What does it mean when a girl says "you look funny," but I actually get a feeling that she thinks the opposite?

So this girl was in to me at first and asked for my number and then asked me out which is unusual for a girl. I said I couldn't come out with her that night but decided to make it up by asking her if she wanted to come out with me to dinner. She immediately said yes and when we got there we started talking but she seemed a little shy. Then out of no where she started to giggle and I asked her what was so funny and she said that I looked funny. That was the first time I heard that from a girl and am used to girls calling me cute and I often catch girls smiling and staring/waving back at me. It's probably a dumb question. Anyways the dinner ended well and we were there for a few hours talking in deep conversation. The whole time she couldn't take her eyes off of me and smiled quite a bit. She then told me that she loved my eyes which is why she can't stop staring and her pupils were dilated. I'm just confused about what she meant when she said I look funny.


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  • It probably means you look funny. Some people simply look funny.

    • Haha don't comment if you didn't read everything...lol

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