Top 5 mistakes of makeup newbies

So for some of us, we grew up wearing makeup from the time we could walk and had plenty of years to develop an adept hand with a makeup brush.

Top 5 mistakes of makeup newbies

But for a lot of the rest of us, our parents only allowed us to wear light makeup or none at all growing up, so entering womanhood we're left to learn a lot on our own.

These are some of the mistakes I made as makeup virgin at 17 and things I see now in other girls as a pro going on 20.

#1. Poor quality makeup

I'm just going to say makeup is better than bad makeup. I know a lot of ladies prefer to shop on a budget but drugstore brands really won't be doing you any favors, and the entire point of makeup is to flatter our features. Can you get away with buying some eyeliner and mascara from CVS? Sure! But if you're looking for the foundation or eyeshadow you really should consider Sephora and department stores. I really love Makeup Forever HD as a medium coverage foundation and can't rabe enough over Urban Decay's Naked eye palette.

#2. Poor blending

Think of your lovely face as a canvas. Do you ever see masterpieces painted with harsh lines, overly pigmented and splotchy colors? Well makeup is an art and a key technique is learning proper blending skills. Search YouTube for proper application techniques and consider investing in some quality brushes!

#3. Poor skin care

Again, we can use the previous analogy. If you're painting a masterpiece, you need a clear canvas. Makeup can cover up scars and red spots from previous break outs, but it can not conceal raised surfaces and applying it over severe acne will only make your skin look worse and may cause more breakouts. Find a skin care routine that suits your unique skin type and only when you have an even complexion use foundation and concealer to perfect it.

#4. Mismatching lighting

What you may not realize is when you apply your makeup, it will generally look best under the lighting it was applied under. So if you'll be wearing makeup in daylight, be sure to apply it in front of a bright window. I would avoid heavy colors including eyeliner and shadow in general under fluorescents...a little under eye concealer to hide circles should do the trick!

#5. Mismatched foundation tone

I get's hard to find a perfect match. But it's out there! No matter how pale or how dark there is a foundation out there that, if not a perfect match for your skin tone, I'd close enough to blend perfectly. This is up there as the most important and most common mistake, and nothing ruins your look more than a line between your jaw and neck. Hop over to your favorite makeup store and get matched for free!

At the end of the day it's important to remember that makeup is meant to accentuate your God given beauty. If applied correctly it can bring all of your lovely features out beautifully but it's important to keep a subtle in your technique and remember the devil is in the details in your application!


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  • I strongly disagree with number one. As I just wrote in a my take, more expensive doesn't mean better quality. And, not everyone can afford to shop at fancy stores nor would some women want to. I get all my cosmetics from Walgreens and CVS and they work great. I mean, why spend more money for something you could get at lower price that will do the same job as the expensive stuff. I mean, if one can afford to go to Sephora or other department stores for make up, that's great. But, you shouldn't make it seem like if you don't go to cosmetic store like Sephora that it won't work as well, because that's just not true.