There is no such thing as UGLY people, only lazy people!


We live in a world where pretty matters and anyone who says otherwise is flat out wrong.

Several years ago I learned this fact the hard way when I applied for a promotion. I was overqualified and should have been (was) the best candidate for the job. However, this position involved working directly with my boss’s boss and he has a knack for choosing favorites amongst the pretty girls. At the time I was overweight and in a failing relationship that had me depressed and well, even though I wasn’t a slob by any means I did not take the best care of myself.

Losing out on the promotion, especially in the state my relationship was in, was just another failure and I was beginning to think that I had maxed out my potential. But more than depressed, I was angry. Why do things come so easily to pretty people who already have so much going for them? It just wasn’t fair.

It was around this time I had stumbled upon RuPaul’s Drag Race and I realized the truth. If men, even below average looking men, can look like gorgeous supermodels, why can’t I? Why can’t anyone?

There is no such thing as UGLY people, only lazy people!

We live in a world where absolutely ANYTHING you hate about yourself physically can be changed with enough hard work and money.

Hate your body? Exercise, diet and/or surgery.

Hate your hair? Stylists and/or wigs.

Hate your skin? Dermatologists, tans and products.

Hate your teeth? Braces/surgery and whitening.

You can even change the color of your eyes with contact lenses.

Shaving, waxing, bleaching, straightening/curling, nipping/tucking there is just so much you can do to improve your physical self. If you have the will and want it bad enough, there is a way for you to be attractive.

There is no such thing as UGLY people, only lazy people!

So that’s what I did.

I started by losing the extra weight with exercise and diet, granted I hated every moment of it but I was determined. Started watching makeup and hair tutorials on YouTube. Began moisturizing and tanning (fake) I even whitened my teeth. For reaching my first weight loss goal I got highlights and a trim, consulting with my stylist what looks would work best for me.

The last thing I did was go shopping. I started with all new undergarments. Bras that lifted and supported. And finally, cloths that accentuated my best parts and flattered my lesser ones.

2 years later and I was a different person.

I was someone who I liked seeing in the mirror. My confidence was up and I didn’t hide anymore. Being attractive on the outside helped me feel comfortable with who I was on the inside. I started making new friends, and when my relationship ended and I started dating again, new possibilities opened up that I would never have even considered “in my league” before.

The real moment of truth came when a promotional opportunity opened up again. I repeated the same interview again, but this time things were quite different. Before it was a very brief interview where the basic questions were asked, lasting no more than 20 min. This time it was laughs and banter mixed in with the odd relevant question here and there, and on top of lasting upwards of an hour, the big boss was unable to maintain eye contact.

2 weeks later I was pulled in and offered the promotion.

I know I deserved the job. I deserved it 2 and a half years earlier when I was unattractive and a big part of me resents the fact that it took me changing nearly everything about myself physically in order to be noticed and for my good work to finally be recognized.

But that is the world we live in.

Beauty is the name of the game and you have to pay to play.

The good news, however, is anyone can play. Sure some people start out with an advantage, and you may never be Ryan Reynolds or Blake Lively but you can be beautiful/handsome no matter your current state, through knowledge, money and a LOT of hard work.

Is it right or fair?

Absolutely not, I am not saying it is.

And at the end of the day, if you are fine with who you are, that is fantastic! Good for you! But I was not. And instead of sitting around and being sad or angry at the world for the things I wasn’t blessed with, I forced myself to stop being lazy and...

There is no such thing as UGLY people, only lazy people!
There is no such thing as UGLY people, only lazy people!
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  • Bluemax
    Well, I would agree that *most* people can improve their appearance.

    I would not agree that *all* people can improve their appearance. I've a friend born with FAS. He is not a candidate for cosmetic surgery. No doctor will give it to him. Furthermore, some people simply can't afford cosmetic or orthodontic surgery. Before you go saying, "well, get a job that earns enough money," I would say that some people simply aren't born intelligent enough to do that (various learning disabilities, or simply a low IQ)
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    • McMillanD

      I agree that there are rare cases with birth defect that can not be corrected. However, depending on where you live there is a lot of grants, endorsements and even specialized studies and programs that will cover some if not all of both weight-loss surgeries and dental reconstructions.
      If you have the will, there is a way. You only have to reach out and people with through information at you about stuff like this. So I don't believe ignorance is grounds for mediocrity. If you truly want to do better, you will. If you don't care about yourself and how you look I believe that boils down to laziness/lack of motivation for one reason or another.

    • people with autism don't really have a different appearance, the difference is in their behavior and everyday conduct in life

  • MannMitAntworten
    “There is no such thing as ugly people...” I absolutely agree with every detail you expressed, ‘except’ that opening line. Outward appearance aside, I have known some god awful ugly people. Yes anyone can be made to ‘appear’ breathtaking... but... all the glamorizing in the world can’t make the internally ugly attractive. Again, I otherwise absolutely agree with everything you said. So true.
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    • McMillanD

      Agreed. I was careful to say (physically) throughout the post... except in the title, where it should have been the most unfortunately. 😅
      Thank you though.

    • You bet. ;)

Most Helpful Girl

  • Imuglyandiknowit
    false i’m ugly no matter what
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    • I assume you're joking however, if that's you in the picture, I personally think you're stunning! :)

    • What makes you think you’re ugly? Besides appearance because that is definitely NOT ugly.

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  • Jaximus-Lion
    Poor you! I do understand that. I had this kinda of experience too and of course they picked the girl that is 8 years younger than me and her nipple piercings shows through her shirt. Even my current job now (not my section though) a girl that is good going on her knees (Am serious, we have video evidence) she got promotion to be a team leader of dementia patients section, the other workers are frustrated and the are complaining about it and took to a higher boss , showed the evidence and still nothing happened. If i get in similar situation again! Am not going to do shit about, i will just leave the work place, quit my job and find another one, in these times it's very easy for me to find a job because my reputation is all over the place in a very professional way. For me there is no ugly nor beautiful people just by the face! It's the behavior , the manners, the respect, the effort, the kindness. I have turned down so many girls that do all that, the make up, the high heels, looking fabulous, the nails, the hair all done, am not judgmental but i don't see it as beautiful nor attractive when girls/women do that, it does work for maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany guys, but not for me. I wear casual to work, because am gonna change into my CHEF uniform anyway, so does my co-workers and all the make up is not allowed, no earrings, no nail polish, no perfumes, and so on. But if am going to have a meeting with other companies, our boss, or any other facility boss and serious meeting! Am wearing a suit because that's how i show am serious and considerate because i work as a CHEF for healthcare department in elders houses. Fair or not! There is things that are right and wrong at work places, to be judged by appearance and attractiveness is not the way you run your work place. That is just me and yes! I do get a lot of hate because i have these kinda of standards and No! I will never change them.
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  • Finchie40
    It’s sad that this world operates like that and sad to hear you had to completely change yourself to be accepted and get a promotion at your job when you were already qualified prior , just makes me SMH that someone only gets accepted for their looks and beauty. This world is so fucked up. I applaud you for getting the motivation to exercise and change your attire even though the real you didn’t want to do it but I completely understand why you did because I pretty much did the same once where I got in shape exercised like crazy feeling good with my progress. But when I started noticing the attention I was getting and felt my confidence rising it hit me that we as people are judged by our appearance over our hearts and who we are and boom I was back at saying fuck it all , fuck this world , fuck these jobs Social media has destroyed us on how we look at others , people don’t look at the persons beauty on the inside as much as they do the outside anymore , it’s sad , I can honestly say I lived through both generations where we didn’t have social media and smart phones by outside at all times , when you met someone you valued them more because you didn’t have a shit ton of competition , we focused on each other more , these days people think grass is greener on the other side constantly
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    • I so agree to this! That is the way of the world but it 100% shouldn't be. I feel like the world went horribly wrong somewhere. The way I see it though, we can create our own little world by filling our lives with people who think the same as us :) so that's always nice

    • Finchie40

      The world just needs to stop being brainwashed by social media, walk away from the news , I walked away from watching
      The news and my life has been completely fine there are better things to think about and do then to have your head filled with nonsense from the media , and yes surround yourself with people that bring positive into your
      Life and your life will be way better off

  • supercutebutt
    No. Trumptards are truly ugly and they spend lots of time on themselves. For example, they spend hours of the day making swastika face coverings or hunting down just the right tiki torch so they can look "amazing," whether they are at Wal*Mart or a Confederate statue party.
    Sexy Trumptards
    Sexy Trumptards
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  • apollo3000
    Entirely true - it can make a day/night difference, yet people keep complaining and not changing. The average looks (I have seen a study somewhere) are in fact what one would label an 8 or so - so it isn't that hard to be at least very decent looking (which is enough for most people).
    The overwhelming grumpiness of the world though, that's another matter
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  • FatherJack
    It's not right or fair... but c'est la vie... that is how it is , the cover gets judged before the content... applies to men too , but to a slightly lesser degree.
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  • Nonfrivolous
    when you are rich you become the best version of yourself, thats right butThere is no such thing as UGLY people, only lazy people!but if you are ugly, your best version is probably ugly too
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  • Kaneki05
    There is always such thing as Ugly people. And there is always such thing as Lazy people these 2 things are a fact that shall always remain. And i am both so welp... And there is 100% stuff that can never change.
  • Cherokeehp
    Yep pretty much. With all the cosmetic surgeries and beauty products available, pretty much anyone can be attractive. There’s pretty much endless options for makeups, wigs, nail polishes, waist trainers, workouts, diets, plastic surgeries, fillers, body shakers, and more. Pretty much all cosmetic “flaws” can be removed or hidden with money and effort. Even most celebrities are pretty average looking people, they just have the time and money to get plastic surgery, facials, and have a hair and makeup team and a personal stylist.
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  • Browneye57
    Too many have decided they are victims. It's the female mantra - they're just sure their place in life is the result of some uncontrollable thing or person. It is NEVER due to their own decisions thoughts and actions. EVER.
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  • ahmadali01
    There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.

    Helena Rubinstein
  • MysteriousDarkness
    Getting stuff done like: cosmetic surgery, hair (new style, new color, new shade of color), tan, getting new clothes etc does not guarantee that you will so called look good or even better.
  • Vonnieboo01
    Only if you seen me. No matter what I do I’m ugly as fuck face. Not a wig, make up, or piece of clothing can save me. This don’t apply to everyone.
  • robocop666
    all men are interested in is boobs and butt so in women's case yeah. If your ugly go to the gym and do squats.
    • McMillanD

      Same applies to men. If he is fit and has the "V" than that makes him 100x more attractive.

    • whats a v? I dont check out mens bodies so I dont know

    • McMillanD

      It's the ultimate sign a guy is fit. It's a line that separates your obliques from your abdomen in the shape of a "V" that leads to the "treasure". It apparently takes a lot of work to get one.

  • CT_CD
    Not everyone can become good looking. Some people are just unattractive no matter what.
  • asshole_
    It's like saying there's no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid people
  • Yep12345678
    I don't know about that. I've met some pretty ugly before, both inside and out.
  • I_need_hoes
    sounds like someone is ugly
  • Anonymous
    I don't agree with your MyTake and message.
    Losing weight is beneficial for your health, as being overweight is linked to higher risk of cardiovascular diseases.. Not as a means to find a job, unless modelling is your job.
    So your advice is basically that we have to conform to ridiculous modern beauty standards to find self-worth, inner peace and success?
    No thanks, I'd rather be alone and do my own thing. If others don't like me, too bad for them 🖕🖕