Unreadable Eyes?

You know how with most people you can read the expression through their eyes?If you were to encounter a girl that you could not read at all,could never tell what she was thinking, would it frustrate you or intrigue you?In simple:what are your thoughts on un-decipherable eyes?

  • Awesome.Mystery is a turn-on
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  • Annoying.I hate not being able to read people.
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Let me re-phrase the question.Basically someone with intense,mysterious eyes.I'm not making movie or book references,either.The question has a reason.
I am talking about a girl but thoughts on a guy with eyes like that are welcome also.The question was in reference to a girl,though.


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  • There are no undecipherable eyes, only people I don't know well enough.


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  • I would have more trust for someone like that. Like Anna Wintour. She is inscrutable, or at least aspires to be.

    I am more trustful of people who are cagey and suspicious and not willing to reveal a thing about themselves, because they are more aware of how malicious and disloyal people can get when the winds shift ever so slightly.

    Besides, even if the eyes give nothing away, hips don't lie. :)

  • How old is he? What's he wearing? Who does he speak with? How does he interact? Does he smile or frown, or is he deadpan? What does he do with his hand. Does he stand tall, or slouch, or shuffle, or fidget?

    I have a million questions before I make even a tentative read.

  • It would be annoying. The would seem like a robot or something to me. Mysterious=creepy in my book.

  • This isn't twilight


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  • i know exactly what you mean, there's this boy at my school.. with dark beautiful ocean blue eyes and they're very mysterious. The more I see him the more I wanna find out about him

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