What kinds of clothes do girls like guys to wear? and shoes too?

I don't want vague things like a t-shirt because there are a lot of different types of t-shirts. Be as specific as possible.


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    those type of shirts I think they are called waffle crew necks? but if you wear them a bit loose and with jeans then it is def the most attractive outfit if you have the right body for it. the guy I like wears this shirt with jeans and a gold chain around his neck and its so attractive like all the girls at the party were staring at him the whole night.

    the plaid look is cute on a lot of guys with a plain white T under the plaid with jeans. or black jeans.

    remember never wear grey with kakhi or bright green with light blue.

    • What types of colognes do you like.

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    • actually I think my friends boyfriend has that one and it smells really goood.

    • That is one of my favs.

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  • i prefer the athletic or abercrombie look, myself..

    a faded abercrombie tee and lightly ripped jeans. and nikes.


    a sports team hoodie, nice sweat pants and nikes.

    simple is best. don't over do it. comfy sneaks. a soft tee. hoodie. jeans. you're all set.

    but I just happen to like the look of hollister/abercrombie clothes on guys. if picked out and sized, correctly it looks really good.

    and when a guy smells good, it makes them like 10x more attractive.

  • Hmmm...im a fan of clever quoted tshirts and cool accessories like chains on the pants.I like skinny jeans (if he's got the body for that) and converse or doc martens.Leather jackets...rocker type of clothing.

  • Basic t shirt and Levi jeans the other styles looks like you are trying too hard I'll give you some tips foe example Mick jagger 1950 shaggy hair,basic clothing .

  • I think its so sexy when a guy is wearing a white shirt with jeans.. its simple but looks really nice to me

  • Personally I don't like it when guys wear abercrombie or hollister, it looks like your mom still picks out your clothes when you do that. I think sports t shirts and sweatshirts are best. Pacsun is a good place for guys' jeans and tshirts. Another good place for tshirts is Urban Outfitters, they have a lot of nice band and music related ts. I don't know what these other girls posting on here are thinking, but tight tshirts are gross. Just like how girls with muffin tops in really tight jeans are disgusting, so are guys in too tight tshirts.

    Shoes kind of depend on the individual. If your shoes are going to get beat up and dirty, go with some Vans. Lace ups, the slip-on checkered kinds aren't quite as good anymore. If you can keep your shoes clean, go with some nice Nikes like Air Force Ones or Dunks. Be sure to buy the spray for them at the store (Foot locker carries it) that is a water protectant for your shoes.

    • What cologne's do you like

    • No real preference. There's some adidas brand cologne that sells for around $10 I think that isn't too bad if it's complimentary to the perfume version. Honestly I think cologne on a day to day basis is rather tacky; stick to deodorant.

    • I use the cool water one. I just want to do what needs to be done to make girls notice me.

  • A tight t-shirt if you have a nice body. Shoes something simple like Vans?

  • i love a guy in red.. but my favorite are guys who always have a nice fresh pair of shoes.. jordans/ nikes are preferred.. also I like my guys to wear big horse polos. wow.. basically look casual but but make it look nice

    • what do you think of Vans in terms of shoes

    • not a big vans fan but I would like a guy with a baggy jean short and some flat hight top convers. I don't know maybe some vans not with jeans though just like the above he would have to wear them just for summer time and he would have to be wearing them with some baggier style checkerd shorts and the vans would have to match

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