What do you think when you see a tall guy?

Pretty straight forward question, what do you ladies think when you see a tall guy? average looking?

from far away, or in the room your in.

Do tall guys automatically catch you eye?

I'm 6'3", everyone tells me girls go for tall guys but girls seem to mostly ignore me... or that's how it appears, I don't know what they actually think.

Please give some insight. Thanks!

only 4 people responded? c'mon!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm not into tall guys but I would look at you because you stand out in a crowd you'd definitely get my attention.

    • even though you don't have a thing for them, would this make you automatically check them out because they caught your attention?

    • yes so I'd say for girls who would be into tall guys that you'd demand their attention just because of your height so they'd look at you first before anyone else. I don't know if they'd 'check you out' but they'd look at you for sure.

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What Girls Said 3

  • the first thing I think is,

    whoa. He is a tall guy.

    the second thing I think is...

    wow. I LOVE tall guys. the taller the better.

  • Oh I love tall guys!

    • so do you check them out every time you see them? keep any eye out for them?

    • Yes I do. I'm a small girl and I like when I have to stand on my tipy toes to kiss.

  • I LOVE tall guys!

    • haha, can you elaborate on my question though?

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    • thanks 4 your input!

What Guys Said 2

  • well i can tell you as like 7ft giant 17 year old boy every person stare at me like for 5 sec and more even people ask me for picture :O am i famous just because i am 7ft? hellooo ? i wish i was 6ft5 like my father

  • Be confident and happy that u r tall man , u r a man , feeeeeeel it.


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