Accidentally got my henna tattoo wet while still drying?

I got a henna tattoo yesterday on my hand and i was trying to wash my face and i got my index finger wet and the dried henna paste on that part also got wet so i carefully just took off the paste when it dried. The next morning, i looked at me hand and everything was brown except a few parts and the part that got wet, which was orange.

If that confused you, im basically asking what will happen to my henna when the paste got wet after four hrs of getting it?
I really want this to last as long and as dark as possible and im scared i just ruined it.

Pictures: the first pic is how it looked before it got wet and the second pic is right now. See how the top index finger is orange and the rest is brown? Thats where it was wet.
Accidentally got my henna tattoo wet while still drying?Accidentally got my henna tattoo wet while still drying?


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  • The lighter bits will just fade a tiny bit faster. No biggie.


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  • It's Supposed To look Like That Lol Dw :)

    • I know i was just worried because the parts that got wet are lighter than the rest

    • It's Fine.

  • Nope it makes no difference

  • Uh oh. That sucks


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