Is Snow White attractive?

I have really fair skin and black curly hair. In all of the magazines all the pretty girls are tan with straight blond hair. So my question is, is my style considered attractive?


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  • I have a physical preference for the fair skinned or even really pale skin. It's an odd preference, but I exist and I'm willing to bet there are plenty of other guys who prefer that too. As to hair, I myself like red or brunette hair colors, but really, hair color is not too big a deal in the whole scheme of things because of dye and all sorts of massively different preferences between guys.

    But hell yea your type can be considered attractive, dare I say hot. Worry not, I bet you are really attractive in your own sexy way ;)


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  • of course.

    all hair and skin types can be beautiful... being different is always a good thing.

    i personally like dark curly hair more than any other hair types and I never understood what the huge deal was about having super tanned skin...


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  • dont follow steriotypes. hey, I'm blonde, and tanned, but the prettiest girl I know happens to be my best frined, who has dark hair and fair skin. beauty is not just barbies:)

  • It doesn't matter what your skin tone or hair color is, what matters is your face. I've said it before on this site and I'll say it again, there are ugly and attractive people with that combo. You could fit into either category or even in's hard to tell you without seeing you. not that you're ugly...just saying

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