What makes a guy good-looking vs average?

I think I have pretty much every feature when girls list that of a good-looking guy, yet girls pay no attention to me. What makes a guy not noticeable and another good-looking? Do girls even know what makes a guy hot?


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  • I think that depends on the girl completely. As I am a motorhead, I love mechanic's hands, dirty and covered in a permanent layer of grease. I find them very sexy. Most would probably disagree with me. Rough hands = man to my brain, which makes the blue collar worker types place high on my sexy list.

    • What about face wise? Surely you don't check out a guy because of his hands...

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    • Well I must say I have quite small hands. I fit into small gloves perfectly, so hopefully all women don't look at a guys hands lol

    • I don't think they're weird, I'm totally the same

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  • I think a guy is more attractive when they dress up (like jeans and a polo- that matches their eyes or something like that) and smell good. I also find guys that are funnier more attractive too. As for the face I really like eyes (brown) and a good smile. And I also like guys a little bit more bilt (doesnt have to be all muscle, I just don't like stick thin...)

  • Confidence! I can not stress how much important it is. It can turn an average looking guy into a hot guy because his confidence makes him more attractive.

    • You still didn't answer the question though! Do girls even know what makes a guy attractive vs plain?

    • Based on only facial features? I can't speak for ALL girls but a guy who has a gorgeous smile and sexy lips is hot. & I'm telling u, I know guys who have gorgeous eyes and all that , but their lack of confidence makes them not so attractive.

    • I've been told I have "pretty eyes" but girls don't gawk over me that is for absolute sure.

  • Facial features (pretty eye, cute mouth, nice nose, clear even skin)

    Body (height, muscles, abs, low body fat)

    Personality (confidence)


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  • Most facial features are indescribable by language. Usually however "general appeal" is more important to females than actual appearance. Like, looking hawt is a plus but it's more important not to look bad. Other than that, it doesn't really matter.

    Therefore, according to theory, the projection of your personality, your image, your abilities, your goals and your life as a whole is more important than your appearance. Which kinda sucks, considering it's harder to maintain a positive, perfect life than just good looks.

    (note, I purposefully left out the word "confidence", it's stupid and reflects no meaning.)

    • I guess you might be right. Older women have actually told me that I'm good-looking and the reason girls don't like me because I don't have confidence. I've also been told girls can sense my bad attitude, but I didn't even know I gave off bad vibes!

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    • You?re underestimating the power of confidence.lol Confidence is much more appealing than you might think it is. If you like someone, more than likely you?re gonna try 2 impress them, & how can you impress them if you have NO confidence in yourself? If sum1 is trying 2 sell you a product but they have no faith in the product or they?re doubtful about it, would you find that ?product? appealing? Just a little example..

    • You probably didn't read what I said throughly.

      I said, "confidence" itself is stupid, because it actually means a combination of things.

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