Thoughs on complimenting a girl for having her belly button pierced or when you notice it first time?

so I was thinking about this as I was at a bar last night and ran into this girl I knew she'd be like in her early 20's. she happened to be wearing this top that was somewhat revealing and showed her belly button. I had never seen her belly button before so I didn't know she had it pierced till then. and it did look really good on her as she has a tight and thin body. but I don't feel 100 % sure I should compliment her on that area of her body. its a rather common piercing but some girls are more open about showing it off than others as its somewhat of a sexual area on a girl and a piercing that's often viewed as sexy for a girl to have.
anyways what are your thoughs if I see her again and its visible should I tell her I like it? or that it suits her or just say nothing , she was also showing a lot of cleavage and has great boobs so the belly button was sort of an after though anyways


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  • If a girl has her belly button pierced, she's not gonna mind getting complements on it. It's not like it's a nipple piercing

    • I find a lot of the girls at bar who have one are looking for attention and showing off sexy abs and a belly piercing seems to get them some. but there is also a lot of girls who have the piercing but never show it off in public and hide it from view so not all are looking for attention it depends on the girl

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    • I guess but at the beach a girl has to show off her belly piercing if she's in a bikini. so some might not be looking for attention in that area. at the bar I'd say they want people to see it if they otherwise didn't have to show it

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  • Naw just leave it

    • I don't mind being complimented on it but usually it's guys my age however if your being really polite about it then it's oky

  • she's probably okay with showing it off if she was wearing a crop top, just tell her (or dont) if you're not sure if you should

  • I think it'd be okay if you sincerely said, "I really like your piercing. That's an interesting piece of jewelry." If you're going, "Oh baby that's a find piece of belly button ;)" That's inappropriate.

    • fine**

    • yeah I agree it sort of is in the details and how I mention I like it , you'd be surprised how many times I run into a girl at a bar showing it off , especially during the summer it seems to happen often to notice a girl has this piercing when you hadn't seen it before and like where that come from

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