successful) are not at all perfectly correlated (often the opposite).
    Take you for example. You're incredibly self-absorbed, shallow, and generally come off as unlikable to most people. This may not have hurt you now, as you seem to have lived off your good looks up to this point, but it would hardly spell success if people (i. e. the key to success) don't like you.

  • ShadowofRegret

    If you are referring to the same take I am thinking of, if I recall, he spoke more of what he was willing to do to get an attractive woman rather than what he likes about them.

    But regardless, if you know the kind of man you want, go for it!😉

  • Unit1

    Awww yeah! 😂 About time someone posted a response mytake.

    But the pinks lost their sh-t over there Why I only date attractive women ↗
    Fail, fail, fail!

    In the end, who the hell wants to date unattractive people? Like really, come on. Who even does that?

  • Inneedofusername

    I also would date only attractive men, but my Mytake would be as short as simply:
    Because I can't fuck with ugly men.
    No logic or deep thoughts there

  • AlexanderBrunnrgaard

    I don't really disagree with this, I just find it funny that every single gager who asserts they're attractive are anons.

  • bladedshard

    a lot of this can be challenged or debunked, but Im glad a girl is being honest about dating based on appearance.

  • Pejtu

    Like what is that a question even xD
    Every girl wants to date attractive dude thats not a fkn rocket sience XD
    Come on dudes u stupid or what xD?

  • Britantic

    I agree. Only works if you are in their league with plenty to offer them otherwise they will pump &dump you.

  • kespethdude

    6) You're a shallow bitch who only cares about looks and money. You probably bullied the special needs kids when you were young too.

    • Enjoy your domestic abuse and heavens forbid you get pregnant: one, you've already failed Darwin by doing so and two, if you do find out who the father is, he won't pay the child support. 99% of the "attractive men" are scumbags.

  • RolandCuthbert

    There are going to be a lot of hurt male feelings in this thread.

  • SexyAshh

    I ❤️ this. Not only could i whole heartedly agree but the last guy looks like my ex🙈😂

    Great mytake!

    • SexyAshh

      Update: funny to see all the womens comments positive and all the men butt hurt. Not to mention the downvotes, i love them. 😍🥳

  • Edanurus

    Everyone dates someone they find attractive its only an issue if you won't date people that you find attractive but others dont.

  • buttcrackjoe

    Everyone goes for the greatest quality opposite sex they can acquire nothing abnormal about this.

  • Luukas

    Question sounds like why i drink only clean water. Its clean. If you think he is not attractive you dont have any reason to date him.

    • Luukas

      I think you would not drink unclean water?

  • Rangers

    You're in the easy position, so I don't blame you for taking advantage of that.

  • NovissimumVirorum

    Someone sounds full of herself

  • Passionate790

    You like who you like😊

  • smg99

    Definitely good to read this ;)

  • kelsey_disney

    Go get yourself an attractive boy queen ✊✊✊

  • BasicGirl

    Good for you! You know your worth and won’t settle

  • Secretgardenblood

    Good take

  • MarketData

    It must be nice to be better than everyone else.

  • IlyaTheImpaler

    go for it 😂

  • Riley473


  • That's what you think is attractive

  • Anonymous

    G@G is full of ❄ 😂😂

  • Anonymous

    "because i have standards". That's the only answer you need. Don't let anyone tell you you're wrong for not dating people you don't find attractive.

  • Anonymous

    There's a lot that can be debunked here, but hey you do you ✌️

  • Anonymous

    Can't argue with that. Wasn't that the guy who was talking about going to uncommon measures to make himself attractive to the women he wants?