Do guys like tan skin on asian girls? and what about hair color?

I am mixed chinese and thai. And I have yellowish yet still a bit pale skin color. I don't really know how to describe it but it looks uneven-some areas looks darker and some are lighter. So should I get a tan to even it out? And I am coloring my hair this friday. The salonist suggested strawberry blonde with reddish highlights. Would that be a good shade for me? I have brownish black eyes. I would really be thankful if you could answer this :)


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  • I actually do have a thing for chinese women. Although they have to be the right type of chinese girl. They can't be the overweight chinese girl. If they are average to slender I'm not asking for carmen electra here, just average and not the girl that needs to donate to the save the whales foundation. If she was like that, had a good smile and could speak enough english that I could carry on a conversation with her most definitely I'm in! I've gave my number to a chinese girl before and almost dated one, although she moved to China with her family which sucked!


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  • This question varies on your facial features. I had a friend that was in the same situation as you. She has a yellowish skin tone and when she got a light tan, she looked stunning. Its kind of comlicated. Just get a minor tan and see how you look with it. (You are probably going to get a golden orange tan)

    If you change your hair then your probably better w/o the tan. I'm not really a fan of highlights and a tan. It is basicly the artificial look. Blonde and orange skin. It is diffrent with black because the skin tone compliments with the hair. So overall I recommend the tan and keep the hair natural.

  • Wow, sounds like you are a foxy!

    Tan it´s a strange thing . a lot of people think that if you have a sun tan looks healthy.

    But in the XVIII century if you have a sun tan everybody will think that you a pleasant, a simple person from the country, and not a noble person with a whitening sick look.

    Good luck with your looks . and don´t forget to send a "before and after"

    • Great answer!

      love the XVIII century thing!!

      definitely a different perspective!

  • Tan is hotter than pale white. Generally. that reddishbrown kind of hair color is no different from black. Really, it doesn't make you look any better, but it makes you look more high mantinence which is generally not a good thing. if I were you I wouldn't dye it

  • From What I Have Seen Over The Years

    Tan Skin Asian Girls Look The Best.

    Of Course This Is Only My Opinion Based On The Asian Girls I've Seen.

    With That Being Said A Lot Of Asian Women I've Seen Regardless Of

    Skin Tone Look Beautiful To Me.

    PS: Chinese And Thai, Great Combination!

  • I think Asian girls look good with a tan. I have a very good friend who looks good with a tan, so you would probably look good with a tan too. However, I think it's your prerogative if you want to get one or not.


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  • holy! she told you strawberry blond for your hair colour?

    i'm asian too but I don't suggest doing blonde. she'd have to bleach all of your hair, it takes hours and looks terrible. your hair will be so dry and damaged and over time blonde hair gets brassy so it will turn a bit orangeish.

    i'm filipino and I've had blonde highlights and it didn't look that great after a while.

    but if you decide to go with the blonde, make sure she's an amazing hair colourist. some people don't know how/have a lot of experience dying asian hair. it takes longer to strip colour.

    i suggest staying medium/dark. if you want to go lighter. caramel highlights look pretty good. or stay with red/maroon highlights. just remember that red fades the fastest.

  • you should get a nice light tan and keep your hair brown/black looks hotter that way

    being blonde and tan tends to look fake and artificial most of the time if you are going to go blonde then you should skip the highlights