Is pale skin unattractive to you?

Is pale skin unattractive to you?
I'm self conscious about my skin color. I am pretty pale, and I don't tan that easily. What makes it worse is that I have dark brown hair, I'm the literal complete opposite of the beauty standard here in Sweden. No guys are interested in me, and I think it's mostly because of my hair color and skin tone.

I look like a nerd they present in movies. Pale skin, dark brown hair, brown eyes, glasses and a few pimples. (They aren't really visible though)

Guys in Sweden are very picky, and their type is tan skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. I've noticed that Asian people think I look good, but it's because where they are from pale skin is the beauty standard.

There's so many blue eyed, tanned skin, blonde hair girls here. I see them everywhere I look, it's impossible for me to compete with them. They get all the guys.

So, is pale skin unattractive to you?@
Yes it is. (Please explain why)
No, it isn't. (Please explain why)
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Is pale skin unattractive to you?
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