What body type do you prefer for a female?

just curious as to what people like in 2017

  • super skinny
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  • skinny/fit
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  • just a smidge overweight
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  • bigger
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  • thick/fat/curvy
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  • no preference
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What Guys Said 51

  • It's like asking what one food I want for the rest of my life is. I don't want to only eat one food forever! How can anyone say they prefer only one body type? It blows my fuckin mind honestly. So many types of women are beautiful. I feel like men who prefer one type are just virgins.

    • What a load of white knight bullshit. I'm certainly never going to be attracted to a stick and I'm certainly never going to be attracted to a girl who's obese. I like a girl somewhere in between and that's final. No two girls are the same, it's not like eating the same food all the time regardless if they have similar body types.

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    • I feel like you have a valid point -- sort of.

      I think you're right inasmuch as very, very few men are TOTALLY, fetishistically, (in the technical sense of "fetish" = absolute dependence) attracted to only one female somatotype.

      But, where I think you're wrong is, I feel pretty confident generalizing that **most** men have a surprisingly specific body type that's their FAVORITE. (Evidence? Well, literally almost every guy I know with "options" has had a series of gfs/wives with nearly identical silhouettes. And when dudes search for specific porn starlets -- real life options or no -- the studies show they tend to be astonishingly "faithful" to particular body types.)

      In fact, this is so incredibly specific that MOST of my girlfriends share my experience of having husbands/bfs get (subconsciously, but noticeably to US) more amorous, and hornier, when our weight fluctuates into a VERY specific -- like, within a few lbs kinda specific -- range.

    • Yea that shit just blows my mind.

  • I am a hypocrite desiring skinny women when I am overweight myself, but it is not like women have to date me and they don't. I think most men want thin women, not skin and bones, but still thin, women can still be attractive without being skinny, but it is ideal.

  • Honestly, a time ago i had my preferences, but today its hard to choose just by physical appearance, so i can say, i would prefer all since the personality fits well with my own standards. I must say also that the two extremes i dont appreciate, cause it compromises seriously the health of those persons.

  • fit/thick
    I tend to go for girls who are petite from the waist up and thicker from the hips down. That's the ideal for me. My ex had the biggest ass i've ever seen on a white girl, with a waist was so slim I could almost wrap both hands around it and touch my fingers together. I don't know why, but that's a huge turn on for me. If a girl is just skinny I don't care. If she's got ass/thighs and decent breasts, with a slim waist. My jaw is on the floor.

  • I would not consider curvy as thick or fat. I prefer curvy. Im thinking 140 pounds with a good bust. Like Marilyn Monroe. But it is outrageous that you call that thick or fat.

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What Girls Said 26

  • Curvy needs to stop being put in the same category as fat. I'm technically curvy but I'm also thin. It's that my waist is considerably smaller than my hips and chest. Curvy is a body shape. Not fat rolls.

    • I've been yelled at about this enough trust me. but as I've told a lot of people altrady sometimes I struggle with the difference

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    • right. I've never really had. someome fully explain the difference

    • I don't think a ton of people know the difference.

  • There's a difference between curvy and fat. Why did you put them in the same section? Fat women have rolls, no curves.

    • look at the time I didn't really know the difference but now I do k?

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    • The likes of kelly Brooke beyonce and Kate Upton are what people would refer to be curvy
      Boobs in proportion with body and bum but not considered fat as there is no fat on them..

    • @Jxx1981 Jesus christ. that is why I said I don't mean the small rolls. I am not really talking about you. It is unfair to put those women like Beyonce who take care of themselves in the same section as those women full of fat their tummies hang near the crotch

  • I tried looking for an untouched photo because they always cinch in her waist. Kate Upton's figure is body goals omg 😍


  • I miss option of "normal" or "regular". Also curvy/thick and fat is very different.

    I like Salma Hayek's body. I have similar body. Though I find more petite, not that curvy women lovely too.

  • I don't know what the guys think but I personally think these body types are bomb as hell:

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