Typical "sexy" things that I find yucky


And when people try to say you aren't "right" for not liking the "norm" they are just as yucky. Uniqueness and differences is what makes the world go round, so unless you wanna join a clone colony on mars stop telling people they're wrong for having an opinion that differs from yours.

Now, you may find this rant harsh, but I'm not preaching that what I like is the only way and that anyone who likes this is "wrong"

1. Muscles (big ones)

Typical sexy things that I find yucky

That whole picture basically is everything I find yucky.

2. Sharp features (like pointy af)

Typical sexy things that I find yucky
Typical sexy things that I find yucky
me after looking at Brad the Pitts
me after looking at Brad the Pitts

I honestly don't understand what it is women find "attractive" about Brad pointy chin Pitt. He literally looks like every redneck trailer trash white dude.

3. Being young (mainly in males)

Typical sexy things that I find yucky

I just.....if I........if I wanted to go back to middle school to find a boyfriend then this is what I'd being going after.

4. Soy boy fem men (this is a tiktok trend for some weird reason)

Typical sexy things that I find yucky
Typical sexy things that I find yucky

I hate everybody who takes selfies like this and posts them. Conceited, self absorbed little man buns.

5. Guys who dress like this:

Typical sexy things that I find yucky
Typical sexy things that I find yucky
Typical sexy things that I find yucky

You'd think they're just gay, but no. Self proclaimed straight men actually wear the second kind of outfit on social media. First one is just lazy.

So, there you have it. It just genuinely confuses me that women actually find these things attractive. Especially Brad pointy chin Pitt. I guess I'm just old fashioned and want my men to be so old they get sold in an antique shop. Oh, and they know hot dress so at least there's that.

Typical sexy things that I find yucky
Typical sexy things that I find yucky
Typical sexy things that I find yucky
Typical sexy things that I find yucky

Bye <3

Typical "sexy" things that I find yucky
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Most Helpful Guys

  • lucas262
    Anything to do with only fans
    Or whores in general the party girl type,

    The ill dress slutty and if you notice your a perv kind of girls.

    The over religious look down their nose at your types

    Anyone that has anything to do with feminism, liberals. Sjws or blm.
    So no left wingers.

    Tattoos, many many piercings

    Not feminine or lady like.

    Real men want real women. Not girls who play at being one, so put your big girl panties on and be a woman of worth, of value

    Because I promise if you are and hold yo a standard you won't be looking for long before a man you really want comes knocking. You'll just have to be prepared to say no to many other types of menm
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  • ohshee
    And This is why I love your Question and my takes because you see and feel things different and your a leader true to you and what you believe in there is a beauty who feels and sees thing different and deep and your not afraid to be you I love it
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Most Helpful Girls

  • menina

    Only you to make me laugh until I cry!!! Seriously your takes are hilarious!

    I agree with some of the things you said and I honestly can't see why some women find them sexy. To each their own, right?
    "Soy boy fem men" - 😬👎🏾 and #5 ridiculous! 🙄🙄🙄
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    • Lmao thank u, glad u had a laugh :)

    • menina

      You're welcome, you always make me laugh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • menina

      Thanks for the MHO. 😊

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  • Totally agree with you.Typical "sexy" things that I find yucky
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  • TheUniqueOne96
    Some of them definitely seem unique, but you like what you like.

    I'm just glad that you aren't snob about it and acknowledge the fact that we're all different and we aren't 'wrong' for having different tastes.
  • im_a_happy_girl
    let people dress how they want don't call guys yucky for dying their hair pink and wearing cozy clothes

    that just means you portray typically feminine things as weak and that is another level of misogyny
    but i don't think y'all ready for that conversation yet
    • Hun, you're 15. I don't think YOU"RE ready for that conversation yet. I can call anything I want yucky bc it's my opinion. If you have a problem with freedom of speech, then get the fuck off my post and go to communist North Korea.

  • soleil2000
    Lol. We agree entirely.
    The 'normal' is defined by the outliers/extremes - so there is zero point in sticking with it, considering all want to be individual and authentic (to call themselves confident - which again is achieved by being extreme and moving the limits, where that is your personality (not just to fake you have one))
  • DizzyDesii
    I agree with all except for sharp features. I like pointy noses and nice jawlines. Typical "sexy" things that I find yucky
  • SmolSlav
    I am not disagreeing, would simply like clarification on the muscle thing, does that mean you like people with a dad bod or people with muscles that aren't so visible or for a lack of a better word, punchy
    • SmolSlav

      Update: the last word was meant to be the word "obnoxious"

    • Yeah I appreciate a dad bod with some slight muscle, but not in your face lol

    • SmolSlav


  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing your MyTake, very interesting to read
  • NYCQuestions1976
    I fit in all of these categories that you like, except for the "wearing a suit and tie every day" category. I work in the construction industry, and it's kind of tough to get work done on a job site in a suit. 😂
  • WesBrewer
    I don't have to build big muscles, that makes life easier, lol.
  • potatoechip29
    β€œ3. Being young” Ey, hoe. Look at yourself, you look like a 13 year old
  • Jayla2000
    Nice i like brad pitt too
  • ashemie
    sometimes i am reminded there are women like this and i wish i wasn't bi anymore :/ what a series of bad takes
  • OfDeath
    Did you know James Spader always votes for the democrats?
    • I doubt it, he's a very level headed man. Not to mention he never discusses politics.

    • OfDeath

      He literally have a speech for Barack Obama and joked about how hilarious the gop primaries were. He is a Democrat.

  • pinudown
    I look fucking young lol gotta change it somehow
    • NO don't change yourself! Young guys are wanted by most

    • pinudown

      I mean I look younger than my age for whatever reason. It sucks. I beleive that I look like a kid πŸ˜‚. I have some plans to improve myself hope they'll work

  • Ryfyle
    Well that last part sucks for immortal blue collar types that don't seem to age, much like myself.
  • Jjpayne
    Fair enough! You know what you are looking for 😊
  • charis2011
    Massive agree!
  • Bigtom155
    Sounds like you’re just not into men.
    • Lol sounds like you're wrong. I'm not into feminine men or over muscular men, how's that equal lesbian?

  • Grond21
    Haha, this is great
  • Diversity_Hire

    I absolutely adore you.
  • MrCreep
    Did you just wind up all the manchilds yeah lol
  • Godawfulwasteofspace
    You're a weird girl.