Benefits of Being Physically Unattractive

You take a hard look at yourself in the mirror, and what do you see? You see an ugly you.

You hate your own face. You hate your body. But you know what? This is actually a very good thing!

Fig.1 the ugly man.
Fig.1 the ugly man.

People are NOT attracted to you.

If you are unattractive, then people are not attracted to you. Human beings can be very distracting at times, so why bother talking with distracting people when you can just concentrate on what you like best? This will allow you to pursue your own hobbies and interests, your own desires and wants, your own hopes and dreams.

You support the cosmetic and beauty industry.

We need more people who believe that they are ugly or unattractive. You know why? Because ugly people support our cosmetic and beauty industries! They are our consumers, and they support our economy. Different people have different needs and wants. Some people have sensitive skin. Some people have dry skin. Some people have too many freckles. Whatever the case may be, they buy our products, comment on products, and improve the quality of beauty products.

Unattractive men will be forced to work harder to compete with attractive men.

Women all want a handsome man. Sure, they may deny it and say that they look at a man's personality or compatibility, but let's be real. You just can't ignore physical appearance. This is actually great news to unattractive men! Unattractive men will be forced to work harder to compete with attractive men for mates. And once unattractive men get a mate, they will work extra harder to keep the mate, making them extra loyal to their partners. Sometimes, it really pays to be unattractive.

Unattractive women will be forced to work harder to compete with attractive women.

Men all want a beautiful woman. Sure, they may deny it and say that they look at a woman's personality or compatibility, but let's be real. You just can't ignore physical appearance. This is actually great news to unattractive women! Unattractive women will be forced to work harder to compete with attractive women for mates. And once unattractive women get a mate, they will work extra harder to keep the mate, making them extra loyal to their partners. Sometimes, it really pays to be unattractive.

Your unattractive phenotype tells a lot about your genes.

Attractive people may have the best, good-looking genes. People all want the genes of attractive people, less so for unattractive people. What does this say about you? The fact that you are unattractive tells us that you have no lethal genes... or at least your lethal genes are so late on-set that they don't hinder your evolutionary fitness! Being unattractive is one step better than having lethal genes, right? At the very least, you don't die in the womb!Fig.1 the ugly man.

Benefits of Being Physically Unattractive
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  • Investigator
    Literally not a single one of these is a "benefit". Benefits provide advantage, enable one to achieve the same results as someone else with less strain or effort.

    "People are not attracted to you."

    This sh*t is the reason lepers use to be thrown out of the town square in Ye Olde Times. You're confusing "appealing" with "approachable". I mean, are you saying "it's a benefit that people aren't attracted to you" to mean "no one will come to support you, in your time of need, because they are so repulsed by you"? Community still exists, independent on sexual attraction.

    "You support the cosmetic and beauty industry."

    This is a red herring and has absolutely nothing to do with inherent attraction. What you're basically saying "because you're ugly, you have to go out of your way to find supplements and cosmetic enhancements just for the 'opportunity' to be considered passable and desirable-enough to even talk to... and this is somehow is good because it improves the local economy." These two things are in no way related. I mean, if you flip this, is an attractive person detrimental to the economy because they don't buy beauty products? You see how this doesn't add up?

    "Unattractive men will be forced to work harder to compete with attractive men."

    Again, I fail to understand how this is a "benefit" for ugly men. You are "privileged" to have to work twice as hard, i. e. expend more energy, to achieve the same result as a more attractive man? Only if you consider "putting in work and effort" as a benefit could this even remotely be true. "Learning to deal with failure, by being rejected at twice the rate, makes you more resilient", is what you were going for, but that's not an advantage. It's not like accruing money in a bank account, where you "gain" as more resources build up. Every time you try to get with a new partner, you have to start over from nothing. Yes, you still have all the experience gained from previous encounters, but the amount of effort expended has not decreased, only your ability to decrease it by not caring. Otherwise, you're admitting that being ATTRACTIVE gives the advantage because less effort is needed in the first place.

    "Unattractive women will be forced to work harder to compete with attractive women. "

    This is just the "unattractive man" bit, but with the sexes swapped and the focus on actually accruing resources as opposed to building a potential relationship. I won't repeat myself much, but suffice it to say, the logic is STILL not valid, for all the reasons listed above. Plus, if you're insinuating that unattractive woman do not have the crutch of "being hot" to fall back on, then their situation is objectively worse.

    "Your unattractive phenotype tells a lot about your genes."

    I "literally can't even" with this one. What the hell is a lethal gene? I surmised a lethal gene was metaphorical as in, not something the presence of which kills you before birth but something of which the presence in your body demonstrates your outright unsuitability as a mate for reproduction, but then you go and say "The fact that you are unattractive tells us that you have no lethal genes", so... was I right or wrong? What is a "good-looking gene"? Since you open with the idea of a 'phenotype", it makes me thing "good-looking genes" are entirely appearance-based and unrelated to things like determination, personality or intellect.

    Overall, this post is a case study in poorly-derived ideas and backhanded compliments. You confuse "sexual desirability" with "functional sufficiency", you use science-y sounding verbiage in places where it's either illogical or requires a myriad of mental gymnastics to become "enlightened", and you write this as if it is obvious (questionable at best) or axiomatic truth (it isn't).
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  • Anonymous
    1. you never expect anyone to like you, so you are never dissapointed.
    2. You are always single so you have more money
    3. You won't get cheated on because you are forever alone.
    4. You won't have kids so you are having a positive effect on the environment (also saving money).
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    • zaffy69

      Lmaooo You are one positive person

    • themaker39

      Sums up the positives

    • Now this guy is talking real sense unlike the article author.

Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous
    I never thought I was ugly but I am slowly starting to think maybe I am. I am 24 and never had a boyfriend. Men very barely hit on me and they never approach me. I've never been asked out on a date before. Men barely look my way, which makes me super sad because I don't think I am an eyesore. Additionally, I am a petite woman. But I guess the good benefits of being unattractive as a women is not being sexually assaulted or sexually harassed. No catcalling, not being afraid of walking alone at night, not afraid that someone will kidnap you or a driver taking you someplace else. Unattractive women often excel at other things rather than their 'looks'. I think unattractive women usually are smart in a way.
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    • Do you ask men out? Are you waiting for a man to invite you?

    • Anonymous

      @Unit1 I don't ask out men but other women I know get approached by men and have no problems getting dates and men flirt with them from that but that never happens to me. I am too shy and scared to ask out a guy myself.

    • Well that explains a lot.

  • Shygirl4u
    This is a nasty post and the guy you posted is cute actually
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  • Hamsteroids
    This is a joke right? And that guy isn’t even ugly, wtf. What a troll
  • Bejwlwo
    This is the most narcissistic post I’ve ever read this is exactly why people have mental health issues fuck you and this post.
  • Screenwriter
    The benefits of not being super "hot." You get all your chores done without people breathing heavily in your general direction... You fly under the radar... You don't stand out... There are no 'expectations" of you because you were genetically "gifted."
  • MarkRet
    I wish I looked as good as that guy in the picture. Other than a better haircut/styling, he looks pretty good. There are few benefits to being unattractive. You have to work twice as hard at EVERYTHING, while the attractive person gets a free pass. If an attractive person and unattractive person both apply for a job, have equal age, skills, and experience, which one do you think will probably get the job?
  • SueAnon84
    I will pick open your Take because this is a free site!

    "This will allow you to pursue your own hobbies and interests, your own desires and wants, your own hopes and dreams"

    1. I agree with that but what if your hopes and dreams is to start a family? !
    2. You can't do much with aging (or life's stresses!) even with make up!.. Surgery can only do so much... that's if you can even afford cosmetic surgery in the first place! 3. What if you get a big head from all that surgery? !
  • perhapspeace
    This is flat out stupid. Long as someone is kind, humble that has integrity. I dont think they can be "unattractive". Attraction isn't solely superficial there's a multitude of factors that makes someone "attractive" in my eyes. He could look a beast for all I care. (Must be strong, brave, protective beast though 😂) If he's personality is golden, has a sense of humor, and is good to me. I care very little about his facial features. A MAN isn't supposed to be pretty that's a boy.
  • Lucky1974
    Do not be upset by the comments of the trolls, be STRONG. There are too many daft people about in this age. Not all people want to pair-up with someone who conforms to the image of an ideal man/woman. You will find someone suitable for you, the trick is to not get impatient, wonders happen when we least expect them.
  • rogers121
    Sounds like a bitter person wrote this. I guess you are very young too. What.. someone called you ugly? no teenage girl hits on you? grow a pair, newbie.
  • MusicMayhem
    You get to be a victim, not taking responsibility for your shitty dating life and annoying the fuck out of everyone around you with your negativity.

    Or... you could use your bad looks for motivation to develop serious charisma, charm etc and make the bitches that wouldn't even say hi back to you at the start of the night feel like shit when they see you have the pick of the hottest chicks at the venue.
  • westwordbound
    Unattractive men also get labeled “creeps” by women for doing nothing wrong besides saying hello or even being a girl’s vicinity.

    Her feelings matter more than the fact of the matter. I’ve seen it happen.
  • Another disadvantage of being attractive is self love and infatuation, you think you are above others, lack empathy and humility. Also if you adore your physical features you won't take dangerous risks that might cause physical harm (bubble life) and when the end is nigh and your body is old, wrinkly and falling apart you would have lost a great deal where as an ugly person it’s just par for the course and he carries on unabashed
    • You also take your looks for granted, but it’s a fleeting asset.

  • Shamalien
    That is the pic you chose for the unattractive man? What the fuck he’s not even overweight! Are you foreal?
    • KolaJoe

      Weight can be lost. But when you have a face that only a mother could love...

    • @KolaJoe ahhhhrghhh... You're making me thinking of mother son porn. Or maybe MILFs?

      But yeah, you're making a very good point still. I can relate 😆😐

    • Shamalien


  • hellacray
    Why did you have to separate the men and women working harder part when you were just going to copy and paste the paragraph?

    And what the hell are lethal genes?

    I agree with the cosmetics part. And that's about it. I don't think working harder to attract a partner when you're ugly applies to everyone especially girls.

    I don't think I've ever seen a girl chase a guy before. I mean unless you count dressing more slutty as working harder to get a guy.
    • I don't think it applies to girls much either. Despite being ugly and having RBF, males still approach me

    • SueAnon84

      @Just_a_human you're 21... that's why...

      Someone told me (on here) that age matters a lot for a guy! ... Assholes!

    • @SueAnon84 that's true but many people think I'm older than I actually am

  • Just_a_human
    I was expecting to find at least one benefit that I could utilize
    • Ceasar97

      Ya, that was what I was hoping for too lol.

    • You're less likely to be targeted to be pumped and dumped unlike those dolls you see, who look like they're going to pole dance in a strip club.

    • @Unit1 I suppose it doesn't matter what their intent is

  • TheWombRaider
    I've noticed with women the less attractive the better bed. I've gotten. Some of the best blowjobs for not so attractive women and they enjoy doing it just as much if not more. This one girl would ask to blow me every day she said cum was good 4 her and she new that was all she could do. We had rules. No eye contact very little talking. So she would just give the attitude that it was her and my cock that was it and we had great time.
  • Philyouup
    What the fuck. Wow. I have nothing to say that isn’t “ what the holy fuck” lol.
    • Philyouup

      Was your mammy a wire cage and a plastic milk bottle ( who gets that reference? Lol. ).

    • Yes, with the monkeys?

    • Philyouup

      Cheers!!! I knew someone would !!

  • Just here to say I'm relieved from the ladies saying this guy looks good to them. Makes me feel good about myself with my own appearance.
  • leahzrc
    I didn't read that but like, you think that guy is UGLY?
  • NerdInDenial
    I think the best thing about being unattractive is the freedom. There is no expectation or societal burden for ugly people to procreate or to contribute to society. It's quite nice.
  • ItsTheNephilim
    No lol.. just no. This still doesn't outweigh the perks of being attractive.

    But yeah whatever helps you sleep tonight 😂.
  • DizzyDesii
    The guy in the pic is kinda cute. I get josh hutcherson vibes
  • Babygirl_S
    Wondering why you chose a pic of a cute guy for this take 🤔
    • Mädchen

      Yes!! I was wondering the Same thing

  • tyler00117
    "Unnatractive" people have more loving and caring hearts sometimes
  • Lightning8
    Why is a guy who looks like he's been physically beat up/defeated/abused the image of what an unattractive male looks like?
  • Lurdie
    That guy is kinda cute so you're gonna need to find an actually ugly dude
  • tjkyle316197
    Best of all, you can build on what great character you may've already been born with. And also find love with someone who's among the most attractive where it counts.
  • Avicenna
    Being unattractive isn't a death knell for your prospects in life, but it in no way confers advantages.
  • blutwolfe
    if that guy you posted is unattractive then I'm Channing Tatum
    • Excuse me, Channing Tatum IS ugly. Yeah, yeah, he has a bangin' bod, but his face is far less attractive than the average looking guy in Fig. 1. Same with Daniel Craig. Not a good looking guy. Again, he has a great bod, but his face looks like it's been boxed. Mickey Rourke was not good looking to begin with, WENT boxing and got his face totally ruined, had plastic surgery and looks a terrible mess. Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling... average, quirky looking guys who are fine actors... Most of these people, if they weren't movie stars, we'd pass on the streets and never notice them. What makes them attractive is they're very good actors (include Tom Hanks... Mr. Average Next Door) who've been in very good movies. The Brad Pitts and Hugh Jackmans are as rare as great looking guys are rare in REAL life.

    • @Robertcw He has ears that stick out, his eyes are too close set and small, his nose is bulky, he doesn't have a well cut face: cheekbones, dimples. He's got a neck like a tree trunk. Those things don't add up to attractive, though he's a decent actor. Brad and Jackman, you'd notice them anywhere if they were nobodies. The pix you used is a good example of Tatum's ordinariness.

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  • Marriedwith2
    Why are all anons universally horrible people?
  • chunlilovesvega
    I hate being so fugly :( every day I wake up and I wish I could just die and disappear.
  • Ninjazzed
    I’ve noticed unattractive people usually produce highly attractive offspring.
  • valentine74
    Ugly mothefuckers usually get put on undercover detail because they draw little attention compared to someone with perfect symmetry
  • There are no benefits to being unattractive and how is that guy ugly?
    • He's not. He's just OK looking. He could get a woman. We got lots of not so hot film stars who are "hot" because of their skills and roles, not because they're outstanding looking. A FEW are. But that's very few. Most are just passable. I'd say the majority of them DO have really nice bodies. But faces? Naw.

    • @Screenwriter remove skills and roles with money and power

    • SueAnon84

      @Mistermiracle57 but how did they GET that money and power in the first place!

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  • Mistermiracle57
    People tend to stay away from you and that allows me to carry out anything without anyone bothering me
    • SueAnon84

      If that is the case, why have I seen countless times ugly couples with lots of children!

    • @SueAnon84 they may get laid but relationship is not at all possible cuz the significant other will more often cheat on them

  • ChefSwol
    I wish I was unattractive. It’s a curse being so good looking.
    • Would you want to be ginger? I doubt it

    • And ugly

    • ChefSwol

      @LonelyIntrovert_94 better than being cursed

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  • Nayrr
    Where's the benefits part
    • I think she confused the definition of benefits with the word disadvantage when she wrote this.

  • Hawthorn18
    Being ugly asf as a guy is awesome no wamen annoying u in ur ear
  • MedicineIsMyPassion
    Wow this post sucks lmaooo
  • DiamondHu
    I don't see how these are benefits...

  • latinabutterfly96
  • Mikayla3
    Lethal genes?
    • Really. Lethal genes would be genes that kill you before you mature sexually, or earlier... so you're bred out of the population. Ugly isn't one of those.

  • pigoat
    Ok tell me something i don't know
  • kim45456
    The guy in the pic is very handsome
  • KolaJoe
    So basically Uggos are good for beautiful people?
  • Anonymous
    obvious larp is obvious
  • Anonymous
    "Unattractive men will be forced to work harder to compete with attractive men for mates. And once unattractive men get a mate, they will work extra harder to keep the mate, making them extra loyal to their partners. Sometimes, it really pays to be unattractive."

    This is one of those times where I have no words to describe how stupid this argument is. Busting your ass to get very little in return does not pay off. Fail anon is fail
  • Anonymous
    That guy is an example is “ugly”? He looks pretty attractive to me?
  • Anonymous
    It's okay, I know I'm ugly and dont really care that women find me unattractive.
    • Anonymous

      I'm 5'8 ginger socially awkward with only 2 friends and ugly, it would be impossible for a woman to find me attractive anyway

  • Anonymous
    science says scars make guys look more attractive
    • Maybe to other guys. Nice skin on men is very attractive. Well cared for skin too.

  • Anonymous
    This is strangely uplifting. The biggest pro I've found is that you have to stand on your own two feet and be independent