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Why I only date attractive women

Why I only date attractive women

DISCLAIMER: This isn't to say that unattractive women are horrible or that I can't speak to them on a friendly/professional level. And before the rush of comments saying "Oh, what do you look like then? I bet you're ugly too!" Yes, I am ugly (according to attractive women at least). An ugly dude wanting the dream of dating attractive women, but I'll explain more in my take.

One of my biggest goals in life (other than to become rich, to have the perfect physique, and to acquire the most amount of knowledge) is to have a beautiful girlfriend. Everyone wants to date someone whom they find attractive, therefore I do not see the big deal in having a base criterion of being attractive.

Why I only date attractive women

Since high school, I was regarded as that "ugly" guy by most girls at my high school. I couldn't get a girlfriend so save my life. I remember glancing at the "hot" girls at my school wishing that I could be with them one day. This grew into an obsession. An obsession with being the best option for these girls and having them become my girlfriend. I began to do my research on what attracts these women the most. What the most attractive face shape is, the most attractive eye placement, facial symmetry, hairstyle, fashion, the optimum amount of muscles, the optimum amount of weight for my height, etc. I wanted (and still want) these beautiful girls because I dream of waking up with them in my arms. To be able to enjoy the company of these beautiful girls and to be able to look at them with a smile on my face because of my hard earned success in being able to be seen as attractive by these girls (and also just the enjoyment of being in a relationship with her). It's why I've been grinding at the gym for four years, making sure every muscle is symmetrical to the other, to make sure that I am building muscle and breaking down every last muscle fiber in the gym. It's why I invest in my fashion and why I've done research into plastic surgery to fix what would be considered abnormalities to attractive women. I could simply become rich and have the same affect of attractive girls wanting to date me, but they wouldn't be attracted to me, they would be attracted to my money, which is not what I want. I want them to be attracted to me physically and emotionally.

The problem with unattractive women is that I cannot physically and mentally force myself to find them attractive enough to date. Not to be mean, but what I am afraid of most is being with them in a public place, then seeing a really attractive girl walk by and instantly realize that I've lost at life and live in regret. For that next week, I would probably be thinking about the girl I saw in that public place. With an attractive girl, I wouldn't have that mindset because I would know that the girl I'm with is attractive.

I just want to point out that I don't think that I'm entitled or deserve an attractive girlfriend, but I believe that I will earn one by increasing my physical attractiveness and my personality as well. I have made my goal to get something I have dreamed of achieving for a while now. It doesn't matter if I have to take steroids to achieve the optimum physique that is seen as attractive to these girls or fix something wrong with my face. I wish to achieve getting an attractive girlfriend. Yes, personality plays a big role too. I have to enjoy with her personality as well, but being attractive is a requirement for me. That is all I have to say about the matter. Most of you probably won't care and that is fine, but I just felt like I should post this on here to see what people thought of me wanting an attractive girlfriend as a goal in life. Thanks for reading!

Why I only date attractive women
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  • sarahbear1750

    I find it quite refreshing that you’re one of the few people on GaG here who knows if you have high expectations from other people, you must be sure to have those exact high qualities yourself!

    It is normal to want to date attractive people. Heck, EVERYONE wants to date attractive people! I do believe though, personality plays a big part in attractiveness. The more you get to know a person, the more attractive they become☺️

    Overall, I found this a very interesting myTake. Many people blame others for not finding their “ideal” time, but the problem isn’t with others. Change starts with you first and foremost, and I’m glad you’re working to get the woman of your dreams☺️whoever she may be! Just make sure you have a great personality as well! I know it’s hard to believe, but a great body means nothing if you aren’t a good guy!

    • Anonymous

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m also working on my personality too. I’ve been doing deep research into what is found most attractive personality wise to these attractive girls and learning to at least mimic those traits.

    • That’s great! I’m so glad you’re working on making yourself a beautiful human, both inside and out! ☺️

  • Davis04

    WTH did I just read!😂 For an “ugly guy” you sound like a complete prick. Stick to your lane mate... attractive girls or any girl wouldn’t go for guys that have big egos like you. Attractive things don’t just limit to looks... personality is way more important!
    Also, keep in mind that probability of you getting cheated on is quite high🤔

    • Anonymous

      Explain to me how I sound like a prick? Because I know what I want out of life and don’t care if I tear myself apart to achieve it? Me having a big ego? I’ve never thought so in fact I’m the opposite. I have nothing to be truly proud of for me to have a big ego in the first place. I simply have the mentality to achieve what I want. Please spear me the “personality is more important than looks” bullshit. Ask most attractive women who they date and they will list some of the best looking dudes in their area. It’s simple nature that both men and women look for looks over personality. If I get cheated on, it means that someone who is better than me has taken what i’ve earned. It’s the name of the game. Life is a zero-sum game. In order to win you have to take from others unfortunately. So if I do get cheated on, i’d be hurt, but i’d find the next attractive girl to date.

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    • Anonymous

      I don't want kids. Ever. And if you are "very pretty", you wouldn't care about someone like me, working on myself and improving SMV to its full potential for someone as attractive as you. You have a soft spot for unattractive people? Talk about a superiority complex. I get that women are suppose to be emotional, but this is taking it a bit far.

    • You don't understand women. you act like a 13 year old who has raging hormones and can't understand love

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  • Anonymous

    I'm sorry, but this sounds like the opinion of someone who has never run a business or company before. There are plenty of very talented, VERY smart people who have created businesses and failed. And these are people who have gone to Harvard, Wharton, etc.

    This REALLY reads like the writing of someone who is in not even 20, or who is in their very early 20s, who thinks that that there is some guaranteed surefire way to achieve success in life - who will put their hands on their ears and go "Nyah Nyah Nyah, I'm right, you're wrong" even when there are successful people in the room, in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s+ telling them that there is no one way to achieve success.

    • Anonymous

      There is no Age attached to this asker, but I don't need to see a numerical age on their profile to know their age. There are plenty of young people on GaG who will tell you how the world REALLY works - they are a dime a dozen.

    • Anonymous

      I’m 20, but explain how I said that there is only one way to success?

  • Anonymous

    So shallow LOL. Yea be their slave too buddy. You wanna put them on a pedestal? Go ahead. They’ll use you and spit you out like the garbage you are and will always be. I never understand this mentality. It used to be people working out and getting big for their self. Now it’s for women who just sit there and wait for guys to approach. You’re a slave and you are just a embarrassment to us males. Idc who ur attracted to. Sure it’s human nature to go after someone we like. But what really got me is that your willing to waste your time just to get their attention LOL. Focus on improving your self FOR YOUR SELF not for OTHERS.

    • Anonymous

      You can continue to date unattractive women if you wish. That’s your prerogative.

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    • Anonymous

      I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. Just that ur willing to be their slave lmao. Go ahead if you want lol

    • Anonymous

      @Unit1 hey at least I could go my own way to success rather be held back by a slave owner. You wanna be used? Go ahead filthy trash.

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  • Some_Goof

    You're shallow.
    There is so much to a person than just looks.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, so are women. What of it?

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    • Lol meaning his dick is so big its hanging down

    • @jonesjessica812 I don't. I don't care about that.

  • OlderAndWiser

    1. I immediately thought of this:

    Why I only date attractive women

    2. I agree with you to some extent. I also only date women who I think are attractive. Why should I date someone to whim I am not attracted? What is the future for a relationship if I don't feel lust for her?

    3. I disagree with you to some extent. The women I date are not all physically beautiful. In fact, some of them are probably regarded as homely, plain, or even unattractive by most other guys. However, I am attracted to them because I know them, I have felt their souls, I know what good women they are, and I know that they are kind and gentle spirits. When I look at them, I get physically aroused, excited, turned on. I am not pretending to be turned on by these women; there is a lie detector in my pants that proves that I am turned on.

    If you drop your obsession with physical beauty, you may find a woman who is not a 9+/10 physically, but who has a 9+/10 personality and spirit, and that is something that does not wrinkle with age.

    4. Of course, you are free to pursue women solely on the basis of their physical attractiveness. You may even find one with whom you fall in love. And one day, you may discover that she has been screwing your best friend for he past four years because she considers him to be more attractive than you. Then, perhaps, you will realize that you have paid the price for your shallow obsession. Hopefully, you won't have any children and you won't need to face the decision about whether to have your children DNA tested to determine whether they are actually your children.

    Good luck!

  • anniisa

    You do you. Most people on this planet wouldn't date someone they didn't find attractive, so there's nothing wrong with that at all.

    Its good to be goal oriented. Though I don't know how healthy this is mentally. I mean you're getting plastic surgery to appeal to women, not for yourself. But working in the gym is always good, and taking care of yourself. Be proud that you're not one of those ugly fat women that think they are entitled to a good looking man with abs lol

  • Logorithim

    I think people should be happy in life. If that is what makes you happy, then great.

  • coachTanthony

    Well you are shallow and it seems to me you are okay with it. So why should anybody else care?

    Great title by the way.

    • Number39

      You can argue he's shallow but women act the same exact way if not worst and no one admits to them they are shallow if anything most simps encourage it which leads to the decline of dating.

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    • AJC997


      Who are?

    • Number39

      @AJC997 Women.

  • lumos

    Sounds to me like this isn't even necessarily a preference, just a really odd way for you to "heal" the insecurities you've had since you were a kid. You don't even want a girl that you have a connection with, you just want one as a trophy that you can wrap your arm around and show your teenage self that you're somehow worthy. To me it sounds like you need therapy, and not a girlfriend.

    • Anonymous

      Nah that would be useless. I’m just not attracted to unattractive girls

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    • Anonymous

      @WalterBlack Ok, since you are so knowledgeable on what attractive women want, tell me then. What do they want? Why do these girls reject me within the first ten seconds? Obviously because of personality right?

    • I never claimed to be an expert on what attractive women want. I get rejected frequently too. I'm saying that you will probably be happier in the long run if you focus on making yourself the person that YOU want to be rather than making you primary goal to be attractive to women.

  • btbc92

    Are you freaking kidding me? If you have to think about what others think of you in that way, you already unattractive to 'attractive women'. Most attractive women do not want to be approached because they're attractive. They want to feel appreciated. Plenty guys that found me attractive I rejected. Because I am more than just a pretty face and I will not be seen as some object. It's really nobodies business who you date.

    • Anonymous

      This is how I know that you’re a snowflake. I stated in my mytake that looks are a base criterion. You also have to have the personality too. They will feel appreciated, but there is a difference between feeling appreciated from an attractive guy and feeling appreciated from an unattractive guy. Which guy do you think is gonna get the date and which guy will she put in the friend zone? Looks matter more than you think

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    • Anonymous

      You can’t go to prison for cat fishing for one... secondly cat fishing is using someone completely different, like a black guy using a white guy’s modeling picture, as their online dating profile. Honestly, what is your IQ?

    • Anonymous

      I honestly couldn’t care less about your emotional rant or your god, so I didn’t read through it. You simply do not understand my determination to get the girl of my dreams and that’s fine. I’ll leave it at that.

  • yucychan

    There are some really beautiful women who are attracted to men's personalities instead of looks. I have seen some really beautiful women going for less than average guys, not because of the guys' money but because the guy treats them well.
    That being said, you are entitled to your preferences when it comes to looking for that special someone. Good luck.

    • Hiopdtgy

      He is shallow lol don't have good personality

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    • Anonymous

      @Hiopdtgy That didn't make a lick of sense.

    • Anonymous

      @Hiopdtgy I already know how shallow I am. I don't care about it. You are the only person that cares about me being shallow.

  • PinkMichae

    Whatever makes you happy. But I would consider not using steroids as it could lead to impotence. What's the point of getting your dream girl if you can't please her. Other than that I would think your mindset could lead to a lot of relationship issues. I say this because what happens the moment your attractive woman becomes unattractive. She could get pregnant, gain weight, and suddenly you're disgusted because she's no longer perfectly physically attractive. You may find yourself treating her like a doll wanting her to dress a certain way and so on leaving her feeling your obsession trying to control her. And what happens the older she gets and she starts losing those things you found attractive about her. You'll likely trade her in for a younger attractive woman. I always felt people should do whatever makes them happy as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. So just some things to concider. I guess you'll never know unless you try. Just remember no one stays perfect or is perfect. Goodluck.😎

    • Jamie05rhs

      @PinkMichae If I may, in my brother's defense here, I think he means attractive based on genetics. That won't change due to age or pregnancy. For example, I think most of us would agree that Carrie Fisher still looked hot before she died, even though she was up there in years.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with him ^

    • PinkMichae

      It was hard to understand exactly what he meant but thanks for clarifying. I just threw that in there just in case he was so focused on physical attractiveness that meant as wrinkles and grey hair appeared he may not have found that attractive anymore and would look for a better option.

  • TonyBologna25

    That’s great you have life aspirations and so much ambition. Fucking good for you man. I mean it. Not many younger guys have the drive you do.

    I was in your same boat and had your same goals. I started bodybuilding very seriously in college and started using steroids. I graduated with a 3.8 GPA in Mechanical Engineering. I had the hot girlfriend and even proposed to her.

    I got a lot of help with my route towards wealth. I received a hefty inheritance, and taught myself how to invest. Today, I’m what most people would consider close to rich.

    The thing is, I was actually more happy with my life back when I was a broke college student, or just getting out of high school joining the Marine Corps. A lot of life experiences have made me jaded, and my physique and money and even the status of having a hot girlfriend haven’t fixed that.

    Happiness comes within and you’re sort of basing your futures happiness on an image which is a recipe for disaster.

    My college lover who was the first girl I proposed to in college cheated on me with another girl. After that I was reunited with an ex girlfriend and we got back together and moved quickly. I ended up proposing to her and she was bipolar, lacked empathy, and had a serious attitude problem. This didn’t really surface until after I gave her a ring.

    These two women were gorgeous. First had offers to model and my most recent ex did model at as a teenager. I based so much of their value on outer beauty and didn’t seem to pay too much attention to the other things I should have been.

    The fucked up part about this, is that I had so many other quality girls who would have been perfect me, but always chose the most attractive one.

    Hookups are involving looks and looks only, but relationships are so much more. Getting in a relationship with a hot girl just because she’s hot is asinine. Emotional maturity, compassion, empathy, communication, self confidence, personal values and so many other things come into play in a relationship in which the two of you are emotionally investing in each other.

    With the bodybuilding, I was obsessed. so planned every meal and counted every calorie. Trained about three hours everyday on cycle. air was obsessive. Also, a perfect physique doesn’t exist and any pro bodybuilder will tell you that. I got a shit ton of attention on IG. Girls gave me attention. Guys looked up to me. It was great. I ended up taking it to the next level and started using steroids. I felt I reached my natural potential and wanted to keep going.

    Having said all this, I still felt insecure about a lot of things in my life and the attention and the girls and the muscle or even the status didn’t fix it. My confidence came from within and developed over the years.

    I’m now 25 years old, 26 in July. I’m single, diagnosed with cancer in the liver from steroid use, and have a lot of people who I thought were friends trying to take my money. Chemo fucking sucks man. It kills all energy and motivation and makes you depressed as hell. My point is, it was all a facade dude. I utilized all of my energy on outside appearance and status. I didn’t focus it on developing myself from within as a person.

    Girls are still into me, but I can’t find any amount of substance with any girl who I take on a date today. So I just go with the flow and cut them out after a couple dates. A lot of girls just want me for status and I can tell.

    This might sound cheesy, and I normally don’t write a lot of things like this out, but don’t make my same mistakes. There are a lot of amazing girls out there that might not look like much, but will make your life so much better and make you so happy. I have to have a baseline attraction for a girl. If that’s there, then they’re datable to me. Wouldn’t ever date someone I’m not attracted to, but I will absolutely date a girl who’s average in looks and has an amazing personality.

    Goodluck man.

    • Jamie05rhs

      Thanks for sharing your story, Tony. This is very informative.

    • Damn, realest fucking thing I’ve ever read on here.

  • SexyAshh

    I ❤️ this!.

    Just know you will recieve tons of negative feedback but dont listen to it.

    I actually know guys who were unnattractive but got the bod, huge corporate job and became hot. Not just because he was rich but had a new found confidence from achieving it.

    Good read☺️👍👏

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! And yes I know I will get tons of negativity. Most people do not understand my mindset

    • SexyAshh

      I completly understand it and see nothing wrong with it. can't force yourself to like ugly women because someone says there in your league, your doing the right things to achieve the ones you want.

    • UGLY women? You went TOO far. You don't let other girls down because you think your so much better.

  • CubsterShura

    TLDR: Because I'm shallow and I don't even know why I exist if I can't wake up to a perfectly geometrically symmetrical sex doll babe on my arms in the morning and my life revolves around my shallowness so much that my every action revolves around the motive of being with an attractive girl who finds both my looks and personality ugly.

    • Anonymous

      Damn. You’re projecting as if I am thinking that. Why do you hate attractive girls so much?

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    • First of all, there is a HUGE difference between having preferences in physical appearance, and thinking that looks matter over all other things. Unattractive girls don't stand a chance? You probably mean that unattractive girls don't have to deal with shallow men that dump their attractive wife once she gained weight or gets older. 😊

      Also you are the one who clearly implies that you chase perfection, not me baby!

      Listen, looks are great, no denying in that. Take care of your skin and hair, exercise and be fit, wear good clothes, it's all good. But anyone who obsesses over things that are beyond one's control needs to rethink their whole personality.

    • scooogy

      Amen, sister! 😆

  • 123fortandbree

    You're pathetic, and so is any girl who'd actually want you. All you fucking want is to look good in front of other people and have nice sex. Guess what? Attractive people don't automatically have good personalities. Even if you're attractive, girls may still want you only for your money. You could end up dating an evil, gold digging, selfish, incapable of love slut (I've seen a few of these girls), but if she has a pretty face, then who cares? You can't automatically have a connection with a girl just because she is attractive. You fantasize about all of this shit, when in reality, it's really not important in life. You'll never experience true love, true passion, true empathy, and true devotion that love brings with this mindset. What you wish to achieve with a pretty girl is, in the long run, not important or meaningful in life. You need to experience ardor with careers, loyalty with family and friends, adventure with traveling that may even come with risks, and lastly, love that is deeper than looks. You'll realize this after you achieve it. Believe it or not, science tells that looks only have a small bit to do with love. If a girl truly loves you, she'll love you for how you naturally look. You shouldn't be changing yourself for worthless attention from shallow girls. You may be attracted to pretty women at first, yet, you'll soon see how wrong you were. I'm simply warning you.

    • Anonymous

      I won’t experience true love, passion, and empathy because I choose to date hot girls? As if hot girls don’t possess those traits? Imagine being triggered over a random internet dude saying that he only wants to date attractive women. Couldn’t be me

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    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that's why I said personality is also important. Did you forget that or did you only take in what you were triggered by?

    • You want a white guy because you feel like he's better looking, better eyes, personality and pretty much everything else. What makes you different than him?

  • winterfox10

    Best of luck, man! The summary of everything I wrote below is this: be their breath of fresh air, and you would be amazed at how many incredibly desirable women will flock to you.

    Attractive women are a whole different breed of cat. You will have to deal with lots of trust issues, and people/exes not getting the message that it's time to leave. She's going to be on her guard constantly, because of all the times that she's been hurt. Don't be afraid to reassure her. Be her rock. Be consistent, and show her that even if she chose not to date you; you would happily be a genuine friend.

    1. Super attractive women want their attractiveness to be an after thought. Truly amazing women are still women; they want their guy to adore them, of course, but they also want to feel like they've earned an irreplaceable role in his eyes. My girlfriend is the most attractive woman that most people in her life have ever seen, but the reason she chased after me to have a relationship was that I made her feel like she was more than a trophy; that I let her know at every opportunity that I respect her as my equal.

    2. She knows she's gorgeous! Don't expect her to be charmed or swayed by your's (or any man's) compliments of her looks. Observe in point 1 that she wants to feel essential, like she is bringing something to the table that no other woman could. She has probably heard that she is breath-takingly beautiful her ENTIRE LIFE. She probably gets hit on constantly, and by dudes with way more money than most guys could dream of having.

    3. Be patient with beautiful women; they put up with lots of shit from a lot of people. In addition to people constantly trying to manipulate favors out of them, they also have to put up with constant attention, people always wanting cozy up to them for social status, and people trying to buy them.

    • anon1903

      now that's some good Take😊

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    • Yeah, I guess the only real critique I would make to him is that he should be sure not to treat the people he isn't attracted to poorly.

    • brebre234

      Yeah I agree

  • VaIiant

    I would recommend therapy. Your obsession with physical appearance and self image isn’t healthy.

    • Anonymous

      If I don’t obsess over my looks, I will never get the girl I want. The only way to not obsess over my looks is if attractive girls lower their standards, but obviously that won’t happen, so I will have to work to become attractive at all costs.

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    • Anonymous

      @IRISHPOTATOCAPRICORN you’re trying to belittle me and my intelligence. You started it in the first place. No one is trying to sound smart, if you think i’m trying to “sound intelligent” then that tells me more about you than me.

    • Hiopdtgy

      @mytakeowner attractive womens won't date you because you are shallow

  • BrittBratt2416

    Why I only date attractive women

    um isn't that something that most people do? Date someone they are attracted to.. i mean this isn't a secret, everyone does this lol

    • Anonymous

      Apparently not according to some of the women on here.

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    • Porcelaine

      you care what others think of you though. so if you found a girl attractive but others kept telling ''she's ugly af'', ''she's a dog'', ''what the f do you see in her''... and so on... you'd quickly lose interest in her seeing how insecure you seem. at least you are working towards improving yourself and being attractive to look good next to them. there are a lot of lazy no good boys thinking they deserve a girl who takes care of herself. but looks aren't everything. I know a lot of guys who obsess over how they look, how they appear to others, they are very brainwashed by allowing media and stupid beauty standards to rub off on them, and no matter how much muscles they grow or how well they dress, they still are not attractive. the day you will be attractive to those women that you want is the day when you truly feel attractive and confident in yourself. you should take a good look at all those pretty girls boyfriends. most of them will be average in looks but I guarantee they will be confident guys who are sure of themselves.

    • Anonymous

      @Porcelaine looks aren’t everything but they make up the majority of attraction. Most attractive girls don’t want to date bridge trolls. If my friends don’t find her attractive, then so be it, but generally the girls my friends find attractive i also find attractive so i’m not sure if that will happen.

  • Luvsmybabydoll

    Has all your hard work paid off? You might get the attention of an attractive woman but then you will open your mouth and all the crazy delusional and sexist opinions will spill out when your steroid fueled anger gets out of control! Lol 😂 ha

    • Anonymous

      Sexist? Is everything sexist nowadays? Do we have to treat women like gods?

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    • No women do not expect to be treated like gods?

    • Anonymous

      Well since everything is sexist and i’m not allowed to critique how women date (which isn’t what I’m doing in the first place) I would say that is treating them like gods, which is something SIMPS do

  • little_bird1

    Oh boy the hate you got. :D
    I don't get why most of girls comments are so hateful. It's a known fact that EVERYONE only dates people who they find attractive. We don't all have same preferences and thoughts on what attractive is, but it's a criterion for everyone.
    Good take, I agree with you 100%. And I too only date men that I find attractive.

  • lightbulb27

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself and make the most of yourself and going for a girl you value highly, whatever values that is.

    But this is also... shallow, like you have a poor self image. Why anon? I think you made some false assumptions about yourself, how others treated you, you are projecting onto them... because it is all about physical. You responded wrongly to their rejections, and now it is a wound that controls your thinking. You cannot let girls emotionally twist you like that, that's exactly the opposite of what you should do. I've heard nothing about personality, character, values, compatibility.

    You can win over a girl if you have relational skills, understand how to interact with females. I question if it is your physical and face that are the issue. it is likely your emotional presentation that makes them feel... no! The workouts and plastic surgery and $ may help you feel better about yourself and that boosts your confidence and image. But 4 years in the gym... how many years this gonna take? How much time do you spend working on your personality, charm? Nothing wrong with success. But that strikes me as a mask over other low self image.

    Do what you want to do for yourself, but realize it is for you... no-one else. Don't care about what others think.

  • Lliam

    I've only dated attractive women and I dated quite a few women in my life. They all looked different and none of them would qualify as phony Instagram models, but they were still beautiful and had great womanly attributes. I eventually married a beautiful woman too. Frankly, I wouldn't want to be with an ugly woman. It would signal to the world that I had something wrong with me, like walking around with a badge that said, "Loser".

    Think about it. The first thing you notice about a person is their looks. Why even approach someone you don't find physically attractive? It's only after you get to know someone that you learn about their personality. I would fuck a beautiful woman, but I wouldn't stay with her unless she had great mental and emotional qualities.

    I suspect that the girls here who called the guy shallow are think they are ugly and are struggling with low self esteem. They're jealous of beautiful woman. But again, physical beauty is subjective and I'm not talking about perfect movie star or Instagram beauty. The world is teaming with beautiful women.

  • Ellie-V

    As hilarious as I found this to be at first, this actually made me respect you a little... because at least you’re not a blabbering, woman hating incel unlike 95% of the men on G@G.
    I hope you reach your goals and achieve success in every corner of your life ☺️💕

  • 007-Tarzan

    Lmao... you remind me so much of one of my best friends... I love him and all and he is an awesome guy... but for someone who is below average in looks... I just thought he was obscenely shallow and always went after girls waaaaaaay out of his league..

    In fact he seems to compensate with just about anything... phones.. cars... gadgets... even in video games that guy went mental on skyrim... 😂😂..

    Anyways it turned out he was sort of bullied throughout his life... and was kind of the bottom in the pecking order... and I think now he is trying to prove to the world that he has what it takes to have the best... which in theory is fine... but I think it's coming from a darker desire of his to prove those people from the past wrong... and that makes me wonder if he is doing all this due to trauma?

    What do you think? Could I have a point here? Can you relate to this?

    I just think there's a possibility that you are over simplifying it... and trying to break it down to just looks... when in reality you could be trying to compensate for things in the past... 🤷‍♂️

    • Anonymous

      I wasn’t necessarily bullied, just thought of as ugly by these girls. Your friend could be doing this due to trama, but it also might be the innate desire to want physically attractive women. I am actually doing the opposite of over simplifying. I realize that attractive women are a complex group who not only want a physically attractive man, but one whom they can mesh their personality with. I’ve studied the details as to what is seen as attractive to them, studied the Sexual Marketplace Value and how that operates.

  • chunlilovesvega

    looks are 70% important yes, but alone they aren't enough. you expect that person to have other good traits too, such as understanding and compassion and empathy and humor and some wisdom, without these qualities their beauty will only keep you interested till you've had enough, like having a tasty meal, when you're full eventually you'll get sick of it.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah sure. I’m not one to be all emotional though

    • Number39

      70% Try 90%

  • Saville_Row

    You can do what you want with your life. Although is possible you end up attracting an attractive girl, you will surely not attract a valuable one.

    Then you will realize you need more, and probably meet an even more attractive girl than the one you got, and she'll probably will not want to give you the hour.

    Being attracted to someone is important, but looks are not the only criteria.

    • Anonymous

      Never said that looks were the only criterion.

  • AperolSpritz

    The thing is, you're right. People need to date a person they are attracted to.
    Yes it's completely possible to fall for a person's mind, but usually when that happens, everything about them becomes attractive.
    You simply can't date a person you don't find attractive. That person is basically your friend, at the end of the day.

    Attractive comes in different shapes and sizes to different people, super hot is different depending on what exactly each person finds hot... if you're not going to pursue someone that you aren't turned on by, and who you wouldn't be proud to have by your side, what's the point?
    If you're not into someone physically there is very little chance of having any chemistry with that person so it would most likely fall flat pretty quickly.

    Everyone has needs, and whilst you could say that sex is sex no matter who you have it with, and as long as your getting some, those needs are being met, if you're fantasising about someone else whilst having sex with your partner, then that's an still an unfulfilled need.

    If you're not attracted to someone, it's not going to go work.

  • ChurchOfIron

    You won't be able to get any girls if you're dead from steroids, bro. I respect your dedication. But you can obtain a plenty good physique to attract women while staying natty and healthy. Steroids will fuck your skin up, make you lose hair, shrink your balls. Overall man, does that sound attractive?

  • Wowgirl30q

    Your getting so much hate for your own preference. Reminds me of mytake reactions I've gotten. Hey least your honest and know what you want

    • Anonymous

      It’s whatever. I knew I would get hate from the beginning, which is saddening.

    • Wowgirl30q

      It's respectable to me for anyone to have the guts to express their unpopular opinion about anything. Ignore it. If I agree or not, I give you credit for doing it😀👍

    • Wowgirl30q

      I wish you would not post anonymously though is my only thing sir.

  • laurenok

    Good luck finding an attractive girlfriend when you're ugly. Us attractive girls have high standards.

    • Anonymous

      And I will train my body, reshape my physical face, and shape my personality in order to fit those high standards.

    • Show All
    • Jamie05rhs

      Lol. I understand.

    • sexylexi99

      im my sister sister but uh im her little sis so imma just say now so guys like differnet girls i know i can't spell and they like girls that are nice and pure some are so wholesome they dont even care if you're ugly or fat nah they dont care my sister she will do her very best to shape up to her liking but she dot care what the haters say she bes her slef.

  • Wemix

    "what I am afraid of most is being with them in a public place, then seeing a really attractive girl walk by and instantly realize that I've lost at life and live in regret."

    This is really upsetting... You're impersonating an insecure girl's biggest fear in a relationship.

    I do not know what you define as "attractive" but if in that lapse of 4 years working on yourself you still couldn't attract any "attractive" enough girls when that's your biggest goal in life you must be going really high or start from very low.

    • Anonymous

      Who's fault is it that she's insecure? I don't carry the same emotions as other women I will always think with a logical train of thought first. If the girl is already attractive, then I don't need to care about other attractive women no matter if they are seen as hotter than my current girlfriend or not.

    • Show All
    • over_it

      @scooogy that's a much better response than this "i get revolted if she doesn't look like a supermodel yet i look like a pickle with a face" type thing

    • scooogy

      @over_it thanks :)

  • Unit1

    Keyword: Attractive

    No shit. Who wants to date or force date unattractive humans 🙄?

    Watch the pinks losing their shit. Like they don't do it themselves.

    Pure hypocrisy. It's disgusting and it reeks from kilometers away.

    • Anonymous

      I expected this to happen, but not like this lol

    • Unit1

      Yeah. The scale is pretty high.
      How dare we date those, who we are attracted to?
      But now you know, that for the pinks, that feelings > logic/reasoning.

  • kittycat119

    So you're just a shallow person and trying to justify it? Uh huh

    • Anonymous

      What's wrong with being shallow?

    • Show All
    • Again not mad like you

    • Anonymous

      Why would I be mad?

  • SarahVanRensburg

    Being rich and having the perfect physique won't get you a decent lady. You cannot ''simply become rich"... And a great body definitely would attract me to a person but only for a short time. If I don't like your personality, which I can say I don't seem to like your at the moment, I wouldn't stick around.

    "For the next week, I would probably be thinking about the girl I saw in that public place. with an attractive girl, I wouldn't have that mindset because I would know the girl I'm with is attractive." ... you actually will still have hat mindset. You'd see a woman even more attractive than your current girl and then you'll still feel like you've "lost at life."

    How certain are you that you'll get rich, a hot bod and a girl that isn't with you for your looks or money?

    No offense but your mentality is just... shocking lol.

    You do you though.

    • Anonymous

      Well, no it won’t be “simple” to become rich. I would have to create a business with an applicable market, find a way to get money to create the business (crowd funding, finding a rich investor, or through my own payment), then find a manufacturer, a distributor, and a website designer. Not to mention that I would have to invest in advertising and probably marketing as well. So no, it wouldn’t be simple.

      What you don’t understand is that I need you to be attracted to me in the short term to even consider having a long term. So yes I need muscles to attract you in the short term so I can be able to converse with you and possibly have a long term. Without that initial attraction, there is no attraction.

      To that public place situation, that’s not really the truth. I would see that my girlfriend is attractive and I really have no reason to go for another attractive women if my girlfriend is already attractive. I wish to achieve an Instagram model-type woman and doing so means that i’ve beaten most of the competition already.

      How certain am I that I’ll be rich? Pretty certain, I have many ideas as to how I’ll achieve my income, get a hot bod? Also pretty certain. A girl that isn’t into me for my looks or money? Not so certain.

      My mentality is needed in order for me to win. Losers can stay average if they want, but i see no reason to live on this earth if I cannot achieve what I want out of it through blood, sweat, and tears.

  • DianaWest

    wow. how is getting plastic surgery "improving" yourself?

    • Anonymous

      Improving my facial dimensions, facial symmetry, etc...

    • Show All
    • Anonymous

      Would you rather date un ugly troll? Most attractive women would say no. If it makes me attractive, then so what?

    • BasicGirl

      That’s terrible, a person who’s gotten plastic surgery is not less beautiful than someone who’s natural

  • Mon_160909

    It’s kind of sad that one of your biggest goals in life is “have an attractive girlfriend”

    • Anonymous

      Nah that’s what a lot of dudes want. Maybe not to the extent of my goal, but it’s a thing they think about.

    • Show All
    • Anonymous

      Well I also have other important goals. Like becoming rich and acquiring knowledge.

    • Mon_160909

      There you have.

  • Pete_twenty_two

    Good luck with that, I hope it works out for you. I have never considered myself extremely attractive and somehow I ended up with a 10/10. Just work hard, be confident, and always improve upon yourself. I've realized that looks matter much less than you would think.

  • yasii

    You're afraid to be seen with ugly women? I'd have the exact opposide problem. I'd rather not have people think “what is that gollum doing with that hot dude?“ if one has to be much more attractive than the other, I'd rather be the attractive part 😅

  • luna9047

    Well, I'm an attractive woman and only date attractive men. I don't go for ugly guys, especially ugly guys with bad personality.

    • scooogy

      Would you consider me as ugly?

    • Show All
    • An ugly guy to her is probably just a black guy. I've seen some women with some ugly white dudes

    • Pulimuli

      You want to date guys that you find attractive. Not sure why people are hating on you for it. Everyone wants to date someone they find attractive.

      Everyone behaves like this, its human nature

  • Teteyan

    Diversity makes this world what it is today. Just because your mindset is different than most doesn't mean it is wrong. Just don't sacrifice your self importance just to please someone else though. This world is full of traitors... but I'm happy for you and wish you all the best! Just don't ever overlook personality with glam. Do you❤

  • Glue-Sniffer

    Wow... That's a really sad mytake.
    It almost sounds like you just want to be seen with attractive women in public to compensate for your own ugliness and to show the world that despite your unattractive looks you can still get attractive women. However, you could probably never get a deeper connection with a human being because what keeps people around isn't a pretty face, it's their thoughts and their personality.
    You are on your way to become one of these bitter dissatisfied souls who claim all women are shallow and just wanna screw you over while ignoring your own shallow actions and attitude.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah yeah yeah i’ve heard the same spiel over and over again. You’ve also ignored the fact that I said personality counts too. Why are you so disheartened by this?

    • Show All
    • Anonymous

      Inferiority complex? Because I want an attractive girlfriend more than other people want one? Therapy does nothing if I don’t want help, and I don’t want help. Why would I sit there and listen to some old people, who haven’t experienced such a thing since Woodstock, tell me the same spiel that every triggered woman has told me on here.

    • Of course you don't want help. That's what ignorance does to people.
      Anyway, I believe we are done with this little conversation here. Have fun.

  • J2ohhhhh

    We don't find features attractive just because we have some weird fetish for those features. Those features usually communicate health, youth or fertility. And if you ever wanna have kids the most you can do for them is select someone with the less trashy DNA. On the other hand if you have any other reason... Well... you are fucked. You won't get the high end girls if you want them to make you feel whole. Making those girls love you takes a whole person by himself. It is a catch 22.

  • AuroraRoseat

    I believe everyone should find someone that they deem attractive and has a great personality. There is nothing wrong with that. I do think that you went a bit overboard (face symmetry etc.), but still, I get your main point.

  • GuidoThePizzaMaker

    Dude, you need to get over your body obsession.
    But beyond that, yeah have standards, just know that good looks in a woman often come with other problems
    Its not about finding a woman who matches you, but has the same vision and will help you accomplish your goals.

  • Ola1234

    Not everyone has the same standard of what attractive is, you might be thinking u are dating an attractive woman which on the eyes of others is just an average looking

  • _Tou24che_l

    In that case, what are the features of an attractive woman? Body, face, color, race, boobs, etc.

    • Anonymous

      Look at most Instagram models and you’ll see almost instantly what they have in common.

    • Show All
    • PrudentGuy

      Oh not necessary. I may reply when I'm waiting or just pure bored. But I may not then be free to chat.

    • @PrudentGuy ohhh ok. Gotcha

  • brebre234

    OMG finally a guy who dates attractive women! I been seeing so many attractive guys and their girlfriends are not so pretty. Some guys feel like if they date an attractive women they assume that their dumb , mean or a hoe which Im sick of. Im an attractive woman myself ( Cause many girls and guys tell me how beautiful I am) and Im single. Its annoying how attractive guys dont want to date attractive women cause of the stereotypes we get. Overall I really like your take on this and respect it a lot.

    • Jamie05rhs

      ^Somehow I think she's telling the truth, because she didn't put her photo in her profile, so apparently she's not an attention seeker.

    • Show All
    • Jamie05rhs

      Thanks! You're very kind. :)

    • brebre234

      @Jamie05rhs you're Welcome

  • J3nny

    Just remember that in the end the most attractive thing about anyone is personality. When you fall in love with that. Looks don't matter. But anyway that makes total sense. Don't date people you're not attracted to

  • Sophie_2301

    Not judging, just curious, what will you do when you get old and the girls around your age get old? Chances are you’ll no longer find them insanely attractive and no amount of exercise or surgery will make them find you attractive. Will you just not be with anyone in old age?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, who do you think I am. R. Kelly?

    • Show All
    • Anonymous

      Oh I probably will at that age, but I can’t be certain because i’m not old.

    • Lol, fair enough.

  • WalterBlack

    It is good to have goals. And it is good to be physically fit. But you should probably try to be a little more accepting of your own flaws. It is not a crazy idea that you could find a beautiful woman who loves you without you needing steroids and plastic surgery.

  • smg99

    It’s an obsession if one day the attractive girl regrets dating you because a model male walked by. She would think you are him when you f*** her ;)

    • Anonymous

      And that’s why I compete to beat those who stand as competition. So that scenario wouldn’t happen, but i cannot determine the odds of that.

    • smg99

      Yes it’s Russian roulette and you’ll lose your existing results in stress

  • WhoDatGuy

    I've dated both ends of the attraction scale.
    One long term girlfriend was in fhm magazine. The high Street honeys.
    What I've found is the more attractive the woman, the more trouble she is.
    If you think happiness lies with the hottest girl you are in for a rude awakening