Do guys really prefer women with no makeup?

It just seems whenever a girl asks whether a guy prefers a girl with makeup or without, almost all say that they prefer girls without. But when I see people interacting irl, they will always talk to the girl with makeup than the no makeup girl. I've seen guys telling girls to put on mascara or lipstick so that they can look less "sick". Or online when a girl takes off her makeup guys say "this is why I have trust issues", does that mean she's ugly without makeup? Otherwise they wouldn't say that-? So do guys really prefer girls without makeup? Or do they just say it to make themselves look good to the eyes of others? Do guys really prefer women with no makeup??Do guys really prefer women with no makeup??Do guys really prefer women with no makeup??


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  • Yeah, I've always thought this was ridiculous. Some men say they prefer no makeup but...
    1) they will still think the girl with makeup is more attractive, women who wear makeup usually get approached more and receive more male attention.
    2) most can't tell the difference between "natural" makeup and legitimately no makeup. I've seen men post pictures of girls who clearly have makeup on and say "see! girls look so much better without it!" Lol

    In reality, makeup is designed to enhance beauty, that's the whole point. So naturally, nearly every woman will look better with it. Women who don't wear makeup get told they are unattractive, tired, lazy, etc. but then when they DO wear it, they're "fake" and "lying to men." Haha! We can't win either way so you might as well just do what you want. :)

    *Note: not all men are like this, it's mainly a phenomenon I've noticed online. Guys I know in real life don't seem to care whether or not a woman wears makeup.

    • No, see it's like ya I somehow feel attracted to the girl who has makeup & for example (taking the example of lust, leave love) I don't really enjoy sex, or even making out when she has makeup on, ya that natural kinda makeup is fine in these situations (lust), where it's very minimal. So basically it's for some reason maybe attractive at first glance, but haven't really encountered anywhere where it stays more than that.

      (I took in account ur note, but just said this in case that maybe many other man who say they don't like make-up think/feel like this, cause I don't know, cause I haven't really thought/discussed about it)

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  • I think when guys say "we prefer girls without makeup", we really mean "we hope you still look good even without any makeup on". It's not that we find makeup to be ugly, it's just we find it to be fake. Thus the "trust issues" thing you talked about. If you look pretty with makeup on, we won't really know if you actually are pretty.

  • Some makeups fine. But the girl on the right is too much, i dont like caked on makeup or unnatural looking makeup. Usually girls who put on that much like the girl on the right, end up looking like the girl on the left without it... makeup does that to yalls face.. think about it. If they sell you make up to cover up pimples, wouldn't it be a smart marketing move to have the make up make you break out more to buy more make up?

    • Exactly!

    • Right? Its a horrible scam. I actually have advice for you girls to try this. Keep a bunch of wet whipes in the fridge, use a cold wet whipe before you put on make up, and then take off make up with what ever, use hot water to clean out the pores, then use the cold whipes again to close the pores before you go to bed. Do this for 3 weeks straight and your face won't break out from makeup any more.

  • The pictures you have chosen are very one sided.

    Equally, the reason women look 'ill' is because they Constantly wear make-up, do you honestly think that it isn't going to damage your skin clogging it up with crap all the time?

    • Not everyone uses foundation, I just took those pics off Google.

    • Most people that wear make-up do. And then the pictures you picked from Google are very one-sided.
      Some of those pictures aren't a before and after shot.

      Make-up hides imperfections. Imperfections make each person differently human.

    • They were pics that had with makeup and without makeup so I just chose those

  • Acne is really not fair to get involved in this example. When the acne is gone she will be pretty and the last one from selena is even worse of an example because this was here after 4 concerts that week and in the evening

    • Acne makes her ugly? This is why I chose that pic because I still see her as pretty even with the acne. Last pic isn't Selena

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    • WOOTT? Omg i feel kind of embarrassed right now, sorry

    • I thought it was Selena at first too

  • The reason I'd say I don't like it, is because it deceptive. That first picture is a great example of that. I'm an older male now so the makeup use and why it's being used is probably one of the first things I look at. But in my younger days, I have woke up next to some women only to realize it was a bit more than my beer goggles that's fooled me. Imagine my young teenage shock when I first found out my girlfriend doesn't have eyebrows until she draws them on.

    Makeup worn to accentuate on the other hand just looks cool, like eyeshadow (or it might be called eyeliner [both maybe]). Dudes wear it a lot in performance art, like being the guitarist for a band or a pirate in a movie. It gives chicks an edge... and did I say it looks cool? On a chick it makes my dick hard.

    Makeup worn to deceive on the other hand... uuuuggghhh. I'm just glad it doesn't fool me anymore, and feel like a fool for the times I was fooled. There's a reason lighting isn't great and alcohol is served in clubs... just saying. When I run into 'deceptive' use of makeup... like that oily looking powder they put on their face to cover up their excessive drug use or chocolate/soda indulgence (i. e. your first example picture), I get a vibe from it. Fake. Manipulative. Deceptive.

    To sum it up essentuative makeup is so hawt, but deceptive makeup... I call it fakeup for a reason. Take the last example picture for instance... she's actually kinda hawter without the makeup. That girl obviously partied a bit and probably didn't sleep well, but she'd get the business.

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  • When they perform scientific study of it, men DO respond favorably to accented eyes, younger, healthier looking skin, and color on the lips. A lot of times they don't realize that they are responding favorably to make-up if the make-up is subtle enough.

  • Men have no fucking clue what "no makeup" looks like. They'll literally post a picture of a celebrity with the caption "x looks so much prettier without makeup but maybe I'm weird" while she's clearly wearing foundation, blush, mascara, eyeshadow, and nude lipstick at the very least.

  • I think a lot of guys just have no real idea what the average woman looks like without a drop of makeup, so they think the "no makeup makeup look" is bare-faced and it's pretty. I can't speak for men but I think that may be part of it.

  • Okay okay okay.

    Often make like the 2nd make up look because they don’t even realise there is make up. But there are two issues with this question.

    1. That first picture is completely unfair to both genders. She clearly has a skin problem that she’s probably insecure on some level and is covering for her own sanity, not just attracting men. Also, it’s like posting this:
    And expecting everyone to choose the man on the left.

    2. There is a difference between putting make up on and using a spade for it. Most men don’t mind make up that’s been applied properly (not saying correctly). There are many styles and most men don’t mind a bit of powder and a bit of masacara. They do mind this:

    Make up is supposed to enhance features, that’s its whole function. And then women get pissy that men liked that it enhanced their features and complain when men say they don’t like make up. Most don’t like BAD make up.

    • I decided on the first pic because she has a skin condition but she still looks very pretty in my opinion. This is where I wanted to really see whether people see acne/skin conditions as automatically ugly and to be fair, most people do see her as ugly without makeup covering her skin.

    • I don’t see her as ugly but I do see it as an insecurity and something she probably would want to cover.

      I think the after look for her is OTT personally.

  • Correction: they prefer girls who still look hot without makeup to not wear makeup lol.

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